Monday, November 26, 2012

Product Review: Etude House Princess 3D Mask

Princess 3D Mask with my Japanese wax doll :) (Japan and Korea right there) 

This is already a late product review. Actually I haven't been able to do much product reviews as of late. As you can see we've been pretty busy (and I mean really busy) these past few weeks, actually this weekend is the first weekend that I've had to myself for a long time. Although I did have to write 17 articles for a client- so I wouldn't really call it a 'weekend to myself'. 

So even with the deadline of 17 articles over the weekend I still wanted to insert this product review :) 

I actually have products to review already. They are all lined up and I've been using most of them already so I guess that's a good thing since I would have more to write about ;) 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Adventures: Cafe Ilang Ilang, Manila Hotel

The extravagant lobby of the Manila Hotel

We were very fortunate to be invited by Paul's uncle for a dinner at the Manila Hotel- so with the rest of the family we headed out to Manila Hotel one Monday evening- even if some of us still had work/was in the middle of work. 

I was really excited to go to Manila Hotel- I mean we are talking about a hotel which has such great history aside from its great beauty. Just think that the Manila Hotel is the oldest premiere hotel in the Philippines and was also the residence of Gen. Douglas MacArthur from 1935-1941 and for a history buff like me that was enough to make me drool. :p 

Aside from the rich history that surrounds the Manila Hotel no one can deny its lavish architecture and extravagant fixtures it is after all a five star hotel. :)

Welcome. Dinner was at Cafe Ilang-Ilang.
We had a buffet dinner at Cafe Ilang Ilang. The buffet consisted of a wide variety of cuisines from all around the world :) They had a different station for a type of food like: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, etc. :p 

Our Adventures: Thunderbird Resorts, Binangonan

We had our first official (after the wedding) honeymoon in Thunderbird Resorts in Binangonan Rizal, it was sort of a last minute thing and we didn't really want to spend so much on the honeymoon so in a not-so well thought of plan we decided to settle on Thunderbird Resorts-which is like a stone's throw away from our house. All in all we enjoyed our stay in Thunderbird Resorts- it was more of a get away and relaxing honeymoon than any of the adventures that we've recently had. 

We wanted to bring my boss from the US to the resort since she plays the machines in the Casinos, now when Paul and I were here for our honeymoon we didn't get to play any of the Casino games. 

Our accommodations came with a complimentary P300.00/each coupon but you can only use it for the table games and when Paul and I went up the casino at around 4:00AM there were still people playing the tables and we just decided not to play since we had a feeling they were going to eat us alive :p 

So during our recent trip to Thunderbird last November 17- we really had the casinos as our agenda :) 

Resort Entrance

A room in Thunderbird would cost around P5,300.00 for the weekday and P5,600 for the weekend but they also have a day trip package, for P1,000.00/person this already includes being able to use the amenities, P900.00 consumable for food and drinks plus the P300.00 coupon for table games. :) It wasn't a bad deal at all and this is what we availed of when we went to the resort. 

Unfortunately when we got to the Casino there was a dress code for Men- they could not enter the casino wearing slippers, sleveless, sando etc. So it was just the ladies who went over to the casino to play the machines. :) 

Now I've never played in the casino and thinking that I might have beginner's luck my boss gave me P500.00 to play with in the machines. After some time--and realizing that I did not have beginner's luck I cashed out at P200.00- although I would say that I still had some kind of beginner's luck since we played with the P200.00 ticket and let's just say that it grew an amount which was enough for us to have dinner outside :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tagaytay Trip

Tagaytay Blue. View of Taal Lake from Taal Vista Hotel 
We went on a day trip to Tagaytay to show our boss from the US around. So after our Friday shift we all headed out to Tagaytay so this was actually at Saturday in the morning already. 

Oh I forgot to mention we had to meet up with a client for a birthday -event coverage- even before leaving for Tagaytay. So yup! Nothing new- busy as always. 

So anyways, one thing for sure was that it was really hot when we went to Tagaytay, it was really hot considering it was also in November. The wind was cool but the sun was really hot. 

So here are our photos from our daytime Tagaytay trip. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Adventures: Coron: Day 3

Traveling in the early morning we were met by a breathtaking landscape. 

Day 3 of our Coron Adventures, we set out really early in the morning-as in like 4:00 AM and this was because we were going to Calauit Island which was about a 2 hour boat ride. We road on a fast boat. 

It was really dark when we set out, it was pitch black and you could not even see your hand in front of you. 

My husband asked the boatmen 'How do you navigate in the dark?' Our guide answered that the captains used the stars, landmarks and mountains. Although that was not entirely reassuring, we put our faith in our guides and the captain of the boat. 
Trying out Black and White to capture the scenery. 

The early morning air was very cold and unfortunately I did not really pack any windbreakers, jackets or sweaters. It was a good thing Dexter brought an extra windbreaker or else I would have lost my teeth chattering from the cold. 

The Things Around Us

Worm's eye view of Unionbank Plaza in Ortigas

Paul works in the Ortigas area, so it is no surprise that he takes so many photos here. Whether it is of the high buildings that make up its' urban view, or random people and things in its' streets, it is always interesting to see Ortigas through Paul's eyes. 


Paul: I remembered a weekend hashtag project from Instagram and did it here. 

Shag Rug- Rug from a room in Astoria Plaza. 

Some of these photos are also taken in Astoria Plaza- which is also in Ortigas- this was the time when my sister had her bridal shower and classic Paul just takes advantage and shoots. :) 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Interview with a Storm Trooper

An oldie but definitely a goodie. The first film in the franchise was released in 1977. 

I grew up knowing Star Wars. My father was such a big fan that when my parents were first expecting to have a baby my Dad wanted the baby to be named 'Luke' if it was a boy and 'Leia' if it was a girl. 

After two miscarriages though Luke and Leia were forgotten and I became a Marica.

Star Wars has always been a part of my childhood, growing up I was always surrounded by Star Wars and as a child you can just imagine how many scenes in the trilogy really left an impression on me.  Scenes like Princess Leah and Jabba the Hut scene- seeing Jabba the Hut in that scene has led me to use him as a reference for anything big, ugly and just ugh! And of course the whole ‘Luke I am your father’ scene which of course is probably the most referenced line in all of movie and television history.

With the passing of my father in 1997 the love for Star Wars was put in the back burner as I had to deal with the real galaxy (called 'life') that was not far, far away but was right in front of me.

I think its funny how life or should I say ‘the force’ works as my love and appreciation for this timeless tale has made its way back into my life and it happened through the 501st legion (pronounced: 5 ‘0’ first) and with the help of our good old family friend Luis Cacho.

Busy Busy Weeks!!!

Lighted Candle from Marcus' Christening 

Ever since we've gotten back from Coron (we've only been able to post until Day 2 of our Coron adventures - we were there for 5 days) our weeks have been so busy with birthdays, baptisms, weddings, dinners and events. I'm not one to complain since this just means more photos and memories to keep and of course more blog posts to write about. 

Yeah I miss the lazy weekends of falling asleep while watching TV but those days will always be just around the corner but for now Mr & Mrs. Cheng have been pretty busy and here are some of our misadventures! 

So here are some photos (in no particular order) of what we've been up to these past couple of weeks. 

October 28, 2012- Marcus' Christening 

Marcus Jacob is another godson of Paul and I, he is the son of my College friend Djerty and if you have been following our blog already you would surely know Djerty and Marcus since we shot Djerty's maternity shoot and Marcus' new born shoot. :) 

So it was just right that we also cover his Christening :) 

Entrance to Cafe Ilang Ilang in Manila Hotel

Marcus' Christening

Proud Parents: Djerty and Dexter and the adorable Marcus 

Hey! We're back! It has been some time since we've posted on our blog and that is because we have been so busy for the past few weeks and even if it means having less time to rest and relax it just means that we have more things to post! 

I noticed that the celebrations Paul and I have been going to have been weddings and christenings of our friends and their children. Honestly, all of these celebrations shows the changes that we have to go through and personally I'm just excited and happy for all our friends who are going through these big milestones in their lives. 

Last October 28 we celebrated Marcus Jacob's Christening and here are the photos! 

View of the church: Our Lady of Light in Cainta.