Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Of Baby Showers, B2 and (Alcoholic) Beverage

The beautiful mommy to be. :)
Since most of the group went on to post their own copies of Aimee's baby shower on their own walls- I have my own twist and will post a Note instead so I can include my thoughts of the recently concluded event. This is also a simple ode to our friendship. 

So here goes...

We may have met by chance- alphabetized names grouped together for academic and clinical purposes but we have all become and remained friends by choice. 

 It is an overwhelming feeling to know that despite the years, months and days that have gone by- we as friends are still there for each other and this was evident in the little gathering last August 13, 2011 in a terrace that was also a garden in Angono. 

Since Aimee was well on her way with the growing baby in her belly we all planned to throw a suprise baby shower for her in September but all of that went outside the window when Chate called for an emergency reunion/gathering for Aimee. 

We had less than 5 days to plan for the baby shower and all that planning transpired via Facebook, SMS and Skype-thank God for technology!

Despite having different schedules- me and Paul had night shifts- the rest were normal day walkers and an injured host- Patrick was in chruches and is still undergoing therapy from his accident. We were still able to pull through with the baby shower. 
Yanah's first reaction when Dog walked in. :)

Special thanks to our generous and gracious hosts, Patrick who came from therapy, Mhailah for being sweet and helpful. Tita Violeta (Patrick's look-a-like mom) for fixing the terrace and for the generous servings of rice. To Patrick's dad for lending us the pump we used for the balloons. To the Perez family for opening their home to a group of once rowdy College students and are now (still) rowdy working professionals. 

Thanks to Chate for being part of the planning for the baby shower-thanks for being there on time (gasp!) with the pink and white balloons you promised and for helping us set up. 

 To Djerty for picking up Aimee and playing it cool and had a straight face so that Aimee did not suspect a thing. 

Special thanks to Paul (Mamoy) for always supporting me in my crazy projects and ideas. Even if we both just had 2 hours of sleep you were still there laughing all the way. :) I'm so happy when I see that you are in some ways part of B2. 

And to the rest of the gang, thanks for being there.  

To Arn and Jamie- your gifts are still very much welcome! Miss you guys!!!

It's amazing that we would drink ourselves blind in the same terrace where we held the baby shower and I thought that we have somehow matured but this reflection of mine was too early, since bottle after bottle of 'The Bar' made its way up to the Baby Shower! 

What can you expect when you have your gathering in a house that is also a store and where your host is Patrick Perez!

With all the realizations that I had this gathering was of course for Aimee's pregnancy which should be filled with happiness and anticipation and this is B2's effort into contributing to that. 

So Happy Baby Shower Aimee and to Noami who is on her way-we'll be seeing you soon! 

The gand with our 'It's a girl!' banner-very reminiscent of Intramurals. *Yannah MIA XD 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Outside of the Ozine Festival: My One day affair with Cosplay

My husband the photographer in the middle of the chaos.

Me in my costume as Serrah Farron.

In my 25 years of existense if people would think about me the word 'anime' would probably be in the top 5 words about me. That would probably be okay now but back then people didn't look on too kindly on Anime enthusiasts such as myself. Coming from an exclusive school for girls didn't make things easy either. 

Unlike in today's society were 'Otakus' are considered 'okay' and Cosplay is also a normal sighting in malls-if not included in your bucket list, back in my day (Wow! I feel so old!) you would have been ostracized and persecuted if you even just mention the word Cosplay. 

Graduating from High School and going into College I never lost my Otaku roots although I was not as up to date in Anime and J-pop happenings as I would have wanted to be. I was too preoccupied with my Nursing Education and other extra-curricular activites and believe it or not I did not have as much liberated access to the Internet as I do now. (Gasp! How could I have survived?!) 

It was during this time that Cosplay seemed to have been getting an edge with the masses and (dare I say it) was even becoming popular. This could probably be contributed to the fact that being a geek or being an Otaku was already being openly accepted. After all blockbuster movies are already being made based on comics, stories and manga which you have probably secretly read to avoid judging eyes and sneers from others.

Another contribution of the continuing rise of cosplay is thanks to the Gosiengfao sisters Alodia and Ashley who made Cosplay look glamorous, girls wanted to be like them and guys wanted to be with them. Philippine Cosplay will not be complete if you will not mention their contribution and efforts to bring Cosplay to main stream. 

FFXIII gang plus Naruto sexy jutsu (PG rated)
When I was engaged last 2011 I wanted to be able to go on Cosplay-just once before I got married and I was lucky enough that our friends Yayi Garcia and Kaye Warm Rosales who were both Cosplay enthusiasts invited us to go to the Ozine Festival. 

So plans were made and my then fiancee and I were off-me to cosplay as Serrah from Final Fantasy 13 and my husband to shoot photos. It was a very interesting experience going to the Ozine Festival from the graveyard shift this just meant that we had not slept yet and this just meant running low on batteries sooner than we would have wanted to. 

It was all surreal to me- the posing and the photos. Running into fellow enthusiasts and Cosplayers it was really something and perhaps an angsty 16 year old me was smiling since I got to experience what it was like to go on and Cosplay even if it was just for one day. 

I would really love to do it again-probably under the supervision and approval of my husband though.

From the darkness of Silent Hill.

Our friend Yayi Garcia as Lightning and myself as Serrah.

Lady Gaga