Monday, June 30, 2014

Going in Loops over Loop

Crazy over Iligan City based band Loop

Paul and I have six years in between us and in this six years comes differences in tastes and preference in music from time to time. I was the angsty punk rock kid who was into Paramore while he was the cool cat who's favorite band is 311. 

Over the years, I would say that we have influenced each other and just recently Paul said that my taste in music has grown more diverse and coming from him - it really means a lot. 

That statement came when we were both listening to an OPM band I just had recently discovered; the Iligan based band Loop thanks  to! 

One of the things I love about (there are many) is that I get to discover amazing new artists. During my recent trip to their website I discovered Loop <3. 

I'm actually pretty torn when a local act is not based in Manila (like Drive Me To Juliet - who is based in Cebu) I mean, I love discovering a new local act, I just hate not being able to catch them in gigs and shows. 

I just love that they put Iligan in all of their social media handles as if they are screaming loud and proud that they are sons and daughters of the city of Iligan. 

But when you think about it - in the 7,107 islands that we have there are bound to be amazing talent just waiting to be discovered. And while catching them in a gig seems far fetched at the moment at least there's the internet and amazing sites like to help quench this thirst for amazing local music. 

Even if Loop is not my staple and usual punk-rock choice in the Music Menu - as I said earlier, my taste in music has started to evolve and change and I've started to bravely try other things on the Music Menu and I'm just loving how Loop tastes  err I mean sounds. :p 

Reminiscent of The Sundays a band which Paul has a high regard for, Loop is a whole new ball park in OPM, right now I can't put my hand on what genre Loop is (they're definitely Indie but their use of other styles and instruments makes each song different and unique) but I guess that's what sets them apart from other bands out there. 

Their music has this feel of haunting and longing that leaves you wanting for more. It makes you feel happy and safe as if you are wrapped in a warm blanket with a hot cup of Peppermint Mocha (pun intended) in hand. 

I think it would be better for you to check them out on your own and decide for yourself but they definitely have our seal of approval! Four Thumbs Up! *Two thumbs from me and two from Paul* 

Check out their video Lite below! 

You can actually purchase their self titled EP on bandcamp here 

If you've been following the blog, you would have probably already read that I prefer physical copies of EPs and albums (yeah I'm old fashioned that way) so for now I'll just count on my lucky stars to have a physical copy of their EP - who knows.  ;) 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Apples in a Basket: What People Do Not Understand about Working in A Call Center

I was part of a generation of late teenagers who flocked to Colleges and Universities to take up Nursing with a promise of a better life with greener pastures abroad. 

But just like the rise and fall of trends, the demand for Nurses also fizzled and faded away. 

Even if there was a possibility to work abroad it would still require you to shell out money and I was not born with a silver spoon so that was something I didn't I didn't have. 

Being the eldest in the family and the instant bread winner since my father had passed and it was up to me to get a job ASAP. 

So while still studying for the board exams in Nursing I was already employed in my first Call Center in 2008, just one month after graduation. 

More than meets the eye. Local art from Eugene Madayang, creator of Kolsenter Komiks.
We did a feature on his work on the humors in the BPO Industry here. :) 

I've been in the BPO Industry for six years and in that time I've seen it all. 
I've seen, heard and experienced the prejudices that most people have against those of us who work in the BPO Industry. 

People think that work in the Call Center is easy and that it's a no brainer and that anyone can do it. But the truth of the matter is that not anyone can work in a Call Center. 

There are physical and mental demands as well as emotional strains and challenges when one works in a call Center. It is no joke to interact with clients all day long but then there is also that prejudice that the only work in Call Centers are as agents. Well, there are actually more, from Trainers to Supervisors, Managers, Analysts, IT and just so much more, The possibility of growth is there for the right people and the right attitude, it's all a matter of taking that opportunity. 

When you see groups of people in casual attire, some tattooed and pierced and smoking while taking a break from work at night or early in the morning - how different is that from those who are formally dressed in ironed polo shirts and ties when they are both earning an honest living and paying their taxes like any responsible citizen? And I can't really say the same for those wearing our traditional barong and who work "for the people" in our government. 

Just to give you a picture, at the beginning of the year, it was reported in an article that BPO firms are set to generate 124,000 well paying jobs in 2014 and that the IT and Business Processing Association of the Philippines sees the industry yielding up to $27 billion in revenues and employing 1.3 million Filipinos by 2016. 

With all of these people in this industry it could not be helped if there are a few who have made poor decisions at one point in there life (haven't we all?) but that doesn't mean that all Call Center employees are "hoppers" who "hop" from one to the next. There are those who have established a career in the BPO industry, climbing the corporate ladder and providing a comfortable life for themselves and their families. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Okay. so there's really a lot to say about this movie and our overall 4DX Movie experience. 

Yup! We were lucky enough to watch this movie in the brand new 4DX cinema at Bonifacio High Street! 

I was actually surprised, because I didn't know that there was a cinema in BGC. Apparently they opened last April 30, so still pretty much brand new right? 

Will definitely take note of that for future trips at the movies :)  

Well, this amazing movie experience was courtesy of Kitkat and Nuffnang! <3 
So thank you for this much needed movie break :) 

It was the first time for Paul and I to experience 4DX, it's basically 3D + Rialto. Even simple scenes with the car running along, already has your chair vibrating, can you imagine the action sequences in the movie? You are practically thrown left and right with every movement of the characters and in a movie like Transformers - that's a lot! 

Lovely KitKat Ladies at the Movie Screening-
 I believe in the Break Movement! 

There's also smoke and mist that get blown to your face although we didn't like the smell of that though. Even your legs are not spared from the 4DX experience >;) 

I think that I had my mouth open about 80% of the whole movie and I think most of that was cause of the 4DX experience. 

If you have the chance to catch the movie in 4DX then I would definitely recommend it! Experience it at the country's first ever 4DX cinema in Bonifacio High Street! :)

Bonifacio High Street Cinemas

When you see the giant film reel then you're near the cinemas! :) 

Now onto the movie review...  

So, this movie review will be a "He Says"/ "She Says" segment, so we'll both be weighing in on our opinions about the movie. So here goes! 

One of the highly anticipated movies of 2014, Transformers: Age of Extinction. already had people raving about it as soon as they heard the news that Michael Bay will be creating another installment of the movie franchise.  

Critics anticipated that the movie will haul in a lot of money that may over contend with recent box office hits even if they won't be giving positive reviews on Bay's work.

So let's say that that pretty much sums it. 

Although I (Ica) liked the movie, I felt I had a more emotional attachment to it than the first three, (I just thought it was too long), on the other hand- Paul who is a fan of the franchise (he can name the Autobots and Decepticons, yes even the Dinobots as they appeared on the screen, it's a generation gap, really) was not too happy as he found it cluttered with too many arcs being squeezed to fit the movie.   

The story starts off, years after the great battle in Chicago (which took place in the previous movie, Dark of the Moon). The city was left with a large number of casualties which caused the government to end the alliance with the Autobots, and dispose of the alien race (Transformers).  

2 and a half hour long movie - TOO LONG - we both agree on this one. 

This installment of Transformers pretty much has the same feel from previous movies.  Lots of robots fighting and trying to kill each other, things blowing up and people getting mixed up in the scrap, as expected from Michael Bay.  

Lots of action scenes not much story or content.  I pity the people at ILM for slaving themselves for massive action scenes that seemed to never end.

As a fan of the 80's animated series and the 1st animated movie, I'm still disappointed on how all four movie versions turned out. It always leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth after seeing the movie.  All I can say is that it never came close to the 1st animated movie of Transformers - story and content wise. 

Visually, the cinematic look and feel is still there, as it splurges on colors and composition seemed well executed(good job Mr. Carl Miller[DOP]) on establishing shots.  Watching it in 4D does give an extra depth to each set or location.  I just find the camera work shaky when it comes to the fight/battle scenes.  I know it is the 'in' thing now when it comes to action movies, but sorry I just don't like it. 

Without giving anything away, the story (as mentioned earlier) had too many arcs and probably tried to feature too many characters but then had to sacrifice their significance to the over all story. 

If you're looking for great action sequences and fight scenes then I would recommend the movie for you but as a fan, you would just probably feel disappointed as I did.

And now here's Ica to give you her take on the film. 

I didn't grow up watching Transformers, probably a little of the series, but not so much as to know each one and buy the toys and play with them, they were both not of my gender scope and generation. So watching the films, I didn't have the same connection as probably the people with the same age group as Paul did to the story and characters. 

Transformers has always been one of those, action blockbuster movies that you catch because of the graphics, fight sequences and all the action. So if you came in the movie expecting these then you definitely won't be disappointed. 

Thowback Photography (Self-check)

Days of skateboarding. Focus is on the background. 

I've been shooting for quite some time.  As a photojournalist of our College School Paper (where Ica and I met by the way), I've also always been an enthusiast of film SLR and of course now a digital photographer.  

As I was shooting back then I didn't understand how camera gets proper exposure, and how to control the camera prior to taking the shot.  I was naive and stupid back then, my thoughts were: "As long as I'm there, camera and film in tow I'll be able to take good pictures." - This maybe true in some cases if I rely on A Mode or full-automatic settings.

5-0 from the right. I should've captured when he mounted the rail.

I regret not researching, testing and asking about (this was in the 90's internet was still slow and connection was unstable).  I hate the fact that I have no one else to ask when it comes to photography (school).  Looking back I'm ashamed of my prints as it doesn't have any thought or any hint of creativity.  It's just a snapshot nothing else. 

Around 2009 was the first taste of digital photography, there was this curious itch that came about.  I wanted to know more, understand how to control. 

The itch became a thirst that needed to be quenched, thus the acquisition of my own Canon 500d (July 2010). If it weren't for affordable entry level DSLRs and rich resource all over the internet, everything will be the same.  I'd still be the same snap shooter.

As I compare my prints to what I have shot lately, I have come far but not far enough. I just wish that I have more projects, time and budget to enroll formal education in the art of photography. 

Greenfield Music Festival - November 15, 2013.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why PCheng Photography? Where's the photography content?

I may be thinking too much but I thought to myself about the name of this blog.  Why is it named PCheng Photography, when I rarely write anything about photography?

The name of the blog was just picked up as we (Ica and I) were thinking of the blogs' name, we weren't getting any decent ideas.  So as we were switching from one blog name to another, one of my former office mates called me PCheng and I guess that's where it all started.  

Another reason is when I was researching for a name for branding my photography, my 1st and last name is very common, if you try to google "paul cheng photography" you'll see A LOT of Paul Cheng in the industry, which forced me to use PCheng.

Now about using photography rather than something else. I just can't remember why it came to pass, but somehow it seemed convenient and we already had the name and url for a few months.  The thought of changing the blog name and address seemed arduous and tedious, which may be why we had it ever since. 

Sunset weeds

Since the core of our blog posts are mostly about event coverage, movie reviews, we still try our best to inject worthy photos/images from any of the events that we've been in.  

As for writing photography related content, I've been busy and since we use only one laptop at home.  It's either I'm editing and posting photos, or Ica writes and that's it.  Maybe we should use one our smart phones and start writing from there, or get a new computer if we have the budget (which is highly unlikely).  

As the other half of PCheng Photography blog, and the one who takes the photos, and is enthralled by the world of photography. I'll commit to write photography related content at least once a month.  


PS: I may not be writing as much, but a few of my media streams are up and still being updated.  Check out iPhoneproject365, flickr, and instagram.

Monday, June 23, 2014

#ToyconPH2014 Breaking records and Boundaries

One weekend every June we put on our geek caps and head on over to the "Geek Exodus" that is Toycon. 

This is our third year going and I still think that it is a PHENOMENON beyond logic and explanation but sometimes logic just goes out the window and all you have to do is celebrate that inner child in all of us. 

The thing about Toycon is that everyone gets to celebrate that inner child in them and because of that the Megatrade Halls 1, 2 and 3 becomes the biggest play room - ever

Posts on Facebook were about tickets running out (but they get re-stocked don't worry) Toycon 2014 has also officially broken records with 27,975 attendees! 

A lot of posts from attendees have said that this year's Toycon had the most attendees and that halls were packed (more than usual) I guess that would be the case, since I wasn't really able to go around and look at all the stalls even if I stayed for about six hours. 

And why have I not been able to check out all the stalls, well there are two reasons, the first being the obvious that there were too many people and the second was that well we were helping my cousins at the SuperElite props booth. So I got to experience what it was like to sit behind the booth, while onlookers stopped by to check the Star Wars movie props that were on display, but before I go on with my experience behind a booth at Toycon let me just rewind a bit to the start of the day. 

Well, like many of our adventures it actually began with work - Yes! Work! I yet again came from work and basically went straight to Toycon with sleepiness and tiredness ready to kick in any minute, I actually got to share this burden with my sister who is now working (fresh graduate) who tags along with us during conventions. 

By the early afternoon we were both sleepy zombies and couldn't even carry out a decent conversation anymore. A quick rush to Starbucks for some much needed caffeine quickly fixed that though and we were able to pull in an extra few hours of awake time. 

When we arrived for Day 2 of Toycon, we were just in time for the ribbon cutting ceremony which had special guests Batman (who is celebrating his 75th year by the way), some Disney characters and Rurouni Kenshin characters and of course the 501st Philippine Outpost were present as well. 

With the ribbon cut, photos taken (much like a frenzied Press Conference actually) Toycon 2014 Day 2 was officially open. 

We immediately went over the SuperElite Props booth both to help my cousin set up and catch our wits. The rest of the day was then either hanging out and helping at the booth or going around the convention. 

It really was different being behind the booth for a change, although I had some experience to back me up, during High School my friends and I actually got booths (we did it for years) during our school fair and we would sell - yup, you guessed it Anime merchandise :) So I guess it wasn't entirely a new experience for me. 

What was new and refreshing was seeing the faces of the people who came by our booth light up when they saw, held, took a photo with the movie props (Lightsaber, Blaster and the Stromtrooper armor) from Star Wars. It was touching to see how the Dads would proudly point out the movie mementos to their children and in some way they seemed like kids as well. It was also amusing to see their wives steer them away from the booth, afraid of what a few more minutes ogling at the props could lead to. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

KitKat Break Movement

During one of our "lagare weekends" (going from one event to the next) Paul and I were saying our goodbyes to a friend since we were off yet to another event. Our friend casually told her mom: "They're always on the go" and I knew that she hit the jackpot. With our busy schedule, hoping from one event to the next, taking photos and blogging afterwards there are definitely times when we get tired. Coming from the night shift, going straight to an event and going up to 24 hours without sleep is nothing new to us, it's so common that Paul and I have christened it going on Immortal mode.

Even if you are doing what you love to do, the body can only take so much and that's why it's always important to take a break once in a while :) 

You'll be surprised at what taking a few minutes off your task can do for you as well as the quality of what you are working on. A pop of sugar in your mouth can give you that extra boost that you need when you're just too tired to continue. 

Like that Arcana song goes: "So little time so much to do" and indeed there are just too many books to read, movies and TV series to watch, music to listen to, friends to see, things to write about. Well you get the picture, sometimes I think to myself that if I look back, I'd be left behind. That's why if I were to unlock a skill it would be the ability to multitask. 

As it is, I often find myself doing two to three things at once, (as I'm writing this I'm catching on Anime on the tube) I guess in this fast paced world we live in, there's just so much to do and to discover and I'm sure no one wants to be left behind and that's why multitasking is definitely a skill I want to have. ^_^ 

Of course I'm not naive not to know that we all have our limits and that's why I am a firm believer of taking a break every once in a while, whether it's a power nap or a 15 minute break outside to catch some fresh air or a handy KitKat to give you that extra sweet boost that you need. :) 

At work, it's also very important to take a break every once in a while and as a Real Time Analyst for a BPO company multitasking is something I always do, from making sure all my reports are submitted on time as well as watching over the Productivity of over 200 employees :P It does seem a lot to do on a Daily Basis but hey they don't call it work coz it's easy right? I just make sure I don't burn myself out by taking the necessary breaks to make sure that I am physically and mentally healthy and capable to get through the day :) 

After taking that break I am sure juggling multiple tasks would surely be possible ^_^ and you wouldn't have to worry about being left behind and you'll be able to cross out more items on your to do list! :) 

What special skill would you want to have? 

Come on and be part of the #KITKATBREAKMOVEMENT and make the Impossible - Possible! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Acoustic Night at Zili's

Midnight Meetings sharing a few teases, smiles and laughs before starting their acoustic set at Zili's

When I first came across the Resto Bar Zili's on Facebook posts for event announcements, two things immediately caught my attention. The first was that it was near our place, I have a childhood friend who lives in Vista Verde where the spicy bar and resto is located, so going there seemed like I was visiting a familiar neighborhood. The second thing that caught my attention was the 'SPICY' food that seemed to be what the resto bar was going for and how it was separating itself from other resto bars out there. Paul is a big fan of spicy food so I really wanted to check it out. 

So when I saw a post from Midnight Meetings that they would be playing a gig there and that December Avenue would be joining in I was SOLD!. I've always been a fan of December Avenue, in fact I included them in my list of OPM bands to watch out for, in a blog post I did last March 2013. You can read on that here. I haven't been able to catch December Avenue in a gig - ever so I pretty much knew it was a no brainer to go to the event. :) 

Nice and Spicy at Zili's

Like I mentioned in my recent post - I do take my siblings to gigs, because I want to expose them to awesome OPM bands. For this trip, we also took Paul's nephew Jared, who is also into music. He does acoustic covers also! (You can check out one here) He's not into the whole punk rock scene so we just bring him along for acoustic nights and gigs. So, armed my brother and Paul's nephew, curious tummies and ears wanting to hear good music, we made our way last Saturday night at Zili's. 

December Avenue serenading the crowd with their original songs and cover songs as well.  
Owned and Managed by Kamikazee Lead Guitarist Jomal Linao and his wife Reyg, Zili's is known for their SPICY Nasi Goreng Kampung. In case your wondering Nasi Goreng Kampung is a Malaysian dish and Zili's has perfected this with spices straight from Malaysia! 

Sorry we weren't able to take photos of the food. We gobbled it down right away once it was placed in front of us. :P Maybe next time we'll go there and do a photoshoot with the food and stuff - then eat it afterward of course! :) 

Another thing I love about Zili's is the affordable drinks that they have. Beer (San Mig Light) is at P45.00/each and there's Bottomless Iced Tea (YEHEY!) for just P50.00! And for someone who frequents bars on a tight budget we were more than happy to spend P85.00-P95.00 per meal for some awesome SPICY Asian fusion food :3   

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's In Store for You at: Toycon 2014

While most kids get excited because of the start of school in June; the kids at heart (no matter what height, shape or size) get excited once the month of June appears in all our calendars and that's because of Toycon! 

The annual Toy Convention has become a haven for geeks and different enthusiasts alike. And now on it's 13th year - The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention or better known as TOYCON will once more be the place to be for frenzied fans or even the casual onlooker. Needless to say, whichever you are - you will definitely have fun as there is so much to see and so much to do during Toycon! 

Paul and I have been going to Toycon for the past two years - you can check out the blog posts for 2012 here and 2013. 

Toycon is recognized as Asia's biggest and longest running convention for collectibles, toys, anime, comics, cosplay, gaming and anything and everything related to hobbies and collections. -- Simply put it is the biggest pop culture event in the country. 

While most would expect to see the amazing toys on display and the jaw dropping cosplayers strut their stuff. There are certain highlight each year for Toycon and this year, they will highlight the 75th Anniversary of none other than DC's caped crusader - Batman! There will be a huge Batman display area, as well as a life sized Batpod, a kid's activity area as well as exciting new Batman Merchandise as well as a gallery of art and collectibles of the Dark Knight Detective. Puts a whole perspective to that vernacular saying 'Bahala na si Batman!' eh?  

And since everyone is all a buzz with the Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Sequels, there will be a display of original costumes that were used in the movie! 

Another feature for Toycon 2014 will be Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - there will be awesome displays, sneak peeks at the movie's trailers as well as behind-the-scenes features. There will also be fun fan activities as well as a Marvel roster of superstar artists such as Leinil Yu, Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia, Roy Allan Martinez and Kim Jacinto. 

Paul and I always look forward to the toy exhibits during Toycon and for this year there will be displays from the following prominent toy exhibits: 

The G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary exhibit, Philippine Lego Users Group exhibit, the Coca-Cola Collectors exhibit, One Sixth Republic and Pinoy Sixth Scale collectors exhibit and of course the awesome Toycon gallery exhibit area which showcases the best and local toy group community. 

If you have been following us you would know that Star Wars has a special place in my heart, especially since I have cousins who are part of the 501st Philippine Outpost. (You can read all about my interview with a Storm Trooper here.) Well they will be present during Toycon as they also celebrate their 10th year Anniversary. There will be a parade of those timeless Star Wars characters: Stormtroopers, Jedi Knights, droids, and of course, the Dark Lord of the Sith himself - Darth Vader! 

I also suggest that you guys check out SuperElite Props booth at Toycon! 

They produce locally made movie props (with the best materials and is made to be as close to the original as possible) so you can actually own your very own Storm Trooper Helmet, ROTJ Lightsaber, TK-E11 Blaster! :)     

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Event Announcement: The 1975 Night II

Do you guys still remember when English Indie Rock band The 1975 took Manila by storm? Crowds gathered at whatever mall they were playing in. "Selfies" and "photo ops" with the band members were scattered across Social Media whether it was on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Lead vocalist Matthew Healy's smoldering face seemed to be staring back at you every time you checked your Social Media Accounts. 

If you remember how The 1975 fever seemed to have everyone in it's clutches then you probably miss being infected by it - well if that's the case then Sparks Productions has the cure for you! 

The 1975 Night II is happening this Friday, June 6, 2014 at 7PM at District 2140! Get to relive all those The 1975 feels as local bands give their rendition of those infectious The 1975 songs! 

Aside from the great music you can also catch up with fellow The 1975 fans you've met and get to meet new ones as well! 

But wait - there's more! 

Early birds - First 30 to arrive will get a whopping P50.00 off on their door fee! So all you have to pay is P150.00! Since the entrance is just P200.00 :) 

So make sure you guys come early! 

There are also amazing The 1975 shirts, stickers and prizes available at the show! So make sure to join the games! 

You can also get the chance to take the stage during The Open Jam Session! So make sure you guys stay for that! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Keep Calm and Watch Movies

Every one loves movies - no matter what genre of movie you are into. You can always invite someone, anyone for that matter to catch the latest flick playing. I believe that's because movies and films in general can speak a universal language which viewers can understand and relate to. Of course it's a question of finding the right movie for the right people. 

But whoever you are, whatever your interests are and whatever your background is - there will always definitely a movie for you. Whether it is a movie that you can laugh with, a movie that you can cry with or a movie that will have you biting your nails and seating at the edge of your seat - there is a movie for everybody. 

All of these thinking about movies actually got me, thinking about my own experiences with movies and what made me into the movie buff that I am today. 

Well, I tried to think back as hard as I could and I finally decided that the Walt Disney Classic Beauty and the Beast was the movie that made me fall in love with watching movies. 

Like any kid it was the movie that I watched over and over and over again. If you have younger siblings you would know what I mean by having that movie/tv show that they would watch again and again and well for my case it was Beauty and The Beast. 

The film came out in 1991 (I was 6 years old then) and it sure left an impression on me. I remember my Aunt from the US sending us a copy of the Movie in VHS format. (Kids, if you don't know what that is - feel free to Google.) The cover of the VHS tape is the very image you see above. 

Until now, I still have the lines memorized in my head...

Long ago, in a far away land, a young Prince lived in a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the Prince was spoiled, selfish and unkind... 

and yes I typed all of that in without the help of Google. I can probably go on until the first Bonjour song where the sequence confuses me. Give me a scene in the movie and I can say the lines and dialogue until my brain rusts over that is. 

Thinking back at the reasons why I was so captivated with the movie, was because it had everything: music, romance, action, comedy - I remember watching the movie with my childhood friends and cheering as Beast battled the evil Gaston on the Castle roof. :P 

While I have gone beyond the classic Disney movies and have settled into my Geek girl mode when catching movies, I can pretty much enjoy Romantic Comedy flicks (nothing too cliche please)

I wear my heart on my sleeve and I think that as a blogger that's very important, because after all, you harness your writing from what you are feeling. You draw inspiration from your experiences and with this inspiration you can start writing and blogging. 

Whether it's a movie made just to entertain you for 2 hours and make you help forget problems and concerns or if it's a movie that gets you thinking and makes you question things and inspires you - it will always be an amazing movie experience which you can take to the next level with the GMovies App! 

 We have already used the app - twice already - so I know what a great app it is and that it is the ultimate pocket app for your movie fix!

A first in our country - GMovies is an app that allows you to check on movie schedules right at the comfort of your own home but the fun doesn't stop there since you can actually already book your seats even before you leave the house! 

Midnight Meetings SM City Taytay Mall Show

Heart Breaker: Ashley Gosiengfiao of Midnight Meetings serenading the crowd during their show at the Event Center in SM City Taytay 

While events and gigs were happening left and right across the Metro - the husband and I decided on the Midnight Meetings show in our neighborhood of SM City Taytay (which is like 15 minutes from our home). 

We've been going on #weekendlagare for the past few weeks - so it's nice to not have a too tiring event to cover since we do come from Friday shift every Saturday morning. We were just out of the house for about three hours, did not spend much on gas and Paul's beer allowance. (Yes - he has a beer/drinks allowance when we cover gigs) but we were still able to cover an event and see a band we haven't seen in a long time. 

Establishing Shot: A view from the back as Midnight Meetings take the stage at the Event Center at SM Taytay. 

We have been following Midnight Meetings, from EP launch, video launch and gigs whenever we can. We have missed a few changes in the band with the addition of new keyboardist, Len Calvo to the line up. So I was excited more than usual to finally catch them in a gig again. Let's also say I was looking for a change with the punk rock scene and just wanted to listen to some chill blues and alternative songs. :)

The band played a longer set than usual since they were the only act scheduled to play and it was an awesome set indeed! The addition of Calvo on the keyboards and doing backing vocals added a subtle dimension to the band's sound. 

On Board: New keyboardist and back up vocalist Len Calvo bringing a new dimension to Midnight Meetings. 

Aside from playing songs from their Acoustic EP, the band also played their take on the OPM classic "Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko" which was their latest single by the way- (You can check out their Music Video on that song here.) and I'm sure that hearts were breaking everywhere.

The band also performed new songs that were not in their EP like "LQ" (you can check an acoustic take on the song here.) and a new song entitled "Over It" - the video of a live performance on that song here.  

They also did an impressive cover of the infectious Lorde song: "Royals"

The band teased fans about a new album coming out in July and can I just say that I'm really happy and excited over that piece of news!

I'm really looking forward to this new album as it offers a refreshing take on the OPM scene. The bands songs have a balance on both English and Tagalog lyrics which showcases their song writing skills. Aside from the catchy and honest lyrics the band is also a haven for listeners with their signature Jazz and Blues sound. 

After the band's set - they had a meet and greet with fans and photo op as well. :) It's interesting to note that this was the band's first Meet and Greet so to speak - but judging at the quality of the music that they have to offer there will definitely be MORE meet and greet sessions in the near future :) 

Here's MY Meet and Greet Photo Op :) 

Click HERE for MORE photos! 

From a photography perspective it was challenging to shoot in the venue, because of the lights in the Event Center - or rather the lack of it. Paul has shot in the same venue before since he gets some Event Coverage gigs from SM Taytay, but not with the same lighting conditions that were there yesterday. Despite the slight setback with the lights, Paul was able to make the most of the situation and shoot photos while enjoying some great music too! :)