Thursday, December 27, 2007

Flambeau sweeps citations Regional and Luzonwide

An article written in wife for the college school magazine. 

Flambeau sweeps citationsRegional and Luzonwide
-iCa Hontiveros(ica cheng)

Together with 42 collegesand universities from CALABARZON ( Region IV-!), Flambeau, the Official CollegePublication of Siena College Taytay took part in the 7th PhilippineCampus Regional Higher Press Conference last December 7-9, 2007 at Angel'sHills Retreat House, Tagaytay. After the preliminary competition, the groupadvanced and competed against more than 100 schools Luzonwide at Villa VictoriaHotel, Tuguegarao City last February 6-9, 2007; both sweeping group andindividual awards.

It has been a good year forthe College publication as they continue to sweep recognitions in the muchawaited annual events. This year, the group category awards were increased to12 from the preceding 3. Three of the staffers also grabbed individual awardsfor Poetry Writing, Editorial Cartoon Drawing, and Photojournalism in theRegional event while consequently getting three citations Luzonwide afteradvancing.

Tagaytay City (Regional)- Flambeau staff completer with theregion's best student-journalists coming from different schools in Region IV-A.The group gathered three individual awards: Marica Camille Hontiveros(Editor-in-Chief) as the 9th placer among the contending poetrywriters, Antonio Mallari, Jr. (Managing Editor) as the 9th placer inthe Editorial Cartoon Drawing Category, and Cesar Cesumission(Photographer)  as the 4thplacer in Photojournalism. This made him qualify for the Luzonwide HigherEducation Press Competition.

The staff bagged six awardsfor Flambeau, the official tabloid of the College Department. They brought homefive awards for Sulo, the newsletter, and 4th place for Pyre, theLiterary and Arts Folio.
Flambeau got the 4thplace for both the Best Editorial Page and Best Page Design, 5th forBeat Feature-Literary, 10th place for both the Community Developmentand News page, and 9th place for the over-all Best Tabloid.
Sulo garnered 4thplace for the Best Page Design, 5th place for the Opinion/EditorialPage, 6th Best in Feature-Literary, 10th in Sports Page,and 9th for the Best Newsletter.

Flambeau Assistant Adviser,Ms. Leah Lapastora said "I feel very blessed that our hard work reaped awardsnot just in the Regional Press Conference. I am still amazed until now that ofthe 105 schools that participated with almost 121 papers as entries, Flambeaugot not just one but two awards in the Luzonwide Press Conference".

Tuguegarao City (Luzonwide)-With Cesar Cesumission getting above the5th place in the latter competition, Flambeau was qualified to jointhe Luzonwide and compete with at least 105 schools of 121 campus papers.
The event council recognizedFlambeau as 9th Best in News Page, the most sought after section towin in by the contenders, and 8th Best in Page Design for the GroupCategory representing the tabloid.

Miss Leah Marie E.Lapastora, Flambeau Assistant Adviser, and Dr. Maria B. Cequna, FlambeauAdviser, were also awarded during the Luzonwide Press Conference as both thewinning coach and adviser of the publication.

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