Friday, August 29, 2014

Project 365: January 2014

As promised, here's  another photography related post.

If you have been following or checking out the blog, you may have seen last year's(2013) project 365.  So, in pursuit to improve and learn more on photography, I took on another year for project 365 for 2014.

Starting of the year way back in 2013(January 24), I took on project 365 with an iPhone app. Here's a link to my app uploads.  It challenged me to shoot photos everyday. The objective of the project as stated in my blogpost earlier, is to improve.  It was quite a challenge to force yourself to keep shooting every single day of the year, especially for a lazy and scatter brained person like me.

The 2013 project is a 2 sided story for me, on the positive side I've completed project 365, however I wasn't able keep my blogpost up to date I was only able to post from Week 1(last week of January 2013) to week 14 (first week of May 2013). I'm not sure if anyone was following those posts, but if there are people who check it out, I apologize for not following-through, due to busy schedules and full time work related conflicts.

At the beginning of 2014 I thought deeply whether I should take on project 365 again, can I still shoot daily? What stipulations, limitations and rules do I have to set myself?  I've been discouraged by a few pros on YouTube videos that I watched, that project 365 is a waste of time.  As I finished up the 2013 project, I just went ahead and continued to take it on.  Again, what do I have to lose?

This time, I won't be relying on my iPhone, or point and shoot cameras, only with my Canon 500d, or my brother-in-law's Nikon D7000, unless both DSLRs are not available.  Another stipulation is, to bring the 500d where ever when ever.  To the people who know me, they won't be surprised that I have a camera bag with me or black messenger bag. 

Another commitment is to upload daily, write some thoughts that went in to that image. I have multiple media streams of the said project: Facebook, G+FlickrProject 365, and Instagram.  It may take a while to get them up to date, but I'll do my best to get the photos uploaded and up to speed.

Day 1(2014)| 343(2013) - A new day, a new year
Day 2(2014)| 344(2013) - 7 fist technique
Day 3(2014) | 345(2013) - 5 minute shoot
Day 4(2014) | 346(2013) -
Day 5(2014) | 347(2013) -
Day 6(2014) | 348(2013) - Highlights blown out
Day 7(2014) | 349(2013) -
When the sun rises
Day 8(2014) | 350(2013) -
Day 9(2014) | 351(2013) -
Tilted world
Day 10(2014) | 352(2013) - Justine's little critters
Day 11(2014) | 353(2013) -
Dodge Coronet, Super Bee by Hot Wheels
Day 12(2014) | 354(2013) -
Batgirl for a day
Day 13(2014) | 355(2013) -
Day 14(2014) | 356(2013) -
 Left behind
Day 15(2014) | 357(2013) -
Walk of fame
Day 16(2014) | 358(2013) -
 Tools of the trade
Day 17(2014) | 359(2013) -
Taking it to the streets
Day 18(2014) | 360(2013) -
From the back
Day 19(2014) | 361(2013) -
Day 20(2014) | 362(2013) -
From the vacant lot
Day 21(2014) | 363(2013) -
 In motion
Day 22(2014) | 364(2013)
- Parked
Day 23(2014) | 365(2013) - Pedestrian lane
Day 24(2014)
- Co'z it is ice cold
Day 25(2014)
- Second new year
Day 26(2014) -
 Sophia and her puppy
Day 27(2014) -
Morning dew
Day 28(2014) -
 Limit set
Day 29(2014) -
Where the lines cross
Day 30(2014)
- Reaching the skies
Day 31(2014) -
Looking away

In hindsight, I thought that I was going to scrap the blogpost about project 365 and my progress, but due to certain occurrences, I had to learn html coding.  As you can see, all photos for the month of January are here and can be viewed in larger size. I have to apologize on some of the photos since they have been transferred from one media site to another, making them lack luster, and get pixelated. I didn't anticipate that I'll be posting them in larger format.  Maybe next time, I'll be able to upload better and bigger resolution images.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

OPM Spotlight: Getting To Know LOOP

I would consider it very lucky indeed that we got to discover the wonderful Iligan based band that is Loop, despite the distance-thanks to technology, social media and we get to listen and enjoy their beautiful songs - and when I say beautiful, I mean beautiful, check out my review on their Flirting With The Universe album here!

As your friendly neighborhood music blogger (I don't think there is a lot of us out there) I am taking OPM Spotlight to a new level by featuring interviews from your favorite local bands- just to get to know them a little better :) 

I sent some questions over to LOOP and during a band meeting, the guys sat down to answer them so read on to find out how the band describes their relationship, their song writing process, how is it being an up and coming band in Iligan and what Manila based bands would they love to collaborate with. 

Why the name LOOP?

the name wasn't really planned. It was just blurted out by one of us (cant remember who) but it was probably because of a loop pedal.  

What's your origin story?

fresh from months of OJT in davao, Kim was thinking of forming a band so once she got home, she contacted us (JC and JP) both former bandmates from diffrerent bands and Micmic who hasn't really decided yet because of other commitments. We played one show which made us realize that the sound was somewhat incomplete and something was missing. Before the next gig, Micmic commited to the group and the rest is history.

Musical Influences?

we're listening to a handful of bands and artists from different genres from pop to metal. Recently, we're listening to a lot of A Great Big Pile of Leaves, This Wild life, And So I Watch You From Afar, and others. Just check out our individual Spotify profiles. 

Can you tell us about your song writing process? Who writes the lyrics? Who comes up with the melodies? Which comes first? Is there a specific sequence or process that you follow when you write and record songs?

The past two albums, the process was somewhat similar. Kim has acoustic drafts, she shares it with us, I come up with some arrangement and JC, and JP adds up their own stuff to it. Melodies are often made by Kim initially and then we as a group shape it up until we're somewhat happy with the outcome. Sometimes there are changes in the way some of our vocals are executed which often happens in the recording process. We're not really strict when it comes to the songwriting process in terms of how we do it. We just do it naturally. But we're serious when it's time to work on our songs.

Any Band practice rituals? Do you guys eat first? Do you eat after? Is there a particular food you guys like eating together?

we eat when we have money hahahaha. After practice i guess. We love hanging out at Micmic's house at night; drinking coffee.  Food? hmm. Probably, Pater and burger. 

Describe your band relationship. Dysfunctional family? Squabbling siblings? Barkada?
Youngest sister and 3 bully brothers type of relationship. hahahaha

Are the boys protective of Kim?

we're the ones who need protection.. from Kim... just kidding. Of course we are. :)

Ultimate Goal? World Domination?

well, like any other band; we love the idea of making music and earning from it in the future. 

Describe the OPM scene in Iligan?

we have good bands here but no venues. bars here house party bands and djs. we dont hate them for that, that's business. but that's how it is down here. we, the bands, have to spend a lot of money, ask for money, to organize gigs. 

You guys always declare that you're from Iligan. Is there a certain pressure that you feel? Like you are carrying the pride and weight of your hometown on your shoulders?

naaaahh. it's just that we're often ask where we're from. not sure about the carrying the pride and weight thingy. maybe. hahaha. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pick It, Zip It, Keep It-with Clothes Buffet Manila!

Despite being an all around Geek/Otaku/Music Lover sporting band and geek shirts most of the time, 
I'm still a girl standing in front of her closet - wanting more clothes! (I mean-seriously what girl doesn't want more clothes-right?) 

Which is why Clothes Buffet Manila has piqued up my interest with their fun, exciting and revolutionary concept for shopping! 

Think-The Hunger Games but instead of having to kill each other you get to grab as much clothes as you can (in a limited time frame of course- 15 minutes! )Now, I don't mind having my name picked out during the reaping if it was that kind of Hunger Games - May the odds be ever in your favor indeed! 


So here is the low down:

There are over 30,000 pieces of brand new clothes (no second hand or pre-loved clothes here) from your favorite brands laid out before you- you are armed with a 33cm x 23cm ziplock bag in which to fit in as much clothes as you can in 15 minutes! 

The current record for most clothes placed in a bag is 15 - I think I can beat that- Challenge Accepted! 

Sizes range from Small- Medium - Large depending on the stocks. 

Just to get your head in the game (because when you think about it - it really is a game and I intend to win it) and to make things easier for you, the clothes are grouped into 3 categories: 





As you can see in the photo above, clothes have been stuffed and packed in the official buffet bags, looking at the photo, I'm suddenly thinking if I should practice folding clothes under time pressure, as my husband, sisters and mom have witness I can not fold clothes properly to save my life! So maybe a bit of practice would be a good idea. 

Oh! Just remember in your excitement not to destroy the bag, a damaged buffet bag is going to cost you a P100.00. 


So how do you get to experience this super fun and unique way of shopping? Well luckily for you, you don't have to live in District 12 and have your name picked out of a bowl, all you have to do is book your slot for Clothes Buffet Manila it will run for two days, October 17-18, 2014 at the Aiato Penthouse, Il Terazzo, 305 Tomas Morato Cor. Sct Madrinan, Quezon City. 

There are 60 slots per wave or batch of shoppers who will go through the buffet floor to pick out the clothes they want to take home- all you have to do is to book a slot for P1,999.00 and you're in! 

When you think about it, you can't get 15 pieces of clothing for that price! Remember though that the number of clothes that you take home will all depend on you and how you play the game. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Looking Beyond: Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

"Huli man at magaling, maihahabol din." 

It is never too late to offer anything that is good. 

With this Filipino saying in mind, I am writing this review of mine, of Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno; despite having all of the Spoiler Free reviews out there or despite having all the movie reviews out there - period. Every since getting the opportunity to view films in special advanced screenings, I have always made it a point to come out with a movie review as soon as possible, I mean isn't that what all bloggers aim for? A movie review after a movie has already been showing for days would be 'mudada' or useless. Especially one that has received so much media coverage as Kyoto Inferno and to think that the first movie would not have even seen the light of day in any cinema in the Philippines, were it not for the continued support of it's avid fans. 

And so I am writing this as an avid fan, I am writing this as that blogger that I was when the first movie came out, I am writing this not just to say that the movie was amazing and you should all see it because every other writer, blogger and movie critique has already said that. 

As the title above says, this piece is geared more to be (or at least I think that it is shaping up to be) an essay of sorts, yes I was the type of student who worked hard on my essays, often burning the midnight oil and forming callouses on my fingers. Yes, kids, during my time (High School) essays were written by hand, with pen, on paper-shocking

So with this warning and caution, I proceed with this essay in the hopes that you, oh dear reader will see it with me through the end. 

It is already Sunday as I am writing this, Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno has already been in cinemas every since Wednesday, and of course anyone who has been planning to see it, probably already has and as I have already mentioned this piece is more of an essay so spoilers will be over the place. 

I thought that reviewing Kyoto Inferno which is the first part of a two-movie sequel (the second being Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends, which comes out next month) would be difficult to review as a single entity or movie since it is just one part of a two movie sequel. 

Although not having a 'conclusion' that will let you sleep peacefully at night Kyoto Inferno on it's own stands as a single entity and is filled with overwhelming themes of peace, hope, despair, revenge,that I have understood at some level the meaning behind the movie tag line "Feel the Future" 

The Children, The Children!

There are two scenes in the movie that tugged at my heart strings the same way, I was crying throughout the movie, my husband kept on bonking me at the head every time he would hear me stifle a sniffle, I was crying so much you'd think that I was watching a drama instead of an action movie. 

In these two scenes were so much tears were shed, Kenshin goes out on a limb to save the future- that is it say, children. One, is a young boy whose family is killed as collateral damage in Shishio's own private resort (hot springs) village. Praise to Sato Takeru's portrayal of Kenshin as you can see him transform thoughout the movie, becoming more somber and determined to stop Shishio as he comes face to face with the carnage, violence and death that Shishio's plans have wrought. 

He stops a young boy as he is urged on by his (cowardly) villagers to take revenge on the men that killed his parents, consumed with grief and hate the young boy lets out a cry of anguish as he is about to stab one of the men who killed and hung his family but before the dagger lands, Kenshin stops him in time. He says: "Do not spoil these little hands, soon they will become big hands and you should use them to protect your family-just like your brother did." (I'm just recalling the lines from memory, sorry if it's not exact) that was such a powerful scene for me, as you are watching this you see the violence and you think that what is playing before your eyes is too awful and too unspeakable to be true but then at the back of your mind and deep down in your heart, you know that there are children being beheaded and young children being turned into soldiers. You know that there are still wars in other countries being fought and so many innocent children are caught in the cross fire. 

In yet another scene where Kenshin risks his life to save a baby, he is taunted by his opponent, by asking if he would lay down his life for one child. Kenshin says that "yes- he would, as the children are the future, the future of an era he has fought for". In yet another powerful line in the movie, the sword maker Arai Shakku says that the swords that he create are not for his son's time but for the peace of his child after' (or something to that extent). It had me thinking, what kind of world are we leaving our children and future generations to live in? Is there any real peace even without war? What about the everyday wars and struggles that we face? How do we face them?

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lupin III to hit SM Cinemas on September 17!

It seems to be the year of Anime Movie Adaptations as Monkey Punch's Lupin III is set to hit cinemas starting September 17 exclusively at SM Cinemas! The movie will be released in Japan on August 30, so that's just a few weeks behind. Not bad eh? :) 

I was never really a fan of the Anime series, growing up - I didn't like the animation, so to get ready for the live action movie, I'll make sure to watch the Detective Conan and Lupin III cross over, (I am a fan of Detective Conan and I really hope SM pushes with screening of the Detective Conan: Dimensional Sniper Movie)! ^_^

So going back to the live action Lupin III - if the trailer is any indication it seems that this is another well made Anime adaptation. 

The actors cast into the role really look like their Anime counterparts without looking too silly.

Sorry guys that means not casting an actress with double D's as Fujiko. 

Here are the actors who will be in the movie though: 

Shun Oguri - Arsen'e Lupin III 
Tetsuji Tamayama - Daisuke Jigen 
Go Ayano - Goemon Ishikawa XIII
Meisa Kuroki - Fujiko Mine 
Tadanobu Asano - Koichi Zenigata 
Jerry Yan - Michael Lee

Yup.....Jerry Yan of F4 fame will be in the movie (more below) 

For Asianovela fans out there particularly that Taiwanese Asianovela that started it all Meteor Garden's Jerry Yan AKA Dao Ming Tsu will be making an appearance in the movie, now whether he will be on the side of good and evil, still remains to be seen. He is slated to play Michael Lee.

Illustrated and written by Monkey Punch Lupin III first made it's appearance on Action Weekly Manga on August 10, 1967 that's 47 years ago! 

The manga is based on the "Gentleman" (yes, I put those quotation marks there) thief from Maurice Leblanc's novels (might check those out too!) 

Since then a franchise has spawned from manga, the animated series, OVAs and movies and now the live action movie is about to hit Cinemas and will be exclusively shown by SM Cinema - so make sure to like and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @sm_cinema for exciting news, updates and fun giveaways! 

Even if I wasn't a fan when of the series when it was first aired on local TV years ago, it's nice to think that I'd get another chance to get to know Lupin and the gang, even if it's through another medium. 

So mark your calendars on September 17-Lupin III is set to steal your hearts-exclusively on SM Cinemas! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

OPM Spotlight: Reese and Vica

Reese Lansangan. 1/2 of Reese and Vica during Greenlight Music Fest.
Photo by: Pcheng Photography

I think I'm going to formally start a new segment in the blog which I shall call OPM Spotlight. It could be a Recommended Track to listen to or it could also be a Band Feature or Artist Feature or an Album/EP Review. I know I already have a bunch of earlier posts which would be considered under this category, so I guess I just want to make it official.

I know we blog about a whole lot of other things but I want to make sure that music, especially OPM has a loud voice in our blog posts and photos. This is our way of supporting OPM no matter how small it is. 

So without further adieu, let's get on with this OPM Spotlight with Reese and Vica! 

We haven't had the opportunity to see the duo in a gig or show- looking forward to catching them both live- soon I hope <3 but we've had the honor of catching Resse perform in her other band Dressed Up Days and as a solo artist during Greenlight Music Festival and ever since Paul and I have been fans. We've contended ourselves with downloading YouTube videos of the duo's songs but thanks to we got to download their album Crossing Neverland and by downloading through we also get to support Reese and Vica through their music - so everybody happy right? :) 

You can check out their songs -which you can download for FREE! Just click on the links!

ALBUM: Crossing Neverland 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Guardians Of The Galaxy Goodies!

Look at what came in the mail today! Thank you so much Marvel Philippines and Columbia Pictures for these Guardians Of The Galaxy goodies! <3

Still-my favorite Marvel Movie to date (movie review here) the package also came with Movie Passes to see Gurardians Of The Galaxy. Now, I've already seen the movie and loved it! So I decided to give the passes to my mom and brother who haven't seen it yet. I wanted to share to them what a great movie Guardians was. Even if my mom is not a geek like us, I'm sure she'll still enjoy the movie especially because of the awesome soundtrack!

TRIVIA! Did you guys know that the character of Peter Jason Quill AKA Starlord was co created by Steve Englebert and Panday co-creator Steve Gan?! Yes! That Panday! Our Panday! Pinoy Pride right there!

Here's to more memorable Marvel movies and to Directors like James Gunn who brings heart to movies! <3 Can't wait for the sequel! ^_^ In the meantime, I'll also definitely watch out for the OST (I want a physical copy) and the movie in DVD! 

Photo from our friend Mark Cerbo :)