Monday, July 2, 2007

Unity in Diversity

Back in college, Ica and I were members of the school publication organization.  This is one of many articles written by my wife back then.  I believe this was used an editorial piece.

Writer's Block
iCa Hontiveros(ica cheng)

Unity in Diversity

The world is becoming smaller and smaller each day.Travel is no longer an expedition to the unknown. Breaking news can bediscovered through the click of a mouse. There isn't much difference with theclothes of a girl in Tokyo, to a girl in New York, to a girl in London or to a Pinay Fashionista anymore.Seemingly, we are becoming one with the world. And with it we are loosing ouridentity.
One concept I learned from High school is 'Unity inDiversity'. With which comes into my mind a tapestry, woven with the finest andrichest colors. Each color has a unique identity different from the rest of thecolors. Each thread is unique and different. Yet when all these colors areinterwoven and intertwined with one another, they create a masterpiece. There isbeauty from their difference; so as there is wonder as they come together.
We are like these threads; each one is different,each one is unique. I believe that we should all learn to accept and embraceeach other's beauty. I did not use the word 'tolerate' because this connotes aforced acceptance only.
Of course, differences will always bring clashes andmisunderstandings. But always remember that once you say are better thansomeone else just because you cannot appreciate who they are and what they arelike, then you are no different from Adolf Hitler.
Hitler believed in a 'supreme race' –the Aryan race,the tall, blonde, blue-eyed Caucasian with a long pointed nose; so much so thatall other races were inferior and so much so that countless Jews were brutallykilled in concentration camps just because of Hitler's idea of a supreme race.
This is one of the oldest storied of mankind. Sometell of drastic fates that of the Africans who were treated like animals asthere were traded for slaves in Europe and in the New World.
Even in our own history, the Spanish looked down onthe Indios, on us Filipinos, while we Filipinos looked down on the Chinese. Inour own country, the mentality of Regionalism has prevented us from becomingone.
But the acceptance I am pertaining to goes beyondregion or nationality. It goes much deeper than that.
We are all like the obnoxious popular snob who wouldlook down on anyone who is weird or different. Why would we look down on peoplewho are different from us? Why must we ostracize anyone just because they don'tfit into the norms of popular culture?
Can you imagine if we were all the same? If we alldressed the same, if we all liked the same music, the same food, the sameleisure, the same hobby, what a boring life this would be!
We are all different and we can all offer differentthings. Each of us contributes to something new and unique. And this helps makethe tapestry even more beautiful and alive.
So think about the last time you looked down onsomeone just because he or she is different. You are just proving how shallowand close minded you are.  You are onlycontributing to bringing dullness in this world.
We should all work hard to make that tapestry come alive.We should appreciate each unique color. We must accept each and everyindividual. We must have an open heart and mind. We must learn to accept andappreciate each one for who they are. Only then will the tapestry come fullyalive. Only then will there be Unity and Diversity.

-Writer's Block
Editorial Page
July-August 2007