Friday, October 31, 2014

The Walking Dead: Haunted Prison Experience

I love watching movies but I'm not a big fan of Horror Movies. I just don't see the point of scaring yourself sh*tless - and I scare easily. Another thing about the Horror genre is that there is a fine line between "no plot and all gore" which is often crossed and slasher movies riddled with cliches leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Aside from not being a fan of the Horror genre, I am not a fan at all of Zombies. I remember having a conversation with my siblings (so long ago) that Zombies were our least favorite of all monsters and creatures. I mean they're dead and rotting and they eat you- as in not a bite but chew you up and worse- they could be your loved one turned undead, so talk about physical and psychological damages. 

Even when the Zombie Explosion blew up, I tried to fight against it as hard as I can. I didn't get into The Walking Dead wagon right away. It all started with Zombie books, colleagues encouraged me to read Mira Grant's Deadline trilogy. I was in a book club of sorts and Grant's Post Apocalyptic Zombie trilogy was in the circulation. It was in Grant's books that I learned terms like: Spontaneous Amplification: Defined as going through the "Zombie Changing" phenomenon without being bitten by an infected zombie. Happens after death. I also got an insight into what Virology would look like if say Zombie Outbreak does happen. 

After Gran't trilogy, I read World War Z, which unfortunately was not better than the movie. Watching Brad Pitt battle Zombies on the big screen was much better. It followed an actual -Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and Resolution (of sorts) unlike it's boring book counter part. 

By this time, I've already started watching The Walking Dead, I tried to fight it off, but I couldn't- I was already bitten and the infection spread quick. Now, my heart goes through tachycardia every Monday Morning when I'm watching Fox's Parallel Play with the US of the newest episode of The Walking Dead and I spend the entire week wondering what will happen in the next episode. 

I guess I started as a non-Zombie person to an okay-Zombie person ^_^ So I was really excited when I got the opportunity to cover The Walking Dead: Haunted a prison House at (one of my favorite places) Eastwood! Thanks to Megaworld, FOX and my Senpai Azrael for the opportunity!

THE WALKING DEAD: Haunted Prison House at Eastwood City 

As if the Zombie Explosion could not get any bigger! Eastwood City (my home away from home) has tied up with Fox International Channels to bring you The Walking Dead Experience - yes you get to live in the skin (sort of) of all your favorite characters. You get to go ala-Rick or Daryl or Michrone in a Horror House este Haunted Prison House taken straight out of the TV show. Okay so you might not be swinging a katana or firing off a gun but you'll definitely feel the suspense and fear that could only come from walking through a pathway with walkers at every corner. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

O'Hara X Torre: An Art Exhibit

Sharla O'Hara with her Oil and Canvass 

Sharla O'Hara and I go way back. We were friends back in Gradeschool and during this time we were all into Anime and drew in the Japanese Anime style. I say "drew" because I no longer draw now and that's probably something that new acquaintances don't know about me. I guess you can say that the writer took over the budding artist, but I guess my mom shot that horse in the face a long time ago.

Although she did let me take art classes back when we could afford it, I guess I'm writing that now so you guys know that my love and appreciation for the arts has deep roots, it's in my family and in my blood and even if I didn't get to pursue it professionally or as a hobby, I took up another form of the arts (so to speak) which is writing- so now I get to write about Art :)

Sharla's Illusion Series. She worked with a 'Disco Ball' Board. 
By the way, Paul also has some art skills tucked away, like me it was the photographer who took over the artist. I guess it's all good coz as they say: "If you chase two rabbits you'll wind up with nothing for dinner"

It was only recently that Paul and I started to go to galleries and attend exhibits (as you've probably seen in the posts) and we want to make it more of a habit and hope to get to see more art - I guess we're lucky that we have friends and acquaintances who are talented young artists- which brings us back to Sharla - who I've not seen in years! I think the last time we saw each other was in the sixth grade and that seems like ages ago- now she...well she's a lot of things aside from her art she's also a model (wet weeeeew) :p

On the serious side get to know Sharla and her work here are some excerpts from the event page

Sharla O'Hara majored in Painting at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts in Diliman. She is a muralist by profession since 2008. 

She has been experimenting with materials used for faux and artistic finishes used in interior design projects or her paintings (among other things). She incorporates some notes of optical illusion or trom loie'l in her art.

Sharla describes her art as: "Glam, grotesque, organic and synthetic, illusion, compulsive and maybe a little dark sometimes..." 

Sharla has been tapped by Beauty Bar to paint on the walls of their new store which is opening in Centrall Mall in BGC - I'm really excited for this-so hopefully our schedule will allow us to drop by :) 
Kat Torre and her oil on Canvas

Sharla shares the on going art exhibit at Handuraw Pizza Sikatuna with Kat Torre who is in herself a jack of all trades when it comes to art. Kat is a scholar at the Philippine High School for the Arts in Mt. Mailing, Los Banos Laguna. She designs her own line of jewelry and watches which is manifested in Ensuenos. Like Sharla, Kat also majored in Painting at the College of Fone Arts in the University of The Philippines in Diliman.

Kat's impressive resume also includes designing and creating props, sets and costumes for stage productions like: "Magnificat", "Padre Pio", "Cory the Musical", "Manila, Vanilla" and "Halo Halloween"
Kat's Color on White Canvas

She is also included in the Top 3 Finalists of the 2013 Globe Art Competitiom: ImaginART. 

Kat is looking forward to getting back to painting and sculpting. Her works will be mainly paintings of women. 

Aside from the promising art from these young artists the vent was made extra special by (drum roll please) PIZZA and I have mentioned that I am a Pizza kinda girl so - SCORE! 

Handuraw Pizza Sikatuna (where the art is currently displayed) is a nice and cozy place which does not only offer yummy pizza at P300.00-P400.00 per order but it is also a great place for friends to get together to chill and relax (there's a roof deck which is a great place to hang out and have pizza and beer). You can also contemplate on the art on display, there's a hallway once you enter the door where the art is hung and there is more space upstairs for more art! The main floor has space for musicians to entertain as well so patrons can enjoy the music! 

Although sharing the exhibit, Sharla and Kat have distinct styles in their art, as you open the door you will see colorful images on white canvas from Kat Torre the series is followed by Sharla's "illusion art", words and photos really don't do the art any justice so I guess you guys will have to see it for yourselves ;) The exhibit will be up in the next two weeks! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Photographic Journey

There was a point in my life when I had a lot of free time in my hands. When I wasn't working I was hanging out with friends, playing video games or I was in front of the TV. I didn't know it back then but I was unhappy and I was going no where.

Where it all started Voltaire and me. June 27, 2010. Mediahub©
One weekend came, my good friend tagged me along for an event shoot, at first I was hesitant but what else would I be doing, right?  So I came along and was assigned to work on capturing the event via video, but I was told that they had to scrap some parts of the video because I chattered to much.

The following gig, I was assigned to shoot photos.  In my head I thought that it would be easy, but like John Snow, I was still green with Summer and I knew nothing, even if I had 'some experience as a college photojournalist.  It didn't prepare me for the reality of an event photographer's duty.  Long story short, that's when it all started.  I was bit by "the bug", I started asking questions, I started to read more about photography, I shot with the camera, whenever I could and itched for more chances to click on the camera.

Marcos Highway in the evening. December 2010

I learned at first with my friends' help.  Take note, that this was before I had my own camera.  I borrowed his camera whenever I can.  I started to familiarize myself with the Canon EOS system, it was the first camera system that I worked with.  I realized that some of the controls were intuitive and familiar with my dad's Canon Powershot A510, it was a digital point and shoot camera that had generic shooting modes, and creative shooting modes like P, Av, Tv, and M.  The downside of the A510 was it didn't have a manual focus mode on the lens barrel, typical for a point and shoot.  Take note, that there was an option to over-ride the focus of the camera by pressing the down button 2 times to go and manual focus, but it took a long time to get to the desired focusing distance when using the MF override on the said PNS (point and shoot) camera.  It was the camera that I used often when I was shooting for the college school publication back then.

Working with my friend's Canon 40d, it was a beast during its time.  A mid-sized DSLR,  10 megapixels, crop sensor, it can shoot continuously around 5-6 shots per second.   It was an overwhelming creature to control when I started out.  There were a lot of things I didn't know or understand about it, when I shoot with it.  Even If I was overwhelmed by the 40d, I somehow figured things out, eventually.

Shot by: Reyson Angeles. 2010
When I couldn't get enough of shooting, and I had to have my own DSLR, I finally convinced my father to help me on the purchase.  Convincing him wasn't easy, and he gave in.  Another tough task was done, but another awaits-which make and brand of DSLR I'd buy?  I had to do my research ask my friends' advice.  I was caught in the midst of Canon vs Nikon bout.  My office mates that were into photography back then, were Nikon shooters, on the while my high school friends, shoot with Canon.  It was the point of no return, this'll make or break my future.  I had to decide which brand, and then choose a suitable camera.  It took a long time to get to a decision but the Canon 500d was just too irresistible for me.

 July 10, 2010, I bought my camera in Jeptall, Robinsons Pioneer.  I had to hunt around with my dad since I couldn't complete the purchase without him. Take note that this model was elusive back then, but was able to get one.
Japanese Math Rock Band Tricot during the Manila leg of their March 2014 Asian Tour. 

Believe it or not, when the purchase was complete, I caught up with my friends that were going to another event shoot in SM Fairview. So I traveled from Pioneer to Fairview which was a tricky feat, cause it was the first time I did it. Bottom line was that I was happy with my purchase since then.

4 years and 3 months later, I still have my camera, still working, despite of cracks, dents and error 01 with the 50mm. I have it with me wherever I go.  I'm not the one to stick with a single brand, but with what my camera and I have been through, I'm satisfied. My only wish that it'll last me forever.

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

For all my fascination and admiration of Japanese Culture I'm not a big fan of their food, I really am more of a pizza, pasta, meat and potatoes kind of girl and my lack of being adventurous when it comes to trying out new food is what makes me or rather what doesn't make me a Food Blogger. 

I'm not a big fan of sushi or raw fish and I would take a pizza any time of the day over sushi. 

So it was no surprise that by the time Ramen became the "new milk tea" I still haven't tried a bowl, not one, and as I am writing this I just find that too strange considering my love affair with Japan. 

So a big "Arigato Gozaimasu" to my good friend Haru (not her real name but a nickname we gave her in High School and yes- it's Japanese) for treating us to Ikkoryu for some long over due Ramen! 

When I saw that the restaurant was awarded the 2014 Philippine Tattler Best Restaurant I was really excited. Upon entering the restaurant the interior just took my breath away it was beautiful and really had that authentic Japanese feel. There were wooden panels with Japanese characters written on them separating each table adding to that authentic Ramen House feel.

Since it was our first time to try Ramn, Haru suggested that we have the Ajitama Tonkutsu which according the Ikkoryu website is described as: "Topped with a special half boiled egg that is fully marinated with a special blended soy sauce." Can I just say that I loved that egg! It was nothing I have ever tasted- it was soft and absolutely delicious! 

For p380.00 per bowl, I would say that it's well worth it! Will definitely go back given the chance and I'm now ready and let's say more adventurous when it comes to Ramen! ITADAKIMAS! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Mayonnaise Plays for Eastwood Indie Thirstdays

I've been having a thirst for gigs since unfortunately Paul and I haven't been able to go gigs lately due to schedule conflicts and that really sucks. Fortunately for me Eastwood (which is like my second home already-have been working in the area for about 4 years now) had "Indie Thirstdays" where two Indie bands are scheduled to perform every Thursday of October this also coincides with their October Fest celebrations. (and yes, I just love the pun in "Thirstdays"

I wasn't able to catch Autotelic when they were scheduled to play due to waking up to an awful migraine - which I really hated since I was hoping to catch them live. They're an up and coming band you guys should really check out. 

Since missing out on Autototelic I was determined not to miss Mayonnaise who were scheduled to play last night. We're both fans and followers of the band especially with their new album Tayo Nalang Dalawa out (still don't have a copy but will definitely get one and write up a review). 

The band played new songs from their album like Classmate, Tayo Nalang Dalawa and their latest single Porta (which is on the Myx Countdown by the way) as well as old favorites like Bakit Part II

Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish the set since I had to run back to work since my shift would be starting in a few minutes :p  Which is also why I wasn't able to fully enjoy the Thirstday experience since I couldn't drink alcohol since I still had to go to work. Although I'm not much of a beer drinker myself, I definitely want to bring Paul to Rue Bourbon so he can try out the flavored beer that they have  :) (Caramel Beer) sounds pretty good. ^_^ 

Loved Mayonnaise's set even if I was only there for a short while - in this fast paced lives of ours you have to take things as they come. Thanks Eastwood for making my Thursday a little better! 

By the way- their Beer Tent event is happening tonight! With lots of Beer and bands like Pupil and sandwich performing (among others). I might check it out later but then it would really depend on the size of the crowd too :p 

In case you were wondering, Paul wasn't with me, so these photos were just taken with my iPad, they were post edited by Paul on Snapseed. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Nifty Nails with Caronia!

There's a side of me that loves nail polish. I love it because it's an easy way to elevate your look, even a simple coat of paint can level up your entire ensemble or outfit. There was a time when I even reviewed nail polish on the blog, I called the posts "Nifty Nails".

I have to admit I'm no Nail Art Master and there's a lot to be said about my manicure skills and most of them aren't good, which is a shame since my sister-in-law is really good at it too. :( 

Despite my lack of talent in applying nail polish I still love the art and I try to get my nails painted although my busy schedule (weekends are usually devoted to events and blogging) I haven't been able to paint my nails lately (booooo!)

Caronia's Blue Moon Collection 

When we attended Blogapalooza though I think my love for nail Polish was renewed when we visited the Caronia booth- I mean the brand Caronia is almost synonymous to nails. They've been at it for so long that everyone probably knows that famous jingle: 

"Caronia...Caronia...Your beauty shines with Caronia!" 

If you don't remember that jingle then you were probably too young then..and I hate you for it (kidding!)

Yes-it was worth mentioning that 90's jingle - but going back to 2014 I had fun at the Caronia booth, there was even this HUGE Nail Polosh you can take a selfie with ;> 

I think it's also worth mentioning that portion of purchase of Caronia's Blue Moon Collection goes to building the dreams of young dancers, as they have a partnership with Ballet Philippines. ^_^ 

You can find out more about helping supporting Ballet Philippine Foundation by visiting their social media sites and @caroniaph on Twitter and Instagram. 

Who knows I might be back to doing some Nifty Nails posts again and this time with Caronia's help. :) 

Fans of Fandom Capital

Ever since we started bogging, covering vents and doing photoshoots we've met a lot of talented people and one of them is Henri Villegas who is the woman behind We Heart Prints (we 'heart' them too) and Fandom Capital. We first met Henri during the 30 Second To Mars, Love, Lust, Faith album launch we covered for Odyssey (she's a big Echelon).

Henri and her love child We Heart Prints supplied the event with awesome 30 Seconds To Mars goodies and there was one I loved too much and that was the  Kings And Queens shirt, which I featured here

Ever since then, I've always admired Henri's work, there is much thought and love that goes to her designs, whether it is for stickers or shirts.  I have seen some 'fandom online shops' that just literally have a black word art about a book or a band on a white shirt- I kid you not. 

With Henri-it's different, each design has a concept well on its own that you can actually frame it and hung it up on your wall.

Stickers! They so damn good I don't want to stick them anywhere :( 

I ordered a vinyl pack of Fall Out Boy stickers and the designs are just amazing and not only that but the quality of the paper and printing is superb as well! I got a little drop of water on one of them but it didn't get wet and the sticker wasn't ruined, now I wouldn't suggest dousing it with water! :p 

Aside from the Fall Out Boy stickers I also ordered (finally!) PCheng Photography stickers, I've always wanted to have a big ass sticker for the car but whenever I talked to the guys in stalls at malls to have one made we never seem to agree or come to terms but with Henri, it was an easy and painless transaction (over email-no less!) and with her, I trust her judgement, I trust that she will make the right call. I know she won't just print out an image without considering size and proportions. I trust her instinct as an artist to deliver quality prints.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Way You Want It with Sky Cable

Paul and I are big TV coach potatoes, since we are mostly awake in the early morning (like 2 AM) during our rest days we depend on Cable TV to keep us entertained and sane. :) 

If you follow me on Twitter, you would probably notice that I tweet a lot about what I'm watching, that's coz I'm a big TV person, I love laughing out loud (think boisterous laughter) to hilarious comedies, (much to Paul's dismay) I love crying my eyes out on dramas and I just love that heart-skip-a-beat or two moment with action and suspense shows. 

Aside from these, I also love to be inspired from cooking and makeover shows-whether it's a house or fashion make over show there's always that rags to riches appeal which I have to admit I'm just a sucker for. 

Paul and I are also big History buffs so we do enjoy those historical documentaries, especially now since technology has brought the quality of entertainment up a notch. 

With the countless channels available on cable, it's definitely a good thing that you can tailor the channels that you want with Sky Cable. A very concrete example of which is that we had Animax (in case you didn't know, we're big Otakus) added on our package. When we first got our package from Sky, Animax wasn't included which was a big dissapointment for us, we were told that our area (up in the mountains) didn't have it available but after some time we were able to add Animax for an additional P50.00 to our monthly bill, and it's totally worth it! Now we get to watch Anime anytime! Whether it is old classic favorites or new shows straight from Japan! 

Now Paul and I are thinking of we'll have CI (Crime Investigation) added. The shows are just so engrossing! I remember there was CI in a hotel room we stayed in and I couldn't sleep coz the shows were just that good. 

Aside from getting the channels that you want, you can also have HD (High Definition) channels added and the difference between SD (Standard Definition) and HD is just too good to be true! We might consider getting a few HD channels once there's room in the budget :p For TV addicts like us- it's a must! 

Whether it's getting the channels that you like or watching them in HD. You definitely get what you want and the way you want it with Sky Cable! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Looking Back with Imagine Nation Photography and Wang Videography

Three Years Later: December 10 2011, Shot by Alex Ruelo for Imagine Nation Photography- Cheng-Hontiveros Nuptials
October 11, 2014, Shot by Betty Uy for Imagine Nation Photography, Blogapalooza

When Paul and I were preparing for our wedding back in 2011, I remember reading something (among the hundreds of wedding articles that I've read) that in budgeting for your wedding, you would have to prioritize and to think about what aspects of the wedding are more important for you. This is so you can plan your budget and set it aside for the things that really matter to you and for Paul and I, the photos and the videography are a must. 

Among the many Wedding Photographers and Videographers (and trust me there are a lot) we decided to go with Imagine Nation Photography and Wang Videography who were able to cater to our needs and helped make our Wedding extra special and memorable.

Now- almost three years later, we continue following their work, not only of our Wedding Photographers Arlene Briones and Alex Ruelo but we've also run into Imagine Nation photographer Betty Uy while covering an event. Not only that but we've also met the man behind both Imagine Nation and Wang Videography- none other than John Mateos Ong himself (his talented daughter Jazz) sings in bands and we have had the honor of covering a couple of her gigs.

December 10, 2011- Shot by Arlene Briones for Imagine Nation Photography 

It's funny how we've kept running I to each other but I was definitely more than glad to see that Imagine Nation and Wang Videography had a booth at Blogapalooza. It was nice chatting up with Alex and Betty and even sying hello to Alex's cutie pie baby ^_^ 

Looking back at that piece of advice I read so long ago in a forgotten Wedding magazine, I can say that we really made the right decision with booking Imagine Nation Photography and Wang Videography for our wedding-the blog is named PCheng Photography and I think we know a thing or two when it comes to photos. ^___^

You can check out our Wedding SDE from Wang Videography here :) 

October 11. 2014 - Shot by Betty Uy for Imagine Nation, Blogapalooza

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends to Soon?

Ever since news of a live adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin came out, I have been constantly blogging about it. From movie announcements to casting news, to their visit to the Philippines and of course my thought and review on the movies.

Now that I've seen the last movie of the 3 part adaptation of an Anime I grew up with- it was actually hard for me to start writing whatever Movie Review or Movie Reflection I had on The Legend Ends. 

For the first two movies, thoughts on the movie would immediately flood through me and I would have to grab a notebook or start working on a draft for for the blog post just to be able to take down the many "feelings" coursing through me. 

After seeing the third movie though, I didn't feel the same, I thought maybe it was just because I was tired since we saw the film, right after a long day at work. It was well beyond my bedtime as I was watching the movie and so I resolved my lack of vigor to write as due to fatigue, but then the weekend came and went and still inspiration had not struck, another weekend came and went and still nothing.  

When I started to ask myself why I wasn't spouting out paragraph after paragraph (as I had in previous movies) it suddenly dawned on me- it was over. All the anticipation and the excitement would cease to exist once the last "." In this blog post would be placed. 

Looking back at the trilogy adaptation of the beloved manga and anime series Rurouni Kenshin, it really was a feat not yet attempted and now that the dust has settled and rabid fans have already seen all three movies, it is safe to say that the adaptation of the trilogy as a whole was really well done, so much so that the trilogy itself could very well stand on it's own. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Robinsons Place Opens In Antipolo

I studied in Assumption Antipolo for twelve years and that means going through the same route twice a day, five times a week for twelve years (except for the Summer months of course) and in that daily route was a patch of land filled with trees and plants. When you live in Antipolo and study in Assumption Antipolo for that matter you get used to being surrounded by nature and you treasure it.

So when it was announced that a Robinson's mall was opening and was going to be built on that patch of land I used to pass by every day I was honestly torn, for one I was happy that there was a new mall opening like 15 minutes from our home but on the other hand a mall was taking over a patch of land which has always equated as "nature" to me. 

Having a new mall open means jobs and opportunities for my fellow Antipoleneos so that's another good thing which would probably help me come to terms with the new mall better.

There was much excitement when the Mall finally opened, friends and family who have been there before us and all said the same things: Great Architecture but not much stores. 

Paul and I checked out the mall as soon as we could and we had the same thoughts, the architecture was beautiful, a bit similar to the Robinson's in Tagaytay. I'm glad that they maintained the lush green of the place by having plants outside, it's not just a building they put up, all concrete and no jungle because, well we love that jungle aspect of Antipolo. 

Following the trendy layout of new malls, Robinson's Place Antipolo has outside gardens patrons can enjoy. We haven't been out there so we haven't checked it out yet, will definitely do the next time we pass by the mall. 

Other things we're excited about is the Robinson's Movie World- Yehey! For Movie Buffs like us! Although we weren't so happy about some of the movie posters we say in the cinemas, for geeks like us, looking at pixelated Movie posters is an eye sore. Hopefully whoever is in charge of that gets their act together and quality checks the Movie posters. Sorry but for the Movie buff and the geek in us that's a definite no-no. Still looking forward to our first movie date at the new Robinson's Movie World - will definitely post on that too! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blogapalooza 2014: Our Very First!

The Blogapalooza Stage where Sponsors where  given an opportunity to present their company and products.

For the originally slated September 20, 2014 Blogapalooza, Paul and I filed leaves on the 19th so that we would be rested for the event. There have been (far too many) times where in we would head on to a Saturday Morning event straight from work (we both work the night shift). This hasn't been a good idea since we would go through a sleepy-cranky then zombie transformation by lunch time. Many a cup of coffee and bottles of energy drink have been drunk for the sake of staying awake and sane through the particular event.

Another reason for filing our leaves on the 19th was so we could celebrate our 9th anniversary as a couple (which falls on the 20th of September), I even had a whole draft before of how Blogapalooza was right in time for our Anniversary; since I have often told people that our blog is our second child, (the first being the car) since we spend all our time on it (writing blog posts for me and taking photos for Paul). The running joke is that hopefully the third child will come with a birth certificate. 

So it is with this back story that I begin this blog post on our first ever Blogapalooza experience. Fresh out from work, we headed to SM Aura on October 11 after the original event was rescheduled because of Tropical Storm Mario. 

This was actually our first time to go to Blogapalooza so we didn't know what to expect.

There was so much to see and so much to do and check out at Blogapalooza it was literally an overload and explosion of senses. You get to eat food, drink drinks, discover and try new products and companies and you also get to share your love (again) for companies and products you've tried, tested and just absolutely love! There were even games so there was a lot of chances to move and stretch those muscles. :)

Participants enjoying a fun game at the Chooks-to-Go-Booth

Each booth had their own gimmick, from posting selfies mechanics as well as games! I actually won a cap from Korean Restaurant after being able to toss a ping ping ball in a cup - ala Beer Pong minus the beer though :p 

Although I did discover that I suck at shuriken throwing at the Authority Hoodie booth (there goes my Ninja dreams, shattered in a million pieces T_T) 

One thing I did realiza though that blogging (seriously) for over a year now has led us to meet a lot of people who we saw at Blogapalooza and it was nice to give them hugs and say 'Hi' :) 

Unfortunately we got tired (cranky for Paul) by 4:00 PM and we had to call it quits, we were both awake for 24 hours by then and if we didn't head on home we would have fainted right then and there and collapsing from exhaustion in a place where everyone has a camera and practically is online 24/7 isn't a good idea. 

Our Blogapalooza Haul: Press Kits, Freebies and Calling Cards! :) 

In hindsight we weren't able to fully optimize our Blogapalooza experience (unfortunately) next year, we'll definitely file for a leave the day before and maybe even book a stay in a hotel to avoid the awful traffic, which by way we were also stuck in on the way home. We both regret not being able to go through all the booths but like I always say- we definitely made the most of what we were able to experience so I suggest you guys visit the blog in the next few days as we will definitely be posting more on each of the products and companies we got to see at Blogapalooza 2014! Already excited for next year! :)