Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Yellow Room Night: Freedom Bar

Declared Already 

Apologies for the late post, we had to deal with a full External Hard Drive so we had no space to put in the new photos, we spent a few days having to clean up the hard drive and organize files and files of folders of photos. So if anyone would like to donate or sponsor an external hard drive you know how to reach us! :P 

So last Wednesday was the Yellow Room Night. Blog post on the event announcement here

For us, it was a night of a lot of firsts, well for one, we've mostly covered band nights - events where local bands get to cover songs from established artists, mostly foreign; so it was our first time to cover an event that featured and showcased bands and musicians in their own light and in their own music. 

It was also our first time to cover an event in Freedom Bar in Anonas. :) Loved the nationalistic painting on the wall. 

First band up is Declared Already, fronted by pretty and cute voiced  Sheric whose vocals reminded me of the anime and Japanese songs I love. (Check out Judy and Mary - the band) Hey if they can get away with the cutesy voices why can't we right? It also reminded me of a first generation Moonstar 88. Their songs were very catchy too! Declared Already will also performing during Circa's video launch - watch out for blog posts on that! :P 

You can check out the video of their original song 'Rumors' here

Second band up was Trapeze who we already had the pleasure of watching during Fall Out Boy Night. Check out their song Kara Krus which I love! You can check out the video of their song 'Pero' (recorded in The Yellow Room of course!) here

Third band up was Vicente Couleur band, whose vocalist kind of looks like Taka of One Ok Rock, I loved the effects that they used in their songs. 

I'm really excited for Circa's upcoming video launch 'Habang Buhay' blog posts on that coming up soon! Each time I see them perform live it just establishes the fact that these guys are ready for bigger things.Make sure to check back on the blog for posts and updates on Circa ~ Especially since they are having their video launch on August 10!  


Crowd favorite Paraluman (check out the shirt above) was also present during the Yellow Room Night! 

Danita Paner of Ferown

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Movie Musings: Spoiler Free Review: The Wolverine

So we just got back from a 9:00AM screening of The Wolverine at Resorts World Manila. While I feel very grateful for the free tickets there is still much to be said about their policy of having to register for a membership card to get a movie ticket (it was inconvenient and disorganized) I will still say thank you and leave it at that and go on to my spoiler free movie review. I still love you Resort's World - I'll make sure to be a member to avoid any inconveniences in the future. :P 

Okay so going back to The Wolverine - first off - I will say that I absolutely loved it! Liked is an understatement because I loved it! Easily 4 out of 5 stars! It was able to redeem itself from the awfully cliche-ridden X-Men: Origins movie - The Wolverine (which is a stand alone sequel after X-Men III: The Last Stand) has no cliches' what so ever and is in fact quite unpredictable. There are times in the movie where I found myself thinking 'Okay - so what's next?' because you absolutely have no idea what's coming and you'll definitely be quick on your feet and thinking throughout the movie, which is always a welcome experience when watching a movie. Sometimes it's not all about the effects and the fight scenes you also got to make your brain work and like a very good book 'The Wolverine' has surprises in every corner. Can I just tease that there is definitely a shocker scene and something that you definitely won't expect. (Wink. Wink). Oh and don't hold on to your horses for this one - you don't know who your enemies or allies are - so watch out! 

Set in modern day Japan - with a bit of the old - it was a refreshing change to the usual X-Men (Xavier school for the gifted setting :P) 
It was also refreshing to see a cast and pool of characters who are mostly human. You don't have to be a mutant to be a bad guy you know and the humans in the movie really make up for not having mutant powers by being modern day ninjas, complete with the running along roof tops and stealth mode. Not only does Wolverine's adamantium claws take on Ninja kunai and the Samurai sword in this movie but he also butts heads and takes an epic bullet train ride with the Yakuza. 

While the previous X-Men movies showed humans who hated mutants, in this movie you will get to meet humans who are obsessed with them and well, you know the saying - too much of something is bad- really bad. 

Straight out of an anime - Yukio - Logan's red headed sword wielding body guard. Don't let the red and white stripes fool you - this girl can kick butt!

The movie literally takes what makes Wolverine - Wolverine away from him - his ability to heal. The movie tackles with the idea of 'What happens if you take away Wolverine's healing powers? He's not so bad ass any more right?' Well- you'll have to see the movie to find out. But with this idea and concept you definitely know that you are in for a not so ordinary X-Men movie. More about that in my post here

Just in case you guys might be wondering there are some scenes that did not have any subtitles but I believe that this was done on purpose so that the audience would feel and think like Logan, an outsider not understanding the language but don't worry most of the scenes in Japanese do have subtitles. 

As usual it was an impressive performance of The Wolverine by Hugh Jackman can you honestly think of anyone else playing the role? 'Coz I can't! Hugh Jackman is the Wolverine! His physique in the role is amazing and the stunts are amazing and he really does portray that defeated and tormented century old mutant perfectly. Of course it's not all grim and dreary for Logan, there is still his spot-on dead pan humor which will have you laughing in the movie. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Upcoming Movies: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

I've always admired how the Percy Jackson series has taught a newer generation about Greek Mythology in a more exciting way. (I had to watch the original Clash of the Titans on VHS tape - kids you'd probably laugh your head off if you saw it - gosh I feel old!) 

If you enjoyed the first movie or have read (and most likely enjoyed the books) you would definitely be excited for the next installment of the adventures of our favorite demigod Logan Lerman or better known as Percy Jackson in the Sea of Monsters. 

Based on the best selling book by Rick Riordan. Percy embarks on a coming of age adventure as he travels on dangerous waters and battles legendary monsters to bring home the Golden Fleece to save his home. 

Check out the trailer below! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rakista Radio: Jam Tayo at Crosspoint

Julz Savard of Save Me Hollywood amidst the crowd and cameras. 

In our society where everyone is struggling to be part of the popular group and jump on the bandwagon there are still those who march to the beat of their own drum and bang their heads to their own kind of music.

The Hilarious, unapologetic and no holds barred hosts of the event. 

Thank God for Rakista Radio who proudly plays 100% Pinoy Rock Music 24/7. No bubble gum Pop from other countries or an order of Korean boy band in this radio station. 

While Rakista Radio is known for their support of under ground and up and coming local bands they are also known for their unapologetic, no holds barred humor (no bleeps either) but that just makes the Rakista Radio experience true and unique. 

Eunice Jorge of Gracenote with her trusty violin. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

EP Review: Midnight Meetings Acoustic

I know that this EP Review is very, very late already but allow me to explain (ahem...) along with this EP Review we will be having a PCheng Photography Give Away! A SIGNED Midnight Meetings EP, a Midnight Meetings keychain and maybe a signed print?? :)  (cue in the cheers - yeahey! yeahey!) but we couldn't do the give away yet without having sent the Mad Hatter Day: Alice in Distress EPs for our other PCheng Photography give away - so now that that's been done I can now post my EP Review for Midnight Meetings: Pwede Ba? Acoustic EP. 

We were also a sponsor during their EP and MV launch, blog post is here

Containing 4 acoustic tracks, the Midnight Meetings Pwede Ba? Acoustic EP is good to have in your playlist especially if you are a alternative-punk-rock chick like me. :) It's a good change to the heavy riffs and fast drum rolls, the songs are very laid back and relaxing.   

One of the things that I found very endearing about the EP is that it was personally made by the band. They literally made an assembly line of themselves and each one had a specific assignment and this gave it a very personal touch. The fact that it did not have the guise of anything manufactured makes the EP one worth holding on to; aaaand we are giving away a SIGNED copy plus more Midnight Meetings goodies! Just keep a look out for the contest mechanics :) 

Even though the band is fronted by the already famous Ashley Gosiengfiao, it is definitely not 'The Ashley Gosiengfiao band' since each member is a true musician in his or her own right. 

Petite bassist Guada Tagalog really lets slaps that bass and as Paul would say 'mabigat ang bagsak nya sa bass' hmmm do we have a Myrene or Lalai in the future? :P  Lead guitarist Ken Estioko also lets out heavy guitar riffs on his own - check out his cover of the Game of Thrones theme hereWhile Drummer Ralph De Guzman combines his charm, humor and wit with his drum playing prowess which makes him a memorable drummer indeed. And of course the band is rounded up by Ashley Gosiengfiao on guitar and vocals, her vocals and deep range set her apart to other female vocalists fronting other bands.  

Since it is an Acoustic EP I am really looking forward to a full band LP or album! So that they have a chance to showcase their versatility. :) 

Project 365: Week 12

As the year continues, the days goes by faster than we realize it.  I'm now on my 12th week of Project 365.  I'm very surprised that I can still keep shooting every single day.  I often find myself without my prefered camera(Canon 500d) but as the weeks go by, I've gotten used to shooting with my iPhone 4S.  It may not have the 15 megapixel image quality of full control as my other camera, but its the camera that I always have in my pocket.

Most of the images that you'll see on this post(probably in future posts as well) will be coming from my mobile device.  So hope you guys bear with it, as you'll see more noise, and more blur.

The photo below was taken in Republiq in Resorts World Manila.  Voltz, had a friend from Cebu that came to visit and I was available.  And I became the designated driver for our guest, Pogs, Ariel and Voltz.

Aprill 12, 2013 - Seeing is believing
We went around the metro and found ourselves in Republiq.  Here we saw Barney(yes the purple dinosaur), clubbing.  That's why I called this shot 'Seeing is believing' because I couldn't believe what I saw that night.

The following day, still shaken from partying with my friend the previous night.  Me and my wife went to the album launch of her favorite band.  If you've been following the blog, you know who her favorite band is(for the people who don't know, its' Paramore).  

One of the local music stores in the Philippines, Odyssey released Paramore's 4th album and had a few local bands play a few cover songs from Paramore. We had fun as we're familiar with some of the people(fellow Paramore fans-Paramore Philippines) who came along to buy the album.  In case you want to check out the previous blog post for the Album buy out, click here.

April 13, 2013 - Paramore fans on the album launch.
I was really lucky this time since I was able to borrow Milo's fish eye lens. Here's a shot that I did of the said lens in Week 3 of project 365.  I think it's one of the clearest wide angle lens that I've tried out so far.  On the technical aspect of this shot, I believe that I had the 500d and a 430 EXII Speedlight for this image.  

April 14, 2013 - From the outside
When you see photos of Ortigas Center, you'd know that I went to work that day.  For example the image on the left, this was shot during one of my breaks.  If you have been reading the past #projec365 blog posts, I often go out of the building and take some time out to hunt some shots for the said project.

I often find it mundane since I've been repeating the same shots over and over again and I feel like I'm not veering out of my way, to photograph or shoot to improve.  

Here I used an iPhone 4S, and it seems that the shot seemed rushed.  If you look closely, you'll see camera shake.  For post-processing this was done in Snapseed. I haven't encountered another app to match Snapseed's versatility and ease.

April 15, 2013 - Rumors...
April 15, 2013, we caught word of a rumor going around that the account that I've been working with will be pulled out by our clients from off shore. These were just rumors, but the thought of losing our jobs was something that made us rethink and ask ourselves what we want to do with ourselves now? 

Although it doesn't show how it affects us in the photo above, to me this image is the moment where Jay-ar told(guy on the foreground) us about the rumor.  Shot with an iPhone 4S, and processed with Snapseed.

April 16, 2013 - Troubled mind

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Be The Wolverine Kinect Experience

Cosplayers cosplaying The Wolverine and The Silver Samurai during the event. I don't really want to give away anything during the movie....but... this one's a pretty good give away. 

So it's only 7 days before The Wolverine shows in Cinemas (July 25). If you have been following the blog you would notice that I already have a couple of posts featuring the upcoming stand alone sequel. So I won't be blogging about the movie itself but this fun event that Paul and I got invited to attend. 

This was actually my first assignment as a GeekMatic contributor so I was doubly excited. :) 

In Keeping with the theme of the event, the cocktails that were served had 'sake' since 'The Wolverine' is set in Japan. Paul just loved that! 

So this was the 'Be the Wolverine Kinect Experience' where guests were encouraged to play The Wolverine game on X-Box :) and was held in Robinson's Cinema World.

It was a really fun game since you would really get 'The Wolverine' experience since you are on board a moving bullet train and slashing through signs and bad guys. Guests were challenged in a good old - highest score wins match! 

Both the gents and the ladies stepped up to give it a go - oh did I mention that limited edition 'The Wolverine' items were up for grabs as well as movie posters for those who got the five highest scores? :P That just made the deal even sweeter for the eager guests who took turns getting that Wolverine experience. 

For those of you who want to get that Wolverine experience also - fret not since the game will be available in a number of Robinson's Cinemas (Robinson's Movieworld) Check out the Schedule and details below! 

The Wolverine Kinect Experience
July 19-21 - Metro East
July 22-24 - Forum
July 25-27 Galleria
July 28-30 Magnolia
July 31- Aug. 2- Manila 

Not only will participants have fun being Wolverine but they also get a chance to win an Xbox 360 Kinect! So make sure you head on to get your hands in those claws (so to speak :P ) 

Boys with their toys. Adamantium Claws battle against Samurai Swords and Ninja Kunai in the movie- The Wolverine. 

Fall Out Boy Night

If you guys are following the blog or following me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook you would probably agree that I have been blogging/posting/tweeting about Fall Out Boy Night for some time already. 

While we have covered a number of different 'band nights' or 'specialty nights' as Kuya Monty would put them, Fall Out Boy Night was a bit more special to me since I had a hand in helping organize the event. (Allow me a little 'blow my own horn' moment here :D) I helped a bit with band line up as well as gathering sponsors for the event and even hosted the show. (I did a lot of hosting back in College so it was nice to be able to get to relive that again. :D) 

You can check out the original event announcement post by clicking here


Yuko starting things off with a bang! 

Band Nights are always fun because the crowd is just wild! They sing back to the songs that they love and they sing it with such fervor. There's also a lot of clapping, jumping, dancing, slamming - it's just crazy, crazy fun. Even if you come in the bar not knowing the people, you would definitely come out having gained new friends literally partied with people who love the same music as you do.  

Crazy Open Mic set with Trapeze 

Lot's of Love for Paraluman 

Another great set from Circa for Band Night 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Wolverine is back on the Big Screen

Everyone's favorite mutant (favorite pertaining to popular) Wolverine is back on the big screen. After lead roles in all three X-Men movies, a hilarious cameo in X-Men: First Class and a not so popular X-Men:Origins: The Wolverine movie; Logan is back with a stand alone sequel to X-Men 3: The Last Stand and this is the action filled The Wolverine

Stricken by guilt at having killed Jean Grey/The Dark Phoenix, Logan is plagued by loneliness, being a century old mutant and watching the people you love (sometimes at his own hands) can really get really old, really fast. 

The uninspired and vulnerable mutant is thrown into a battle royale of ninjas, samurais, the Yakuza and the good old bad mutant as he travels to modern day Japan and is reunited with an old friend whom he saved 60 years ago in WWII. 

While every one is looking forward to the amazing fights in the film, (bullet trains, ninja, a cyber samurai-what else can you ask for?) the viewers will also get a front seat to view to the real battle and that is the one going on within Logan who has been dealing with the burden of immortality all of his life - What if he doesn't want it anymore? in the movie, Logan is offered mortality, the chance to die like any one else and after travelling the world for a century, this is indeed very tempting to him. 

Hugh Jackman who not only plays The Wolverine but is also an executive producer in the film, says that "This story takes Wolverine into a world that is vastly different from any seen before in the X-Men series- it's visually different and the tone is different. There are a lot of battles in the story, but the greatest battle of all is the one within Logan, between being a monster and becoming a human being". This chapter of Wolverine's legacy is a rare chance to see his character at a vulnerable and indestructible state.  

The Wolverine without his healing powers shows us the mutant in a never before seen light-he can actually die and this just multiplies the interesting factor in The Wolverine.   

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Event Announcement: The Yellow Room Nights

The Yellow Room Night is an event celebrating the musicality of amateur and professional artists from The Yellow Room. 

You might be asking yourself 'What is the Yellow Room?' (Mental Image: Kill Bill) Well the Yellow Room is an independent Record Label and Studio that caters to both professional and amateur performers and musicians. 

The studio is owned by Monty Macalinao of Mayonnaise who also helps produce the songs recorded in the studio. 

Ever since Paramore Night III we have been following on the different artists from the Yellow Room and I must say that we really like them. I like the girls and Paul likes the boys---hmm wait a minute that did not sound right. Let me rephrase that -- I like the female fronted bands while Paul likes the male fronted ones. :P 

Our favorites include: Circa, Ferown, Paraluman, and it looks like the list is not stopping there since more and more talented artists are coming out with the help and guidance of The Yellow Room.  


Check out the Recording of their song 'Habang Buhay' in the video above.
Video launch for 'Habang Buhay' will be on August 10 at Route 196. 


Check out the video of their song 'Asa' in the video above. 

Second Chances: The Wolverine

While we all know that the X-Men: Origins Wolverine movie was bad, (in a bad way) really bad with the nauseating cliches and all too familiar narrative we are hoping that Wolverine will be able to redeem himself with this upcoming movie: The Wolverine

The Wolverine is a stand-alone sequel to X-Men: The Last Stand, (X-Men 3) while a direct sequel to the film, X-Men: Days of Future Past (which is also a sequel to the to the prequel film: X-Men: First Class (I know! It's confusing!) is set to be released in 2014. 

Anyways, going back to The Wolverine, the important thing to note here (so you won't be confused) is that The Wolverine is a sequel to The Last Stand where in Logan, had to kill (the unrequited love of his love) Jean Grey/The Phoenix so that he could stop her all out massive destruction. Haunted by his guilt and memories, Logan runs into an old friend. A soldier in Japan, whom he saved 60 years ago during World War II. Now this friend of his has become old and weak and is clinging on to dear life and who has also become a powerful person in Japan. He offers something that Logan has always escaped from -death. 

'Wolverine, without his healing powers-it's another story!' says the Producers of the film and this is the conflict that they played with in the movie. So probably when you watch this movie you won't think 'Ha! It's Wolverine- he will just heal his way through everything!' because this time he won't be able to and that should really make things more interesting indeed. Especially since he is up against, ninjas, the mutant Viper and a Robotic Samurai. Whew! The guy can't get a break now can he? 

The feature video above, compares Wolverine to a 'Ronin' although it has many translations it could also mean 'a Samurai without a cause/purpose', or 'a wandering swordsman' in the case of the famous Ronin - Kenshin Himura, that is where the 'Rurouni' in 'Rurouni Kenshin' comes from.  

In the movie, Logan finds himself in Modern Day Japan, where Samurai swords and Ninja Kunais meet with his Adamantium claws. I'm really hopeful that this would be a whole lot better than the Origins movie. I have always been fascinated with Japan and being an Otaku is a staunch evidence of that. 

'The Wolverine' stars (the only actor, who in my opinion can play Wolverine) Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal Yamanouchi, Tao Okamota, Rila Fukushima and Brian Lee. It is directed by James Mangold (Walk the Line, Knight and Day). It will be released in The Philippines on July 25, 2013. We are lucky enough to be watching it on it's premiere on July 24, 2013. 

It is distributed by 20th Century Fox - like their Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter:  @20centuryfoxph 

Upcoming Bands: Behind Those City Lights

When I first saw Behind Those City Lights during Paramore Night IV, I thought to myself 'Hey these guys are pretty good' but you know how good things can only get better? Well that is exactly what happened with Behind Those City Lights as they are pulling out all stops and taking that extra step and going the extra mile to bring their music out there. 

Composed of Mich Dimen on Vocals/Piano
Dedek Mongalo on Guitars/Vocals
Anne Lampano on Bass
Hen Luce on Guitars and
Jasper Lawan on drums and samples  

Behind the City Lights is ready to become the next big thing in the local music scene. I was really impressed when I saw their recorded song 'Last Words' on Youtube. I was having the same problem with an earlier post where in I couldn't find the video on Youtube to post here. Just click here to check out Behind the City Lights' song 'Last Word'.    

The song was recorded in The Yellow Room and was also produced by Monty Macalinao of Mayonnaise. 

You can watch the video above to check out the story behind 'Last Word' Hearing that the song was recorded in a short time, makes me excited. This just shows the great potential that this band has and the fact that they are not afraid to experiment by adding cellos and other instruments to the song just goes that they are not your average garage band

You can catch Behind Those City Lights in the following dates and venues: 

July 18
Flippish Guesting www.flippish.com
Young Wild and Free 10PM

 July 19 
Amos Cafe
Tayo Tayo Night 

July 24
Freedom Bar
Mismo Productions: Yellow Room Night 

For the latest news and updates on Behind The City Lights you can like their Facebook page here and you can also follow them on Twitter: @btccitylights 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pacific Rim's Japanese influences: Paying homage to good old Mecha

Going through Twitter yesterday, I saw some tweets about Pacific Rim that was pointing out (complaining) how 'Japan' was not that too pronounced in the film. Given that the concept of humans piloting huge robots or mecha and battling monsters from the sea is straight off a Japanese show - whether anime or not. (Ultraman, Godzilla, Daimos, Evangelion and of course Voltes V- the list goes on and on.) 

Apparently even the presence of blue-streaked bad ass chick, Mako Mori was not enough for them. Yeah some people really need more of their Japanese fix. So for those of you who are still looking for that Japanese feel in the movie here are some things to get you going. 

The photo above is by Metal Gear artist Yoji Shinkawa who drew the poster for the Japanese RealD 3D release of Pacific Rim. In the illustration, Jaeger - Gypsy Danger is standing over a defeated Kaiju. 

Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro, personally asked Shinkawa to draw the poster. 

East meets West: Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro gives a 'Japan-Japan' with Metal Gear Artist Yoji Shinkawa. 

Here are Yoji Shinkawa's thoughts on Pacific Rim: 

"I have never imagined that I would be fortunate enough to see a film like this in all my life. The emotional rush I had inside me was the same kind I had when I felt outer space via '2001: A Space Odyssey' and when I touched a dinosaur in 'Jurassic Park'. Animation and special effects movies and shows that I loved in my childhood days - they all exist in the screen.

Director Guillermo del Toro offers this spectacular vision of massive kaijus and robots in Pacific Rim. This film is not simply a film to be respected, but most importantly, it lets us dream the future of entertainment movies. Pacific Rim is the ultimate otaku film that all of us have always been waiting for. Who are you, if you are Japanese and won't watch this? 

I hope you would accept this international love letter that had traveled across the Pacific, written by Director Guillermo del Torro. 

While here are other thoughts from well renowned Japanese personalities in the Japanese Animation world. 

Go Nagai, (Mazinger Z, Devilman, Cutey Honey) said "I was overwhelmed by the intense Kaiju Vs. giant robot action. It was fun!" 

Evangelion character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto has compared the film to a satisfying feast with the  the best prime cuts from Japanese tokusatsu (special effects) and anime.   

The video above is a special feature on the inspiration and design of the Jeagers (giant robots in the film). "I was very influenced by anime, the anime of my youth - Tetsujin 28. I really assembled a group of designers who really knew and loved anime." Says director Guilermo del Toro.  

Check out the video above and see the Japanese equation in Pacific Rim! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Legend of Korra: New characters to grace Book 2 and Trailer released!

Eska and Desna. Korra's Waterbending cousins. 

While it has been a while since Book 1 of The Legend of Korra wrapped up. (Paul and I have been waiting on Book 2) Here is some voice casting news (and new character news) on Book 2. 

Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) will be voicing Eska, one of Korra's waterbending cousins, while Aaron Himelstein (Joan of Arcadia) will be voicing Eska's twin brother Desna. 

Dexter's James Remar will resume lending his voice to Tonraq, Korra's father who is also a waterbender. It would be interesting to note that Lisa Edelstein of House M.D. (we are big fans of House) will be playing Kya, who is Tenzin's sister. 

John Micheal Higgins from Best in Show will be playing Varrick, who is known as the 'Biz-Bender' (hmmm wonder what that is?). Unalaq, Korra's uncle and Chief of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes will be played by Son's of Anarchy's Adrian LaTourelle. 

Tonraq: Korra's father and a powerful Waterbender. 

When we last saw Korra she has just triumphed against Amon and the Equalists- while Book 2 happens six months after Book 1. She now faces a bigger and greater threat when the physical and spirit worlds collide. 

Book 2 will be debuting later this year and has 14 episodes. Can't wait! 


Here is a just released trailer fresh from SDCC! 

From what we can tell from the trailer and from whatever article has come out, Korra will be battling it out not with other benders but will be taking on the spirits from the spirit world. Which has not had that much air time or mention in the last two Avatar series. Check out the trailer above! Book 2 of The Legend of Korra is showing on September 3! :) 

Cycle 2 for Asia's Next Top Model! Auditions Announced

Time indeed does fly by so fast because now the search is on for the next batch of aspiring models to join Cycle 2 of Asia's Next Top Model. 

I loved the first season and remember watching it every Sunday night on Star World. I am a fan of it's US counter part, the original and Tyra Banks helmed America's Next Top Model but what made Asia's Next Top Model even more special for me was the fact that it was the beauty of my very own Asian lineage which that was featured in the glamorous photoshoots, the couture dresses and of course the runway. 

Just as a number of Asian countries are already melting pots of cultures the show was also a direct reflection of that with ravishing beauties from different countries and regions. 

While watching the first season I had girls that I loved and girls I loved to hate :P while I won't be naming names I did blog about the season finale. You can check that blog post here

Jessica Amornkuldilok the winner of the First Season of Asia's Next Top Model on the cover of Harper's Bazaar in Singapore.  

My fellow Pinay. Asia's Next Top Model Runner up Stephanie Retuya. 

I'm so excited to blog that Season 2 is well up on it's way as Social Media has been on fire with this news. Auditions are ongoing and like Jessica who did not let her age stop her and really worked hard for her dream to become a Top Model and Stephanie who took inspiration from her daughter reached further to make her dreams come true- you too stand the chance to be Asia's Next Top Model. 

Details on the auditions below! :) 

Auditions are now on! For Season 2 of Asia's Next Top Model! 

  1. Aged between 16-27 years old.
  2. At least 170cm (5'7") tall. 
  3. Speaks fluent English. 
  4. Bursting with personality. 
Applicants should not be professional models. 

Click HERE to send your application! 

Don't forget to follow them on Twitter for more details: @AsiasNTM