Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flavors: Newest Outdoor Food Market

Who doesn't love a good Food Market?! No one because well let's face it everyone just loves to eat and for someone like me who thrives and lives on fast food, any Food Market is very much welcome and there is a new one opening tomorrow! 

Flavors is being dubbed as Quezon City's Newest Outdoor Food Market! Wohooooo!!! Everyone loves a good food market ~it's practically the best kind of tyange to shop in! 

Flavors promises a Wide Variety of food made up of Fresh Ingredients, Gourmet Quality and at Affordable Prices (can I just say that you had me at hello...) 


Urabandub will be performing at the Grand Opening of Flavors. (Huzaaaaaaaah!)

Movie Premiere: Now You See Me

So earlier was the Movie Premiere of 'Now You See Me' at SM Megamall and we were once again fortunate enough to be invited by Pioneer Films (Movie Punch) to catch the premiere screening. 

We immediately noticed that we would be sharing this movie experience with 106.7 Energy FM which was the Media Partner for the event. It was also sponsored by Pizza Hut :) 

There were some games before the movie started and I really, really wanted to win that Palm Card! Hello! Pizza Hut! Palm Card (ahem, ahem) I just suck big time when it comes to draw lots. (I never win!) 

So after the games and obligatory photos were done, we settled right in to start the movie, I must say though I really liked the new video for the National Anthem, it featured modern day heroes, like a fireman rescuing a baby (instead of 'Chicago Fire' it could have easily been 'Tondo Fire'), OFW's, a doctor in the barrio etc. I personally liked it more than the spot the actor/playing the National Hero video. Kudos to GMA 7 for the production. 

It was a good thing I was able to catch the trailers - because I love trailers and the trailers that were previewed were all upcoming movies from Movie Punch

Click on the links below to check out the trailers. Excited for each one :) 

Do Yuou see what I see? 
Like I always, I have a separate movie review from the movie premiere post, so I will (try to) save most of what I thought of the film but I will definitely say that it was amazing! I know I said in an earlier blog post that it was a cross between Ocean's 13 and The Prestige but now that I have seen it I would want to add another movie in the mix and this is one of my favorite movies I might add- The Italian Job. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

'Now You See Me' Showing on May 30!

Probably a cross between 'Ocean's 13' and 'The Prestige', 'Now You See Me' promises a lot of magic, a big bank heist and an unconventional battle between 
'The Four Horsemen' (a group of magicians) and the FBI and the Interpol. 

Check out the trailer below! 

So aside from the above mentioned I am also excited to see this movie because of its all star cast. Let me just say that I am becoming fan of Jesse Eisenberg, we all surely saw him in his award winning role as Mark Zuckerburg in The Social Network. Of course it is always a pleasure to watch Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo and Micheal Caine on screen. 

Also how come they don't keep anything for themselves? Hmmmm- as Sheldon would say -'Color me intrigued'

'Now You See Me' is brought to you by Pioneer Films (Movie Punch) and is showing on May 30, 2013. Make sure to catch it in cinemas! All those magic tricks and special effects would really look crappy if you watch it online or through pirated DVDs. :P 

Movie Musings: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Let me start this movie musings (movie review) by saying that I actually enjoyed Star Trek: Into Darkness more than Iron Man 3. Wait? What? Yes, you read that right - I enjoyed J.J. Abram's second attempt at Gene Roddeenberry's 40- year old franchise over the third Iron Man movie. Why? Well as I said in my Facebook post, I found it more exciting, wittier and funnier. While the laughs I let out while watching Iron Man 3 felt forced, all of my laughs while watching Star Trek: Into Darkness were more natural and this- while watching the movie alone by the way. Post on the block screening here

What's great about Star Trek: Into Darkness is that it is a movie that can be enjoyed by Trekies and non-trekies alike. Trekie by the way refers to fans of the franchise. You don't need to worry about going in the cinema and not being able to understand the story because you definitely will. So even if you are not familiar with the original TV series or franchise you would still be able to easily follow the inside jokes and you would still get the humor behind to well, a lot of things. 

The movie is definitely one hell of a Space adventure that will have you from one predicament to the next in the blink of an eye. Sometimes you might think 'Wait isn't it over yet?' I must admit that during the whole climax of the action packed movie I did have that thought of 'What?! - It's not over yet - seriously?!' and it can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Midnight Meetings Pwede Ba? Music Video & Acoustic EP Launch

While most students are probably dreading the approaching month of June - there is definitely something to look forward to and that is Midnight Meeting's Pwede Ba Music Video and Acoustic EP Launch! (Yeheeeeeey!!!) 

And in our continued efforts to promote OPM music PCheng Photography will be there to cover the event - through photos and blogging as always. :) 

The Launch will be on June 4, 2013 at Route 196 in Katipunan. Click the link for their FB page and directions :) 

There is definitely A LOT in store for you guys when you drop by the event since there will also be performances from these amazing bands! 

Midnight Meetings (of course!) 
Silent Sanctuary 
Never the Strangers 

Of Concerts and Soundfests

I read this online: "People in Manila must be rich because of all the concerts happening" While this is certainly flattering I wouldn't say that it is true - at all. 

As a music lover getting to go to your favorite band's concert is the ultimate high, it is a once in a lifetime experience that shouldn't be left to the "What if's?" and "Should haves" of your life. So when does "so many artists/bands coming to your country" become a problem? Well frankly - when you can't afford to go and see them. 

I've been working for 5 years already, earning my own money and paying taxes - like any good citizen so why can't I afford tickets? Well, with car payments and still sending my younger siblings to school I'm not at liberty to attend every concert my heart oh so desires- and to think I also work part time as a freelance writer. 

So am I begging for concert tickets? No, this blog post/rant is not a cry for free tickets (although I definitely won't decline any offers) but it's more of a call to event organizers and productions - Why do you have to have all the concerts so close together? 

Don't believe me? - See below. 

Paramore - February 15, 2013 
The Script - March 31, 2013 
Slash - May 4, 2013 
Aerosmith - May 8, 2013 
Vans Summer Music Jam - May 11, 2013 
Jason Mraz - May 14, 2013 
Wanderland Music Fest - May 8, 2013 
Circuit Fest 2013 - May 25, 2013 
Deftones - May 26, 2013 
Fallout Boy - August 8, 2013 
Linkin Park - August 13, 2013 
Bazooka Rocks II - August 25, 2013 

and I didn't even mention the K-pop groups and Daniel Padilla's concert. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Save Me Hollywood: Your Story to tell Album Launch and 12 Stone Music Fest

When I first blogged about Save Me Hollywood in my list of Buzz Worthy OPM artists (last March) I said that I would support them for the whole nine yards, buy the album, see the shows - everything. Well's FINALLY HAPPENING- they are coming out with their debut album...gaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

'Your Story to Tell' is their debut album which will be launching at the following dates and venues: 

JUNE 1 Eastwood Central Park Eastwood City - 6PM
JUNE 7 Lucky China Town Mall - 5PM
JUNE 9 Venice Piazza McKinley Hill - 7PM 

I'm happy to announce that PCheng Photography will be at the June 1 launch at Eastwood - hope to see you guys there! :) 

PCheng Photography Give Away: SIGNED Alice in Distress EP's from Mad Hatter Day

To celebrate Mad Hatter Day's opening for Bazooka Rocks on August 25, 2013 we are giving away 3 SIGNED copies of their EP Alice in Distress! 

It's easy! Just simply do the following! 

1. Like Pcheng Photography on Facebook
2. Follow Pcheng Photography on Twitter
3. Follow Pcheng Photography on Instagram
4. Send an email to and tell us - why you should get a Signed Copy of Mad Hatter Day's EP Alice in Distress. 

We will send a DM to the lucky winners and send the EP to them. 

Contest ends on May 27, 2013. 

Terms and Conditions: 
This competition is not affiliated what so ever with Mad Hatter Day or their management. EPs were signed during Paramore Night V. 

Alice in Distress: EP Review

So finally here is the long overdue EP Review for Mad Hatter Day's EP Alice in Distress. When I first came across this band I saw their video for Finding Atlantis on Youtube and I played it - again and again and again. You can credit at least a thousand views to me. 

I was so impressed that they easily made it to my list of Buzz Worthy OPM bands. I knew I wanted a copy of their EP Alice in Distress but I wanted the classic CD copy - yeah call me old fashioned but I wanted the good old CD over the downloadable one. Speaking of the EP download you can actually download it here - for FREE until May 21, 2013. Go! Go! Go!!! 

The EP has 4 songs and each one is a jewel that really makes you proud of OPM and gives you that hope that their is more to Original Pinoy Music than good looks, simple melodies and shallow lyrics. 

Here are the songs on the EP: 


My favorite would easily be Finding Atlantis I can still listen to it on repeat but all the other 3 songs come in close. They are all unique and they are something that we can proudly classify as OPM. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Artwork X Terno: Tee Party

Armi of Up Dharma Down during the Artwork X Terno Tee Party. 

Now. This is my kind of Tee party! :)

It was an unexpected gig/event that found my husband in the middle of a crowd of people in the Cinema Lobby of Trinoma last May 18, 2013. 

It all started when I was having lunch with my High School friends and saw a tell-tale post on Facebook that Up Dharma Down, Maude and Pulso  - a band that Paul has recently come to admire would be performing at Trinoma at 3:00PM. I roused Paul from his 12 hour slumber and told him about it, a few hours later he was en route to Trinoma - it wasn't planned it just happened and after all they do say that things happen for a reason right? 

We have just come out of the cinema when the event was already well on it's way, a small crowd of people in front of the stage while Maude was playing. Paul was already lost in the sea of people busy clicking away. 

Quaint houses around the event had unique products from Artwork for sale. Photo taken from Paul's phone since he already ran out of memory by this time. 

My friends and I looked around and finally grasped what the event was all about - it was a Tee Party event hosted by the clothing line Artwork and Recording label Terno. It was a silk screen event where in you can basically create your own Tee using a silk screen - you would even get to lay the paint on to the screen itself. It was very interesting to watch and the long line of people (which never receded actually) was very much proof of that. 

The long lines of people 'making their own tees'. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Star Trek: Into the Darkness Block Screening

I was very happy when I got an invite to a blocked screening of the new Star Trek (movie): Into Darkness. Albeit the invite came in on short notice I was still very happy to accept it but alas the short notice also meant minimal pickings for a movie date since the husband had work and after being unsuccessful in looking for a date I just resolved to watch the movie alone - a first I might add but still surprisingly enjoyable. 

There was a bit of reservation since I am not that all familiar with the original series and (40 year-old) franchise by Gene Roddenberry, my Dad would probably disown me by saying that but just like exploring an unknown world - I went ahead with high hopes and expectations which for now I will say were pretty much met - if not even exceeded but like all other movie premiere posts I reserve my Movie Musings (Movie Review) for a separate post and would mostly focus on the event itself and boy was this an event! Which was held at Gateway by the way. 

Although I would have to shamefully admit I was late there was still no regrets as I made my way to the cinema - because lo and behold! There was a cocktail for the movie! I had no idea that the event was sponsored by Pizza Hut - which has always been close to my heart --err stomach. 

A Pizza Hut Catered Event?!?! Count me in!

It was a nice little shindig complete with catered food from Pizza Hut - ah! It could have been heaven on earth and it was complete with the whole cocktail table set up. I immediately took photos with my phone- so pardon the quality of the photos or lack of it. Since Paul wasn't with me, we don't have 'PCheng Worthy' photos to post for this blog :( Hopefully next time :P 

Intergalactic servers during the event 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Movie Musings: Hunter X Hunter: The Phantom Rogue

So Movie Musings for the Anime Movie Invasion continues with Hunter X Hunter: The Phantom Rogue. The Movie premiere was held last night at SM North Edsa, the Block and was made possible through Pioneer Films (Movie Punch), SM Cinemas and their official media sponsor Animax

While Naruto and One Piece each have over 10 movie titles under their belt, this is the first ever movie for Hunter X Hunter. The movie is based on a manuscript which author Yoshihiro Togashi wrote ten years ago and was never used. This has been a great source of intrigue, interest and anticipation among the fans. 

While many fans of the series may be frustrated with the long hiatuses to which the manga has been known to take, the movie is definitely a must see and would definitely quench any thirst brought about the long pauses in between arcs and chapters of the manga. 

Warning- Spoilers ahead. 

The story line of Hunter X Hunter movie: The Phantom Rogue revolves around Kurapika as we get a glimpse into his past and life within the Kurta clan and we are also introduced to his childhood friend Pairo and of course Kurapika is always followed and/or connected one way or another with the infamous Phantom Troupe A.K.A the Spiders, I would say that they are probably the most bad-ass bad guys comparable even to the notorious Akatsuki of Naruto Shippuuden fame. Speaking of the Phantom Troupe we would definitely be seeing a lot of them during the movie in that antagonist
/protagonist/middle/grey area sort of way. 

A big chunk of the movie also highlights the Phantom Troupe as the mysterious 'Number 4' spider is featured - remember that Hisoka replaced the original number 4 member. So we meet original member number 4- Omokage who creates life like puppets but he needs human eyes to completely make his puppets alive. Wait? Eyes? So yup! Enter Kurapika's sought after crimson eyes.- the circle then becomes complete with Omokage stealing Kurapika's eyes as the movie's initial conflict.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hunter X Hunter: The Phantom Rogue Movie Premiere

Now Showing. Next Picture and Coming Soon. :P 

Famous cosplayer Jin Joson as Killua holding her premiere ticket. She was also present during the premiere too bad we weren't able to see each other -maybe next time? :) 

Hunter X Hunter Cosplayers after the movie. 

The Anime Movie Invasion rounds up (for now-hopefully) with Hunter X Hunter: The Phantom Rouge as it shows in today (May 15, 2013) exclusively in SM Cinemas. 

The movie premiere was held in The Block, SM North Edsa were a movie house filled with Hunter X Hunter fans graced the premiere. 

Nothing beats watching a movie with fellow fans and admirers and the whole cinema was in unison with the laughter, the gasps, the cheers and the tears (and there was a lot-and more!) and the full house theater was very vocal with the twists and turns and ups and downs of the movie. 

I will have a separate Movie Musings post (movie review) about the movie - so no need to worry about any spoilers for there will be none. :P 

Promotional Poster: Brought to you by: Pioneer Films, in partnership with SM Cinemas and Official Media Partner: Animax
The event was made possible through Pioneer Films (Movie Punch), SM Cinemas and official Media Partner Animax

Animax Ani-mate Rhianna Floresca with a triumphant fan who got a  Hunter X Hunter Poster.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Paramore Night V

It's all about the music. -Paramore Fans during Paramore Night 5
They say that love is sweeter the second time around so that only means that things can only get better the third time around right? Well things definitely got BIGGER and BETTER during Paramore Night 5 last May 11, 2013 at it's own home at Route 196. 

Aside from the amazing Mismo Productions who has been organizing the past Paramore Nights, Warner Music Philippines also played a hand in the event which is a significant step in the continuing evolution that is Paramore Night. 

Mouth watering prizes made its way through social media causing the baring of fangs and teeth among Paramore fans. Shirts from the Paramore Spring 2013 were up for grabs. As well as ballers from Warner Music. 

It's always fun to go Paramore Nights? Why? It's because of the people who go there - it really is a family without any pretenses, without the bull, it is in every definition a family brought together by their love for music and Paramore.

First band up the plate - Stratosdays 

Power Punch from Sarah Sayson of Stratosdays. 

First timers- PsychoChem 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Rock for F.A.N (Fully Abled Nation)

Host and PWD Advocate - Rovilson Fernandez 
Concerts for a cause are becoming popular here and there and why not? You gather a crowd through music and get to raise awareness for a cause it's a win-win situation right? And this is exactly what took place last May  6, 2013 at Eastwood Central Plaza during Dakila's Rock for F.A.N (Fully Abled Nation) concert whose purpose was to encourage participation among the Person's with Disabilities to participate during the upcoming elections. 

The event was organized by Dakila (Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism) in partnership with the Disability-Inclusive Elections initiative or Fully Abled Nation. This endeavor was made possible through The Asia Foundation as part of the Australian Aid's program on Disability-Inclusive Development.  

Hosts - Saab Magalona and Dj Lambert. 
Promotional Poster for the Event. 
The event also made transpired through the help and support of Locked Down Entertainment, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, Eastwood City and Jam 88.3. 

Long Time No See

People often go to a benefit concerts for the rock stars and the music then the cause would just be an added bonus but Rock for F.A.N (Fully Abled Nation) was really different because the event was to encourage our PWD brothers and sisters to participate during the upcoming elections and this show was really all about them, since the event also featured acts like blind rockers 'Long Time No See' (see the photo above) and the Professor X of the Philippines - Righteous One and he is one mean rapper and he also does Flip Top! Check out a video of him here

Righteous One

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hunter X Hunter (The Movie) The Phantom Rouge to screen on May 15 at SM Cinemas

After Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja and One Piece Movie Z - the Anime Movie Invasion continues with Hunter X Hunter: The Phantom Rogue which will be screening exclusively in SM Cinemas on May 15, 2013

It is interesting to note, that this is Hunter X Hunter's first movie release - ever. Naruto already has 9 movies under it's belt while One Piece already has 12 theatrical releases. Can you imagine catching the first Hunter X Hunter Movie in cinemas-- that would definitely be something. 

You can check out the trailer below. 

Hunter X Hunter: The Phantom Rogue was screened in Japan last January 12, 2013, it sold 357,976 tickets during its opening weekend and earned Y456,779,000 (about US $5,143,930) in 257 cinemas. 

The story is an alternative telling of the York New City arc. The movie is actually based on an unpublished story from Yoshihiro Togashi himself (the creator of Hunter X Hunter and Yuyu Hakusho - Ghost Fighter) ten years ago but was never used. The manga went on towards a different direction. Fans are very excited since the movie is based on an published manuscript by Togashi himself. 

Wheels for Wheels: BGC Auto Show

Nothing is more fulfilling than being able to do a good deed while having fun at it- and that is exactly what you can do and more when you head over the BGC Wheel for Wheels Auto Show

Not only will the Car show be filled with amazing top of the line cars, booths for car paraphernalia, beautiful babes (basically anything that can make a guy smile) but by going to this Car show you also get to help our brothers and sisters from Tahanan Walang Hagdahan Inc., since 100% of the proceeds - YES! 100% of the proceeds will be going to them.  

To be more specific, the proceeds of the event will help fund the the construction of Tahanan Walang Hagdanan's proposed powder-coating facility which will support the livelihood of our brothers and sisters. It's great since it's going to be a 'Teach a man how to fish, instead of giving them the fish' kind of deal.  :)

Wheels for Wheels Bag from Bambag Canvas Bags 

Presented by SNG Productions, the BGC Auto show will feature different types of cars from tuner cars, race cars and vintage classics! So if you are a car lover then this is definitely a trip you would want to take. 

Awards to be won: 

There are over 100 awards to be given during the show and the categories are so wide everyone will have a chance to win! 

His Airness showing off his past awards, do you think this car will win during the BGC Auto Show? - photo taken during the Marikina Beat the Heat Auto Show.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beat the Heat - Marikina Auto Show

Subaru WRX 
Part of our very busy Saturday of May 4, 2013 (see the 7th anniversary DPP blog post and FCBD) was covering the (Beat the Heat) Marikina Auto Show. This is actually Marikina's first ever Auto show - and it's for a cause! 

The event was organized by the Rotary Club of Marikina Dist 3800 and the City Government of Marikina. 

It is interesting to note that the title of the event was very apt -since it really did Beat the Heat- when there was a sudden downpour of rain and this was just when we arrived at the event but of course just like everything else the show must go on and the good natured people of Marikina simply wiped the rain of their well loved cars. It was admirable that they really did not let the rain get to them. 

Promotional Poster for the Auto Show. 
Even though Paul and I own a Honda City, we are not really 'car' people. Paul may know a thing or two about cars but for me it's really not up my alley so apologies for the blog post or lack of it rather. 

I guess for blog posts like these the photos will have to do most of the talking ;) 

Isuzu D-Max

For this blog post we will also be featuring photos from guest photographer Pogs Francisco - You can check out his photos below and MORE on his Facebook page :) 
Pogs Francisco for Pcheng Photography 

Pogs Francisco for Pcheng Photography