Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Upcoming Movies: The LEGO Movie

I was really excited when I heard that there was going to be a LEGO Movie, which is why I'm already blogging about it even if it still hits theaters next year. 

I know that Paul is extra excited too since he is a big LEGO fan. It's funny because I only found out about his love for LEGO after we got married and we were already dating for six years then, if I found out that he liked LEGO earlier I would have integrated that in the theme of our wedding instead of just Japanese Cherry Blossoms as the theme. Oh well maybe in our future kid's birthday theme :) 

When I first saw the trailer for the movie below - I just loved it I mean this is a stop motion/computer animated movie of toys and heroes we all know and love, characters we all grew up with but with the cheesiness aside it's also going to be a fun family movie since it's going to be a big adventure with lots of laughs on the sides for sure. Check out the trailer below! 

1947 is the traditional date set for the first LEGO blocks and they have remained significant 66 years later and is now considered one of the most iconic brands today. Despite of all the new toys and video games that have come out over the years, LEGO has maintained its huge following and is enjoyed by generations of children (both actual children and kids at heart). 

The story of the movie revolves around Emmet (Chris Pratt) an ordinary LEGO mini figure who is mistaken as the MasterBuilder and joins a quest to stop the evil President Business (Will Ferrel) who is bent on destroying the LEGO universe by gluing it together. Emmet is joined by the tough LEGO chick Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), the old mystic Vitruvius (Mogran Freeman) and Batman (Will Arnett). 

The LEGO Movie is set to come out in 2014 and is directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller who also created Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and is distributed by Warner Brothers.     

Katy Perry PRISM Album Launch

After covering the Rihanna pre-concert party at the Palladium Paul and I were excited when we got another great event from Odyssey which is the Katy Perry PRISM album launch! 

You might think that Paul would not be too excited to go to a bar but he is excited especially with the opportunities to take photos and to experiment under new lighting conditions especially the unique lighting conditions in a bar right?   

I just love going to Odyssey's events because of the freebies, the prizes, the games and the fact that they aim to push the envelope with every event that they have. For this album launch you would get CoverGirl goodies (a Lash Blast Mascara, a Clean Liquid Make up and a discount coupon) at the purchase of every album not only that but you also get a chance to win LG G2 cellphones! Talk about pushing the envelope right? 

My Katy Perry PRISM album shot by Paul. :) 

I wasn't originally planning to get an album but will all those freebies it's a steal right? Even Paul had no qualms of me getting a Katy Perry album (he's not a big fan of Pop) he was sold at the idea of getting a chance to win an LG G2 Cellphone, (although I didn't win :P) 

Another reason why I wanted to get the album was that it was the Deluxe Edition and MCA didn't have a local version produced so this is as you can say the international version as well. :) 

CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara, Clean Liquid Make up and a chance to win an LG G2 Cellphone at every purchase of a Katy Perry Prism album!

There was even a CoverGirl booth where you can get a free make over :) In case you guys didn't know Katy Perry is also a CoverGirl! :) 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kaoru Kamiya Inspired Cosplay Shoot

It's been some time since I shot a cosplay shoot, so when the opportunity presented itself I immediately jumped at it; even if  it meant having to wake at a God forsaken hour-for me. I work the night shift so the afternoon is my time to sleep. 

Nevertheless when my fellow camera enthusiast Pogs came knocking I got up for a Kaoru Kamiya from Rurouni Kenshin (inspired) cosplay shoot. If you have been following my photos and our posts you would recognize the hill in many of my sunset/sunrise shoots. 

One of the perks of living in our village is having a hill of sorts just walking distance from our house. So with a little hike we got up the hill to start shooting.  

From a photography perspective I liked to get the details of the grass, the sunset and of course the model, with this in mind we used the flash Canon 430 EX ii and the light box that we got from YesUSA, the product review of which you can find here think of this as the product review for an outdoor shoot. 

So far I find the soft box very useful since it diffuses the light coming from the flash and casts a nice and soft light, it pretty much serves its purpose, the only negative thing about the product is it becomes wobbly when on uneven ground, since we were shooting on a hill this was a challenge.   

As for the cosplay aspect of the shoot, Jocelyn Ga was our model we did a Kaoru Kamiya of Rurouni Kenshin inspired cosplay shoot even if in my opinion her features were more of a Megumi Tanaka but that's just the otaku in me. 

At first we started slow but we eventually got our momentum and Jocelyn was more confident and relaxed in posing and we were able to direct her. As the sun came down we got our shots and had fun. Hopefully we get more chances to work on cosplay shoots (with other characters and other settings of course we can only use that hill so much) and improve in our craft. If there is anyone who wants to do a cosplay shoot or any shoot just let us know! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

When Passion Meets Fashion: Skater Skirt: Wedge Sneakers and Cropped Top

Continuing in our direction to doing some fashion posts here are some favorite finds from some of my favorite online stores. :)

My former colleague Danice combines her passion for fashion and earns a few on the side by selling clothes and fashion items like flower crowns and earrings - I'll be doing a separate post for the flower crowns so watch out for that! :) 

What's great about Danice is that she thinks of clothes that would suit your body type and style. I have asked her to buy clothes for me before, I remember attending a wedding, where in guests were asked to come in white. I was so busy during that time I didn't even have time to shop for my own dress and Danice was able to pick out a great dress for me. So she can be a great personal shopper too! :) 

You can check out her items for Sale here.  

Package from Danice. 

Wearing a Skater Skirt from Danice and Temptation Black Wedge Sneakers from Berca Shoe store

Ever since I saw Danita Paner wearing a pair of Wedge Sneakers during The Yellow Room Night where her band Ferown performed I knew I wanted a pair. 

I knew she got her wedge sneakers from Berca Shoe Store so I followed the store on their Instagram and Facebook page and I was in love with their shoes! 

When I finally ordered my pair - it was shipped immediately the next day! Fast and smooth transaction! :) 

I just love my Temptation Black Wedge Sneakers from Berca it combines the comfort of sneakers with the advantage that you get from wearing a pair of Wedge shoes. 

I'm at 4'10 so I need every cheat in the book - heels, wedge, you name it. Now I've had my own pair of wedge shoes and I've had my own accidents with them, from tripping, to falling on my face and all of that is lessened when I'm wearing my Wedge Sneakers! :)  

Aside from the accidents, walking around in wedges and heels can be very tiring - if your feet can cry - they will but with Wedge Sneakers that discomfort is diminished significantly.   

 Make sure to check out Danice's clothes for sale here and to like Berca Shoe Store here

Wearing a Pink Cropped Shirt from Forever 21 - shopped by Danice. :) 
The skateboard is Paul's 
We'll be posting another fashion blog post on a flower crown from Danice soon! :) For anyone interested to have their clothing line featured or for aspiring models - I don't fit the bill - just let us know and we'll be happy to work on a collaboration. :)  

Book Review: Under the Dome + A Sneak Peek On The TV Series!

I know I said I haven't been writing as much book reviews as I would like so I'm making a point to start getting back to writing book reviews. I've already finished a bunch of books but instead of stopping to write reviews I would move on to the next book. So while I've already finished reading most of these books, some I've already read months back I can still recall my thoughts and opinions on each book. :) 

First up on the to-write-book review list is Stephen King's Under The Dome - I guess I want to start by saying that there are some books that I read when I have nothing to do, like before going to sleep or when I'm waiting in line but there are some books that I really make time to finish, the kind of books that once you are hooked on you sit on bed, with the television off, the computer off and you just find yourself going through page after page until you've already read about 200+ pages without even noticing the time and Under the Dome is one of those books. 

I clearly remember nights where I would be sitting on bed furiously reading through the book, being totally engrossed by it. 

Well before I go into my thoughts on the book let me tell you first how we first met. :)  

When I got a gift certificate for Fully Booked from my Ninang Joy for my birthday I immediately thought about what titles to buy. I originally intended to buy one of the Young Adult titles on my to-read list but when I got to Fully Booked I saw this really really thick book (think 3 encyclopedias) by Stephen King entitled Under The Dome

I've already mentioned in my blog posts that Paul and I are big Stephen King fans , we've read his books, watched movies based on these books and even bought the Kingdom Hospital (TV Series) DVD Box Set - King was a producer on this series (although that was dissapointment since it wasn't as good as we'd hoped).     

I picked up (with much effort) - the 1,074 page book and I knew I was going home with it.  

Just like other of Stephen King's books, Under The Dome takes place in a small sleepy town (in Maine) and where unsuspecting evil works up in a big dramatic climax that leaves a town with (SPOILERS) a record breaking death toll (even higher than Carrie).

But unknown to most people even before 'The Dome' (an invisible force field) descends on Chester's Mill cutting it off from the rest of the world, there is already much evil and corruption brewing in their supposedly sleepy town. 

Now a reluctant hero in the form of former Iraq soldier turned-short order cook Barbie (yes, his name is Barbie) along with his rag-tag team of some of the town's constituents take on a force none of them could ever fathom. 

While reading 'Under The Dome' I found myself remembering another of Stephen King's books - 'Needful Things' I thought of the latter because of the huge cast of characters that Stephen King has but he is able to orchestrate through them like a seasoned maestro, he knows each section, each character and he is able to have them play all together and come up with the perfect harmony and music.  

Stephen King is such a master story teller that he can even tell a chapter through a dog's perspective but it would still read like a masterpiece. He jumps from character to character and is able to narrate a beautiful story without having to sound like a diary. 

I really admire how unforgiving and gutsy Stephen King is when it comes to the demise and fates of his characters. I think he and George R.R. Martin are now infamous with how they kill off their characters - there is no rest for the wicked and let's just say that the death toll in Under The Dome is unrivaled, the shock factor is always there and will have you gasping and shaking your head at every turn of a page.   

One thing that did bother me about Under The Dome (SPOILERS) would be the actual origin of The Dome - leather heads and aliens are really not my cup of tea, they sort of remind me of Ancient Aliens on History. Aside form this the book is a big page turner and I also love the lessons that come with it - yes it's not all about conspiracy, corruption, blood and gore there are actually subtle lessons within the text of the novel such as environmental, religious and the human dynamics of kindness and cruelty.  

 I loved reading Under the Dome so much going through the 1,074 page novel was a breeze. 

Even if I'm already finished with the book I'm still exited - why? Because there is a TV Series out right now based on the book! :) 

Stephen King is a producer of the series and it has already been renewed for a next season. It premiered last June on CBS. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gin Blossoms Eastwood Mall Show

Lead Vocalist - Robin Wilson. 

So I have been blogging and tweeting about the #SugarSmashGin concert here is the blog post

Unfortunately I was not able to go the concert which I heard lasted a long 5 hours- wow! 3 bands for 1 night - talk about sulit

So instead of wallowing in regret at not being able to go to the concert I told myself I would go to Gin Blossoms mall show in Eastwood.  

Lead Guitarist - Scott Johnson 

Unfortunately Paul was not with me so I had both photographer and blogging duties on me, I brought the camera and all the lenses and stuffed them in my shoulder bag - it was heavy! Still suffering from back pains because of hauling the heavy bag all day but it was worth it! 

When I arrived at Central Park in front of Eastwood Mall, I discovered you had to buy a Gin Blossoms: Outside Looking In: The Best of Gin Blossoms CD to be able to get to the VIP area and watch Gin Blossoms up close. The purchase of the CD would also mean a chance to Meet and Greet the band and have your CD signed so not bad right? :) 

Gin Blossom guitarist Jesse Valenzuela 

I already knew that the band would only be playing three songs (they gave in to the crowds cries of another song) but I was still pretty excited about seeing them perform live! Like I mentioned in my previous blog the music of Gin Blossoms has been a big part of our relationship, from the courting stage up to having 'As long as it matters' played in our wedding so even if Paul wasn't with me to share this moment I was determined to enjoy it and make the most of it-which is what I did.   

Tattoos and Tambourine. 

 Although the event started late and it was really humid in the VIP area it was a good bitter sweet show and the crowd was singing to their hit songs and can I just say it was hilarious when Robin Wilson walked in with a can of San Miguel beer in his hand which he seemed to enjoy very much! :) 
Robin Wilson letting the crowd sing. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

TV Series Premiere: Sleepy Hollow

When i first got wind of the news that there will be a television series take on Sleepy Hollow it immediately caught my attention and interest because I really enjoyed the 1999 Tim Burton take on Washington Irving's 1820 short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

I just love me some Johnny Depp <3    

Although interested with the 2013 TV series version, I haven't really had time to check it out online but I was really happy since FOX was also showing it. Even if watching TV series online is popular these days I still like watching episodes on TV, it's always better watching on your wide screen than your laptop and you can scream and shout all you want ;) 

The first episode of the new Sleepy Hollow was part of Fox's Triple (Threat) Premiere - The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD and of course Sleepy Hollow and I watched all of it and really enjoyed too! :3 

So going back to Sleepy Hollow - I was very surprised because it was (very) loosely based on both the 1999 Tim Burton movie and the 1820 Washington Irving short story. 

That being said Sleepy Hollow opens up to a whole new list of possibilities as it combines the ageless hair raising tale of the headless horseman with witches, covens, history (why hello George Washington), religion and of course the good old horror thriller which we all love! 

 The below description coincides with the trailer (also found below) read ahead - watch the trailer and enjoy!  

Ichabod Crane played by Tom Wilson (who gives an excellent performance by the way) wakes up 250 years later in modern day Sleepy Hollow (one that is littered with Starbucks at every corner) I will admit I was a bit disappointed with the computer graphics during the first scene with the fog and all but its forgivable.      

Along side Ichabod Crane's awakening is also the awakening of who else but the headless horseman who is (of course) looking for his head and Ichabod is the man to stop that from happening.  

Ichabond is under police custody and gains an unwilling and unexpected partner in Lt. Abbie Mills who has had her own encounter with the supernatural which doesn't seem to lack in Sleepy Hollow. 

A new twist in the story is that the headless horseman is part of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse (in the book of Revelations see I told you there were mixing religion in this old tale) - nice connection there which makes the possibilities for more story lines even more plausible and which also means that the horseman has a whole bunch of team mates on his side. 

If your TV series genre includes the Supernatural (pun for both the genre the TV show) Buffy, Grimm and Once Upon a Time then make sure to check out Sleepy Hollow!

Make sure to follow @FoxChannel_PH for more news on Sleepy Hollow and other great shows from Fox! 

Check out the trailer to the first episode below! 


Saturday, October 19, 2013

30 Seconds To Mars: We were the Kings and Queens of Promise: Shirt from New Heart Prints

Now I'm no Julz Savard but I just had to do this blog post showing this great 30 Seconds to Mars: We were the Kings and Queens of Promise shirt from We Heart Prints. 

I first saw this shirt during the 30 Seconds to Mars: Lust Faith + Dreams album launch blog post here it was given away as prizes to the games of the event and I wanted my own. :) 

So after some time I got in contact with We Heart Prints you can check out their Facebook page here and they were happy to send me my very own shirt :) 

I believe the shirt is available in Black, Grey and White :) 

Post from We Heart Prints 

Post from We Heart Prints 

I know the shirt is a little big for me (petite girl problems) I may need to have it resized but I still love it! The print is very vivid, another thing I love about the design is that it was really well thought of, it's not just simply putting the lyrics 'we were the Kings and Queens of promise' but the layout was well done with a crown and those nice swirly designs (sorry don't know what there called) :)       

I heart band shirts! :) 

You can check out We Heart Prints for more giveaways and souvenirs. :) 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Product Review: 24" Photo Speedlite Softbox w/ 7' Tripod Stand

 24" Photo Speedlite Softbox w/ 7' Tripod Stand 
(image from YESCOMUSA)
We were fortunate enough to receive an email from YESCOMUSA which is an online store that sells photography products and many more. They were kind enough to send us a product for us to review.

Which brings us to this product review for: 24" Photo Speedlite Softbox w/ 7' Tripod Stand

First of all, softbox is one of the tools that photographers use to modify light from flashes.  It diffuses the light from the flash, instead of getting a hard strong light from the flash, it casts a soft wrapping light on your subject.

As for the test shots that I did, I had my nephew sit on a stool and positioned the softbox, about 3-5 ft away from him.  Raised the softbox up at around 6ft. 

As for technical settings on the flash and on the camera please refer to the details below: 

Flash output: 1/4- 1/8.
Camera settings: 1/200 SS, 200 ISO, 3.2/F
at 50mm

Camera: Canon 500d with 50mm 1.8/F II.

Speedlite: Canon 430 EX II

I have to apologize for not providing exact settings applied on the shots, due to the fact I didn't write down notes while shooting.  As for the EXIF data, I'll have to retrieve it at home, as I've written this blog post at work(I'll just update this later).  

Getting on to the product review, I find 24" Photo Speedlite Softbox w/ 7' Tripod Stand, useful for indoor portrait.  For the test shoot, I find it very efficient and it served its' purpose. It gave a nice even soft light.  Although, I only used it as one light setup source as the main light source, I'll probably get another post up, for multiple light setup and outdoor shoot(hopefully in the near future).  

Below are what I got from the package: 
1 x 24" X 24" Speedlite Softbox
1 x Mounting Bracket
1 x Carrying Bag for Soft Box
1 x Carrying Case for soft box and mounting bracket
1x Durable 7ft Tripod Stand

The softbox is made of durable nylon material, and is 24" X 24", is collapsible, so that you can set it up then put it away when your done.   It has 2 diffusers (internal and external), has 4 reflective surfaces and it holds up it's shape after a few times of setting it up and folding it.  It has a mounting bracket, for any generic or brand specific speedlite or compact flashes.  And finally it comes with a light weight stand that extends up to 7ft.  

To me I find  24" Photo Speedlite Softbox w/ 7' Tripod Stand very useful for situations where in you'll be required to use flash that provides soft light and you don't have anyone to hold the flash for you.  

Added bonus for this package is that it comes with a carrying case for location shoots.  

It took me less than 5 minutes to setup the softbox and relatively the same time to put it away.  I find the softbox as a very valuable and essential tool for studio shooting and location shoots.   

You can check out there website for more amazing products: http://www.yescomusa.com/

    Wednesday, October 16, 2013

    Movie Review: Carrie

    So I just got home from watching the movie premiere of Carrie at SM Megamall and I'm still gushing about it. 

    What can I say ? The 2013 movie really did justice to the 1976 cult classic and the 1974 Stephen King novel which it is based on. (I am pertaining to the hype and the acclaim of the original movie). 

    Now I haven't seen the original 1976 movie nor have I read the book but I already had an idea what it was about - thank you Wikipedia. 

    In a nutshell it is about the eponymous Carrie, a shy young girl who just wants to fit in but in her case it's a little difficult because of her very religious (borderline obsessive and self-flagellating) mother and your usual mean girls - extra mean girls I think and aside from all of that she discovers her telekenik abilities. Think a bullied and loner Jean Grey but without the guidance of Professor X and we all know she turned into the Dark Phoenix right? And as Sue in the movie says - 'you can only push a person so far' - before they crack or in Carrie's case before they unleash their Telekenetic abilities in a pool of blood, destroys dreams and turns a fairy tale evening into a nightmare.

    No one is going to hurt you. Both dysfunctional and destructive this mother and daughter tandem is an unhealthy one. Chloe Grace-Moretz and Julianne Moore as Carrie and her mother in a scene from the 2013 version of Carrie. 

    Paul and I are big Stephen King fans, we've read a couple of his books and even bought the DVD box set of his Kingdom Hospital - although that was not as good as we had hoped - just goes to show that not everything associated with Stephen King is necessarily good but oh boy 2013 Carrie was!

    Helmed by Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don't Cry) who did a great job of setting the movie in modern 2013 where bullying also meant cyber bullying. Girls can really be mean sometimes right? 

    Now I'm not a big fan of horror or slasher movies but Carrie is more than a horror/scary movie/story, it has themes that surprisingly transcend time and are still relevant 39 years after the novel came out such as bullying and cruelty. 

    Stephen King has said that he based Carrie on a girl he knew in High School who was made fun of because of the same clothes that she wore to school and when she was able to buy a new set of clothes the more she was laughed at. Carrie was loosely based on this girl and sadly this is something that we don't only read about in novels or watch in movies, it is reality. Bullying is a truth that we cannot ignore nor remain deaf and blind to. Just a little take home though after watching the movie. 

    So many children and teenagers have taken their own lives because of being bullied and because of the cruelty of their peers. I mean its bad enough that Carrie's mom wouldn't tell her about the flowers and the bees or anatomy (Because it's a sin!) but to also get the whole bullied treatment in school too? What is a telekenik girl to do? Watch the movie to find out! :P 

    Blood Bath. A page off Entertainment Weekly's special coverage on Carrie. To the (L) is Chloe Grace-Moretz in the 2013 remake and to the (R) is Sissy Spacek in the original 1976 film. 

    Monday, October 14, 2013

    Upcoming Movies: Carrie

    Just in time for Halloween a reimagining of the master of horrors himself Stephen King's Carrie is set to hit movie theaters this week! 

    I was specially excited when I heard the news that there was going to be a remake of Carrie this is mostly because I have not read the novel nor seen the original 1976 film - I was born 10 years after!    

    I have read a couple of Stephen King's books, I just recently finished Under The Dome, and I have also read his other books like The Shining, Cujo and others and I'm really excited because Stephen King can really draw you in his stories and he's not afraid to rattle some chains and disturb you senseless. Until now I still get a bit sad when I think about how some of his stories turned out or the demise of some of his characters. Be warned - not so many happy endings but I guess that what makes him so endearing as a story writer because he's not afraid to shock you or show how human nature can be so damn dark at times.  

    Carrie is Stephen King's first published novel and it came out in 1974 and is considered as one of the most frequently banned books in the United States (intriguing). It has spawned several adaptions a 1976 film, a 1988 Broadway musical, a 1999 sequel, a 2002 television movie and of course the 2013 theatrical adaptation which is showing in 2 days!!! (Blood curling scream Aaahhhhhhh!!!) 

    The 1976 Carrie film starred a young Sissy Spacek and was also the film debut of wait for it - JOHN TRAVOLTA! Don't believe me? Check out this Carrie 1976 and Carrie 2013 video comparison below! 

    The 2013 version stars Chloe Grace Moretz as the eponymous Carrie White - so excited to see her on the screen - I mean who doesn't love her? She is beautiful and is a great actress too. 

    Carrie's religious (nut of a) mother will be played by award winning actress Julianne Moore. 

    Carrie is directed by Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don't Cry).  

    Carrie tells the story of a shy young girl who just like every one else just wants to fit in but in Carrie's case that is a little too hard because of her telekenetic abilities. She is shunned by her religious mother and is bullied and picked on in school and a young girl can only take so much and she unleashes her wrath on an unsuspecting town.

    Check out the Carrie trailer below.    

    Panic! At The Disco X All Time Low: Album Launch

    EPIC GROUP PHOTO! Album buy out attendees with their purchased albums. 

    So Paul and I have already been to a number of album launches from Odyssey. So what makes the most recent one extra special? Well its because it is a DOUBLE ALBUM LAUNCH!

    You can check out the original event announcement here.  

    Last Saturday was P!ATD X ATL Album launch (Panic! At The Disco and All Time Low) for their albums Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die and Don't Panic respectively. 

    Jazz of Zylke with the boys of Yuko gave acoustic renditions of Panic! At The Disco and All Time Low songs.  

    The event was not just like any ordinary album launch since it was also the first official event of Sparks Productions of which I am a part of. 

    Instead of just showing up at the event we sort of had a hand in organizing it which made it more exciting! :) 

    CHARADES! Guess that Panic! At The Disco song! 

    We also worked with the Street Teams for both Panic! At The Disco and All Time Low and it was one crazy fun event. 

    From the impressive fan acoustic performances to the wild (intense and dangerous) games and of course the epic group photo in the end it was an event will high points all the way. 

    Yurbuds. Earphones that Never Fall Out - Paul can atest to that. 

    Special thanks also to Yurbuds earphones who was present during the event. There was the 'Shake Yurbuds challenge' where contestants were asked to (without the use of their hands) remove earphones from Yurbuds. The first one to remove them would get to bring home a pair of Yurbuds earphones. 

    I'm one of those people who is always wearing a pair of earphones or headphones so I can be picky and particular with the sound and quality of the earphones/headphones that I wear. So I was really excited about Yurbuds especially since they set themselves aside from other earphones by stating that the earphones don't fall off, hence the challenge and I should say that it was a challenge indeed, Paul had a chance to remove the earphones but they were so snug in his ears he wasn't able to :( despite his moshing and jumping moves. :( 'I believe in the product' Paul says. Hoping to get a chance to do a product review :3 in the meantime you can check out their Facebook page here

    Sunday, October 13, 2013

    Get the best of the 90's with Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth and Gin Blossoms!

    Long before supposed singers hung naked on wrecking balls making suggestive sexual innuendos there was a time when the music actually mattered and that was during the glorious 90's. Now I am a 90's kid so I was really excited when I heard that there would be a concert featuring 3 great bands who helped define the music of the 90's. 

    Just as I have influenced Paul with music of my generation like Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, his influence has rubbed off me as well and that is why a great chunk of my College Memories would include songs from Gin Blossoms. 

    Formed in 1987 Gin Blossoms have had their share of ups and downs, from changes in line up, a break up and even the suicide of one of their founding members. But despite these challenges Gin Blossoms have maintained relevant in the music industry 26 years later. 

    Gin Blossoms is such a big part of our relationship that we asked our Wedding Band to play 'As Long As It Matters' during our wedding check out the video below!  

    Some of my favorites from them include 'Hey Jealousy' and 'Till I Hear It From You' - which was one of the songs during our 'ligawan stage' :P  


    Sugar Ray

    Growing up every one had a crush on Mark McGrath the lead singer of Sugar Ray. He was the epitome of a rock star the girls screamed and fawned over him and with his good looks and raspy vocals he is a rock star. He has also done some hosting stints for Extra and Don't Forget the Lyrics

    Formed in 1986, Sugar Ray started off with funk and metal influences and still maintained the funk (they have a Dj!) and released 90's hits such as Someday and Every Morning. My personal favorite of course is the ultimate ringtone ever - Answer the phone - check out the video below!