Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Upcoming Events: Neon Fest: Get to know the Headlining Bands

Now that you guys already know our 10 Indie bands performing for Neon Fest (in case you still don't you can check out the blog post here) it's time to get to know the 6 headlining bands performing! 

Mad Hatter Day 

I have nothing but love for Mad Hatter Day who have gone from your regular College band to opening acts for Bazooka Rocks II. As I mentioned in our review of their EP - Alice in Distress, their sound is fresh and unique and you can hear the hints and influences of metal and you can hear good old glam rock in their music. 

To get a feel of their sound, check out my favorite track off their EP - Finding Atlantis below. 

They also have a new song coming out, Resistance which they will be launching on September 28. 

For more information and updates on the band you can like their Facebook page here

Jensen Tenoso

An award winning singer in her own right, Jensen Tenoso already has a slew of awards and accomplishments at her young age even being part of the top five of GMA 7's PROTEGE in 2011. 

Check out her stint in Protege and rendition of Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis in the video below. 

For more updates and information on Jenses you can like her Facebook page here


Midnight Meetings 

Another band, who we have been following is Midnight Meetings their unique take on blues and jazz is something refreshing and sets them apart from other bands. 

You can check out my EP Review for their acoustic EP 'Pwede Ba?' here

You can also watch their video 'Pwede Ba?' below. 

For more updates and information on the band. Make sure to like their Facebook page here


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Upcoming Events: Neon Fest: Get to know the bands!

You may have seen some of my posts and tweets about a little event known as Neon Fest - well it ain't little no more since performers and bands have been confirmed! Get to know the bands performing and don't forget to click HERE to reserve your tickets! 

There are going to be a total of 16 performers! :) Featuring 10 Indie bands and 6 headlining bands. One of the main objectives of Neon Fest is to celebrate the talented bands just waiting to be discovered and Neon Fest is the place to enjoy new music and discover new and talented musicians. There are a variety of bands/performers/genres lined up to perform and you can get to know the 10 Indie bands in this blog post - so read on! :) 


When asked to name their influences Imelda has named Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine, The Arctic Monkeys, The Clash, The Fratellis just to name a few. 

Made up of Jam Pascual, Vincci Santiago, Miguel Feria, Diego Manzano and Nash Ignacio they are releasing their EP this September 27, 2013 at Route 196 - make sure to drop by and check them out! 

If you want to check out their music now just click here to go to their Soundcloud account and don't forget to like them on Facebook also by clicking here

Behind Those City Lights 

Well well well what can I say about Behind Those City Lights? When I heard that they submitted a demo for Neon Fest I knew that they would get in the line up coz they good like that! :) 

I did do an upcoming bands feature on them here.  

Hailing from the South - Behind Those City Lights, is a five piece band composed of the stunning Mich Dimen on Vocals/Keyboards, Dek Mongalo (Vocals/Guitar), Hen Luce (Guitar) Anne Lampano (Bass), Jasper Lawan (Drums, Electronica Sampler).  

You can check out the video to their song Last Words here and watch the story behind the song as well as the recording process in the video below. :) 

For more info and updates on their gigs you can like their Facebook page here.  

Cholo Tolentino 

One of the two solo performers for Neon Feast - Cholo Tolentino describes himself as a pop artist and producer. Check out his impressive originals here

Just goes to show that you don't have to rely on remakes to show your talents. Cholo aims to always try something different with his originals and sees to it that he integrates new fusions and styles when producing tracks right at his own home! 

Check out his video 'Push You Away' below! :) 

For more information and updates on Cholo you can like him on his Facebook page here

Now You Make Me Angry

From Malolos Bulacan, Now You Make Me Angry or NYMMA is a Pop Punk/Easycore/Pop Rock that was formed in 2011. They are made up of Jef Roxas on vocals, Aaron Roxas (bass and back up vocals), Alden Mallo (unclean vocals), Dustin Danguilan on guitars, Aaron Torres on Drums and Topher Bocalig on synths. 

You can check out their original song 'Every Good Boy Does Fine' here.  

Now You Make Me Angry has already released their EP entitled:Stars, Hearts, and Asterisks last August 25, 2013. The band names All Time Low, Four Year Strong, Forever the Sickest Kids, Mayday Parade and A Day To Remember among their influences. 

You can like their Facebook page here for updates and information on the band.     

Friday, September 20, 2013

Shopstopper Online Store

Like any other regular girl - I love clothes and fashion! There was a time in high school when I would design and sew my own clothes but my mom nipped that dream in the bud before it had time to grow. I guess mom knows best since I can't sew straight to save my life anyways. 

I love going through your regular tyange and just going round and round through the stalls trying to look for that piece that fits you well and just has you written all over it. Aside from the regular tyange run I also love browsing through online shops for great finds. I can spend hours just going through photos and albums of clothes online and just drool over the great tops, dresses, pants and skirts I see in online stores - oh! the woes of being a girl! 

While there are beautiful things to love about clothes and shopping as any girl would bear witness to there are also some hick-ups. One of my pet peeves is running into someone with the exact same top/clothes that you have, it is such a pet peeve of mine that I would literally change or wear a jacket over if my colleague and I have the same clothes. Unfortunately mass production has made having the same top/clothes with someone really possible and the worst nightmare of running into someone while wearing the same clothes happens more often than we'd like. 

That's why I love Shopstopper Online Store because all the pieces are so unique and some just scream real good vintage finds and all of them at great thrift prices- which I just love (even more) 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Urbandub: ESOTERIC: Album Review

When I heard that Urbandub would be coming out with a new album I was very excited and determined to get a copy to add to my current OPM CDs at home.  after all they are a band that Paul and I really like. Back in College we were so crazy about First of Summer - so crazy that Paul wanted to use it as music for their AVP for graduation. Yeah he's #medyobadboy like that. Unfortunately the First of Summer AVP didn't materialize, I don't think the nuns would have approved anyways. 

We were also lucky enough to see them perform (and might I say get good photos of them) during the opening of the Flavors food market in Araneta you can see the blog post and photos here

Esoteric is Urbandub's 6th album following their The Apparition album in 2009.

Esoteric was first made avilable for pre-order on iTunes you can click here to download the album on iTunes. 

Esoteric was released last August 19 on iTunes and last August 26 in record stores nationwide. It was even number 1 in iTunes Asia - good job Dubistas and for everyone who chose to support the band by ordering it on iTunes. :) 

While I am proud of my iTunes that has over 1,703 songs I still prefer purchasing the physical album (I'm kind of old fashioned that way) synching that in my iTunes and keeping the album who knows I might the chance to have the band sign it right? :3 I still have yet to have a photo taken with Gab since security literally swooped down on him and carried him away when we saw them, I was able to get a snapshot with Lalay and John :P 

When I read on Twitter that the album was also available in Sonic Boom and I had some extra cash I went on right away to get a copy - for only P300.00! :) 

When I first got my copy of the album - let's say that I listened to it for like 3 straight days and I love it! 

At first listen I thought that it was a toned down album compared to their old hard hitting songs, however upon further listening to it and really taking the album in, I realized it was not a toned down but an evolution in their music as you can hear the new experiments that they added to both the vocals and the instruments that they used. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Please don't stop the music: Rihanna: Pre Concert Party

I can almost hear the very loud and audible gasps: What Paul and Ica covered a party - party?!?! - I know you guys are used to us covering and being in bar gigs where the closest chance to the bar or band playing a Rihanna song is like - never. Which is also why we wanted to cover the event, because its something we don't usually do and we both wanted to get out of our comfort zones and cover an event like this and Paul was excited to get to play photographer in a night club setting. 

So there we were off to Palladium in Makati with Kevin Pableo of Manila Concert Scene, we just came from a meeting for Neon Fest - (more on that soon) to attend Rihanna's Pre-Concert party. 

It was indeed an event like no other, with a jam packed bar filled with beautiful creatures - I kid you not everyone looked so glam and fabulous  The ladies in their dresses and high heels ready to party and the men looking like brothers of Ian Somerhalder were dancing to the music, a lot of which was from the lady of the hour - Rihanna of course. 

Aside from the music, the party was also over flowing with drinks from The Bar and sparkler tipped bottles made its way from table to table.  

Playboy Playmates 
 It was indeed a night to celebrate one of the well known artists of our generation, love her or hate her Rihanna has greatly contributed to today's pop culture in music and fashion.  

Her upcoming second concert in Manila this coming Thursday was also another reason for the party to keep on going and there were also amazing prizes that were given away - gift packages from the bar, to winners of a drinking game (of course) and people who were dressed up like Rihanna were also asked to up on stage and the crowd favorite won a prize also. :)

Rihanna standees were also given away to lucky winners who purchased her album during the event. Two pairs of Rihanna concert tickets were also given away and a P50,000 silver necklace from Silverworks - Shine bright like a diamond eh? 

Limited edition hard bound Playboy magazines were also given away- great prizes indeed! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Out Boy Night 2

First band: Zylke 

While Paul and I have already been to and been a part of a number of gigs and events there are still times when I find myself in that 'Aha' moment and just know that this is it, this is the reason why we do what we do and for Fall Out Boy Night 2 that was when Bernard Sicat from Red Paradox called out to the crowd in attendance, he said Fall Out Boy family and for me he was right. 

These crazy kids who went to an album launch in Odyssey a few months ago are now one big crazy family who share the love for both music and Fall Out Boy. 

You can check out the original event announcement post here

The crazy but talented boys of Along Van Buren

Taking things in their own hands, these crazy kids (Yes! I will always say crazy kids because they are crazy kids and whenever I'm with them I feel like a crazy kid too!) organized this event all on their own, planning through long threads and group chats on Facebook amidst crazy jokes and antics.  

I'm really amazed as to how a young age is not a hindrance to today's generation of kids in pursuing their dreams and passions, I know that I may be talking like an old person but I am one of the oldest if not the oldest in the group. Your What is your age? poll on the group is a constant reminder of that. :p  

Speaking of age - let's talk about someone's age for a change - Freedom Bar! Well Fall Out Boy Night 2 was held in the iconic and historical Freedom Bar as what I said during my hosting duties, many rock stars have performed on the very stage where these kids are performing now. 

So a bit of trivia - because I'm such a history nerd Freedom Bar in Anonas, turned 17 last August 23, 2013 and is the same anniversary as the Philippine's cry for freedom on Biak na bato, thus the name and patriotic interior design. :) 

Rush Movie Premiere

This is actually a very late blog post, apologies for the delay there are just so many things happening now and so many things coming in the future and so I am pretty busy but busy is good and there are so many events lined up I'm so excited! :) I won't be giving anything away yet but here are two clues: Neon and Sparks that's all I'm saying for now so here is the Rush Movie Premiere blog post!

Rivals. Chris Hemsworth as the English playboy James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl as the Austrian Perfectionist Niki Lauda. 

Last September 6, 2013 we were invited to an advanced screening of Rush at Rockwell. I really didn't think much of it and I just thought that it was your regular racing movie but looking deeper in the movie I realized just how wrong I was. 

It is mentioned in the movie that men love women but if there is something that they love more than women it is cars and I think that there is some truth to this as I have no interest in cars whatsover but Paul was all on the edge of his seat during the movie. Even if I'm not a big car fan i was very much impressed and enjoyed the movie Rush. You can check my upcoming movies blog post here

Rush tells the true story of one of Formula One's most fierce rivalries between Niki Lauda and James Hunt during the 1976 F1 World Championship. Not only does the story focus on their time on the track but the movie beautifully weaves in and out of their personal lives showing the two racers in a very human light. 

With award winning director Ron Howard at the helm it is no wonder how the movie can really transport you back in time and make you feel as if you really are in the 70s or on the very track where the cars would speed by all in a blur. From the blade of grass to the side of the road that flies up in the air as the cars race past Ron Howard gives you jaw dropping angles and camera motions that will really amaze you. I'll give you a tip- they actually mixed in actual footages of the original races in the movie to you that 'real' feel so watch out for that in the movie! 

Aside from the beautiful and masterful telling of the story, the story itself -true at that of how two rivals brought out the best in each one in the dangerous and competitive world of F1 racing. 

The ladies just love James Hunt. It is rumored that James Hunt slept with over 5,000 women. 
Aside from the beautiful story of rivals and the beautiful and artistic delivery of the story from Howard, I applaud the performance of the cast, especially Daniel Bruhl, who is both annoying and endearing as Niki Lauda. Watching Chris Hemsworth on the screen, I still can't get him as Thor off my head.

I got my eye on you. Niki Lauda staring down his Rival James Hunt before the start of the race. 
Depicting the rock and roll life of James Hunt, there were some nudity scenes in the movie, I would not recommend that you bring the little ones for this film. Aside from the nudity scenes, there is are a couple car crashes in the movie and some graphic injuries. I'm a nurse and I was squeamish with the injuries and hospital procedures. Of course all of it was important in the film, to portray the real danger that comes with the glam of Formula 1 racing. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dead or alive, you're coming with me: Robocop trailer has landed!

While news of remakes and adaptations are nothing new and is rather commonplace nowadays in both movies and television, this particular remake really hits home since I remember watching the original TV series as a kid - I think it was on ABC 5 if I'm not mistaken. 

It's a little extra special since I remember watching this series with my dad - it was his thing, all my geekiness I got from  him. He passed away when I was ten and I just can't fathom what he would think of all of the remakes of all his favorites and well here's another one - Robocop! 

A franchise on its own, Robocop first came to film in 1987 garnering commercial success (it is considered as one of the best films of that year), spawning sequels and a television series in 1994.  

Robocop follows the story of policeman Alex Murphy who brutally killed and is revived as a cyberborg policeman/law enforcer known as RoboCop. 

A remake of the movie is set to hit the big screens in 2014. Jose Padilha is helming the remake with Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman cast to play Alex Murphy. 

Check out the first trailer below! I am soooo stoked about this movie but not entirely loving the whole tactical black look. Let me know your thoughts!  

The Robocop of my childhood. Used to watch the TV series when I was a kid. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Girl Power at Sundance Bazaar

Posting before crashing to sleep. Haven't had sleep yet and we still got work in a few hours. :P Pardon the lack of coherence or writing prowess and quality in this post since there is none - deprived of sleep. Anyhow ~ 

After catching an advanced screening of Rush in Makati ~ great movie by the way, blogging about that soon and passing by the Odyssey office to pick up prizes for Fall Out Boy Night 2 for tomorrow - which we are sponsoring by the way we passed by the Sundance Bazaar in Metro Walk to check out Julz Savard's clothing line - Good Girl. 

Julz who I adore and whose band Save Me Hollywood is making a noise in the local music scene also has fashion as one of her passions and Good Girl is her baby. 

She has teamed up with other young and talented entrepreneurs Mercedes Espina for Morphed - bags and Polina for Moonbeam - check out those cute flower crowns! Instant fairy princess! :)  

Check out the girls at the Sundance Bazaar at Metro tent, its air conditioned so its not the sweaty inconvenient bazaar type. :p 

Pardon the no sleep look - coz that's exactly what I am at the moment - no sleep! :P 

Sundance Bazaar is happening Friday until Sunday at the Metro Tent in Metrowalk - don't miss it! ^__^ 

Listen to Coldplay's Catching Fire Song ATLAS ~ Full version! :)

While a lot of people are excited and there is much buzz with the 'ber months' being official, what with Christmas and 13th month pay just around the corner but aside from bringing out the old Christmas tree people are also excited about Hunger Games: Catching Fire hitting cinemas on November! 

Cue in the screams and applause. 

While trailers of the upcoming movie have fans giddy with excitement another cause for good news is the upcoming soundtrack. If you remember the first movie had the hauntingly beautiful 'Safe and Sound' song from Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars well for Catching Fire get ready for a historical and hair rising song since Coldplay (arguably one of the most iconic bands of our generation) will be contributing a song to the movie! 

Coldplay's contribution to the Catching Fire soundtrack ~ Atlas is the first song the band has recorded for a movie soundtrack. 

COLDPLAY ~ Need I say more? 
Catching Fire director, Francis Lawrence is thrilled with Coldplay's contribution to the movie, he said: "I have great respect and admiration for Coldplay and we are thrilled with how well they have connected to the themes and ideas within the film".    

You can listen to Atlas in the video below!

Lyrics Below! 

Some saw the sun
Some saw the smoke
Some heard the gun
Some bent the bow

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Upcoming Movies: Rush

There is always that thrill when a movie is based on a true story but that thrill can be multiplied exponentially when the movie is about Formula 1 racing. 

Rush is described as a biographical-action film set during the 1976 Formula One season. The plot focuses on the intense rivalry between the introverted Austrian Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl- Inglorious Basterds) and the British playboy James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth-Thor). Their rivalry is considered to be one of the fiercest rivalries known in sports. 

The film is directed by Academy Award winner Ron Howard (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind). Howard has said that he wanted to direct a movie set in the 'restless, sexy seventies' - I think he forgot reckless.

Check out the trailer for Rush below!  

There is also much excitement at the films visual and sound effects which boasts to really crash and burn. Even the real Niki Lauda who saw the movie recently was shocked with the crash scenes. Lauda was in a crash and was trapped in his car for over a minute, he has sustained scars and burns on his face that are still visible to this day. James Hunt died of a heart attack in 1993, the movie premier was attended by his son, Tom Hunt.   

I'm also looking forward to the very fine female cast in the film which include Natalie Dormer (Margery Tyrell- Game of Thrones) and Olivia Wilde (Thirteen - House M.D).  :) 

Rush hits theaters on September 18 and is distributed by Captive Cinema    

The real Niki Lauda and James Hunt. They were friendly rivals


Rurouni Kenshin Casting news: Misao Makimachi cast!

With all the Rurouni Kenshin casting news here and there and the excitement brought forth as a result of which, a lot of fans may have been wondering - I know I have - Who will be playing Misao? 

I think that Misao's role is a crucial one since aside from Kaoru she is one of the few fan favorite female protagonists. Well we need not wait any further since it has been confirmed that new comer 18 year old Tao Tsuchiya will play the loud and proud female ninja. This is her first action role and she will be appearing in the two live-action Rurouni Kenshin films to be released next Summer. 

Tsuchiya was very impressed with the first Rurouni Kenshin film, she says she would not get out of her seat in the theater. She was so overwhelmed with the first film that is why she auditioned for the sequels. 

Tsuchiya's earlier works include Tokyo Sonata (2008) and the historical action television series Ryomaden. Lead actor Takeru Satoh who will be reprising his role as Kenshin Himura and Yusuke Iseya who will be playing Aoshi Shinamori (Misao's love interest of sorts) also had roles in Ryomaden. Ryomaden was directed by Keishi Otomo, he also directed the first Rurouni Kenshin film and will continue with the helm for the next two sequels. 

Tsuchiya has already started filming mid-July and is doing her own action sequences. She will be back in September to shoot more scenes until the end of 2013. 

She spends time doing laps in the swimming pool, running everyday and doing pilates to train her body and to keep in shape and if you have watched the original series you would know that she would need the training since Misao's role is also a physically demanding one. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Event Announcement: Fall Out Boy Night 2

When you have a great time the first time around you know that things can only get better right?
Well that is exactly why every one is all a buzz with Fall Out Boy Night 2! Its because the first one was so much crazy fun and I should know since we had a hand in organizing the event - I even hosted the show! Check out the blog post here.  

I can still remember the chants of 'Last Song! Last Song!' from excited fans who wanted to jam along during the impromptu open mic. 

You can never really go wrong when you gather people who have the same love for the same music and the same band in one room - it is a party waiting to happen and that is exactly why Fall Out Boy Night 2 is happening this Saturday! September 7 at Freedom Bar in Anonas! I'm sure a lot of my fellow Young Bloods are still having a hang over or more appropriately Post Concert Depression from Fall Out Boy's amazing Manila stop last August 8 - blog post here and Fall Out Boy Night 2 is the perfect cure for that Post Concert Depression! 

Fall Out Boy Night 2 is presented by Final Round Productions with performances from local bands who will be covering Fall Out Boy songs! Check out their amazing line up! 

Orange Hates Pink 
The Pull-It-Surprise 
Attic Nightmares 
Red Paradox
Along Van Buren 

Its going to be another amazing Fall Out Boy Night filled with not only music but games and prizes! Make sure to invite your friends for a crazy fun night!

Event sponsors and media partners include: 

Pcheng Photography 
Audio Heavy Productions
Rakista Radio
U'Perv - Ur Personal Vape Shop
Agent Porma 
Goony Goons
Indie Band News
Bandstand Philippines 

You can also RSVP to the event here! See you guys! :)