Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Masha: Stalemate Guard For Defiant Hearts: Album Giveaway!

Yehey! Blog Give Away! ^_^ 

Now that my review for Masha's Stalemate Guards for Defiant Hearts album is up - it's now time to share the love of music - so to speak. We are giving away a brand new sealed copy of the album! The one used in the photo is my personal copy :P 

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Masha: Stalemate Guards For Defiant Hearts Album Review

We were fortunate enough to have been given the chance to review Masha's album: "Stalemate Guards For Defiant Hearts" Although we have yet to see the band perform live (that's a must for 2015-here's to more

Masha is a six piece alternative rock band based in Manila and after listening to different genres (Techno-Pop, Indie-Pop) for the last few weeks it's nice to go back to our roots -so to speak and alternative rock will always be our first love.

Masha - From their Facebook page. 

The first time I listened to Masha's album - the two words that came to my mind was "Pinoy Rock" there was something about the vocal prowess and singing style of vocalist Alvin Aleria that just makes it genuinely "Pinoy" that there is that instant connection once you hear it. A take on modern folk rock if you will. Aside from the traditional guitars in a band, the sixth spot on Masha's line up goes to Howie Manalaysay on Synths and Programming. See- I told you a modern take on folk rock :p 

You can hear the subtle synths which make Masha's sound unique from other bands but it's smooth and subtle enough for their sound to remain as Pinoy Rock as it is.

I always admire bands who have both English and Tagalog songs, it just says so much about their song writing abilities that really appeals to me. Three songs out of the ten in the I album are written in Tagalog.

To me - Masha has that unique Pinoy Rock flare and sound. 

The first song that really spoke to me was track 07 from the 10 track album. The song is entitled "Alas Singko" or Five O'Clock and the song is about looking forward to that LOGOUT time in the office. Although for us who work in the BPO industry it's not the traditional 5:00 PM end of the work day scene, since we get out at unusual hours. For me it's either 8:00AM or 9:00AM and for my other colleagues it could be any time at all but no matter what time you get off from work, it's still that same feeling of eagerly waiting for the work day to end and the song "Alas Singko" is the perfect song for that it's only five minutes left, can't wait to get home feeling. 

Definitely a band to watch out for and one that you could count on to keep OPM alive. Will be doing an album giveaway on the blog soon! So watch out for that! :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Funko Weekend at Tiendesitas

When the Funko toys first came out, I thought that they looked cute but I didn't immediately jump on it. Fortunately or unfortunately my cousin was starting his own collection and it was growing and growing and growing and of course I saw all of his posts on Instagram and Facebook and slowly I think I wanted to start collecting, then last Christmas my cousin got me a Daenerys Targaryen Funko (Number 25) and well she looked so lonely up on the shelf I thought that getting her a little company would be alright :p

Last weekend, Big Boys Toy Store had their Funko Weekend at Tiendesitas, Paul and I decided to check it out with my sister, of course my cousin gave us his 'buy me the following Funko list'. When we got there at around 11am on a Saturday I was surprised by the number of people there, carrying boxes and putting Funkos in- as if they were candy!

I immediately called my cousin to tell him what were the available Funkos, around me people were also on their cellphones talking and giving reports of what designs were available. My cousin asked for THE BRIDE - from Kill Bill. The rest of The Kill Bill characters were also available. 

The whole cast of Big Hero 6 was also in stock. There was a lot of Baymax Funkos available. It's usually bigger than the the other Funkos, personally I think the Bay,as in the box doesn't look so good but when you bring it out that's where the cuteness comes in! Will definitely get one in the future :) The Staypuft Marshmallow Man from The Ghostbusters is definitely something to get in the future.

Our haul for the day. 

I ended up getting a Hatsune Miku Pop- it was in a glass case and was around P650.00, while my sister got a Batman from The Dark Knight Trilogy around P750.00. It was also in the glass case, which meant it was also only the one there. It was my sisters' very first Funko (she has an order for a Raven that's still in transit). 

We probably won't be grabbing Funko Pops left and right anytime soon, given our working budget and the bills that we have to pay but might be buying/getting a Funko every so often :p 

When people come up my workstation, they ask me why I have my figure on display (Rei Ayanami) I tell them it makes me happy looking at them and helps remove the stress that the demands of the daily workload can give. Yes- a cute reminder of one of your favorite characters can definitely make you smile :p Don't ask me how it works, it's just one of the mysteries of being a Geek I guess :p

And then there were two. Girl Talk between Hatsune Miku and Daenerys Targaryen. 

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Satchmi: Vinyl Cafe

I guess I unconsciously started collecting CDs last year- when we began to cover album launches for Odyssey. Some of my favorite foreign artists released new albums last year so buying them at the album launches seemed like the most natural thing to do. I also started getting getting copies of albums and DVDs of my favorite Japanese artists. :) Of course since we also cover and feature local artists on the blog, I started getting CDs - albums and EPs of local artists and doing reviews on the blog, and before I knew it my collection started to grow. Before I used to just sync the songs from the CDs to my iTunes but now I have started to rediscover the joy and pleasure of placing a CD in the CD player and just enjoying the quality of the sound that comes out- of course the songs and the music too! I guess I'm slowly starting to evolve into an audiophile and I'm starting to be more conscious about the quality of sound and music.

I have now recognized that I am collecting CDs and that I have become more conscious of the quality of the music that I listen to (no tunog lata speakers for me) and I guess in this quest and in my growing collection I have come to realize that a music collection will only be complete with the accumulation of a record player and vinyls!

Which has led me to the Vinyl Cafe - Satchmi! They're not really a Vinyl Cafe per say, they don't even call themselves that- it's just me since they also serve coffee ^_^

 I've actually been seeing a lot of posts about Satchmi, unfortunately I missed a show that was held there, Reese and Vica (who I have featured on the blog) performed. Located at SM Megamall's Fashion Hall, it's really the ideal place for music lovers to hang out. Aside from the vinyl, there are a lot of different things to check out - most importantly I think, there is even a listening room where you can listen to vinyls!

It is in Satchmi that I have discovered The Motorino.

As seen on their website The Motorino is an affordable turn table that was specifically designed for the amateur music enthusiast. It is the perfect introduction to the world of music. 

The Motorino II - Ivory

Louder and Better Speakers
Easily Portable
USB Connectivity
Moving Magnet
Vinyl to MP3 Converter
RCA Output
Longer battery life

This is definitely something for the music collector in me :) I might not be able to buy it right away, what with car payments, insurance and daily bills to pay but who knows maybe, I might be able to save up for it and get one soon! I can't wait to start expanding my collection.

In the mean time, hanging out at Satchmi will definitely be an inspiration and will help me with my love of music ^_^ and my slow yet sure conversion into an audiophile. It will also definitely inspire me to work hard and save more for my own Motorino and finally start collecting records :) 

I can't wait to have my own Motorino and start collecting vinyls - maybe it could be a new addition to the blog eh? 


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Westeros Philippines: 2nd Year Anniversary Fan Gathering

I've been a fan of Game Of Thrones ever since the first season of the HBO adaptation made it's way around social media sites. I saw the first episode then read the books after, got the husband hooked and the rest was history. 

I came across Westeros Philippines on social media and I'm really glad to have been able to attend the 2nd Year Anniversary of Westeros Philippines- Fan Gathering. Until then, I've only been interacting with members online and it's really nice to get to meet them all in person ^_^

Tao ba to? 
It was interesting to meet fans of Game Of Thrones (either from watching the TV series or from reading the books) that come from different walks of life. Some were just in High School, I have to be honest I actually have mixed feelings about 'kids' in High school reading and watching Game Of Thrones but I guess that's better than reading those Wattpad novels. Besides Shakespeare has some pretty dark themes too and we discussed a lot of Shakespeare in English class in High School ^_^ Of course there were also those who like us are already working, we also had some Game Of Thrones Cosplayers in the group :)

The festivities and activities then commenced, first with an introduction of every one in the group, then on to Westerosi Henyo which, as the name suggests is the super fun trivia game with Game Of Thrones questions of course! :p I have to say though that Paul and I didn't do so good and I'm ashamed to say that I did worse in A Quiz Of Thrones too!

I should have done some reviewing before the event :p In my defense it's already been a couple of years since I read the books around 2012 I think so I am pretty rusty. Will definitely do a crash course before the next fan gathering! 

There was also some pretty heated and revealing (spoilers) discussions on favorite fan theories. Sure beats the mundane rumors and grapevines of who's dating who or who is no longer a couple among celebrities. 

I have to say a big thank you to our generous sponsors for the awesome Game Of Thrones goodies that were given away as Prizes! 

Flipgeeks who sponsored a set of A Song Of Fire And Ice books. I'm glad to see that fans who haven't read the books wanted to win the set ^_^ 

It's just too bad that Paul and I had to leave right away because of work, will definitely look forward to the next Fan Gathering- maybe a screening party of Season 5? :) 

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Molcajete - Mexican Cantina Feature

Mexican Inspired Art up on the wall of Molcajete

In our continued efforts to feature local places of business, we're happy that a Mexican Cantina + Cerveceria has opened at the commercial area near our home. Drumroll for Molcajete please! 

This is actually a really late post already since we were super busy last December with the holiday rush and what not. Despite the late post, I have to say that we really loved our visit to Molcajete (we've been there twice- the second time with Paul's sisters and their husbands) and at both times we were satisfied by the food and service. 

With a price range similar to Army Navy I definitely have no qualms in shelling out for the Mexican food here at Molcajete- I for one really loved their Meat and Cheese Quesadilla and Paul gave a thumbs up for their Buritto. 

There's something in their garlic-cheese dressing that we just love! I'm not normally a fan of Mexican food but I'll make an exception for Molcajete ^_^ 

The Cantina itself has a nice and cozy feel with Mexican inspired art hanging in the walls. As the sign says it's also a Cerveceria and they serve different Tequillas - we might try it out sometime :p 

You can find Molcajete at the Village Corner right outside Beverly Hills, on your way up to Antipolo. Will definitely be swinging by - especially when that Mexican craving kicks in! 

You can visit Molcajete at The Village Corner at Beverly Hills, Taytay Rizal. They are closed on Mondays and open on Tuesday to Sunday from 12NN-10PM and on Friday - Saturdays from 12NN-12MN. You can check out their Facebook page here and follow them on Instagram @molcajeteph

Friday, January 9, 2015


Among the Lights: Reyg Linao of Talata during their EP Launch. 
One of my regrets for 2014 was not being able to cover as much local gigs as we used to. So this 2015, one of my New Year Resolutions was to get to cover as much gigs as we could, despite the ugly and difficult schedules that we have.

Case in point-right now (at this period in time) Paul's off days are actually Monday-Tuesday (see-I told you-UGLY). So when Talata announced that they would be having their EP Launch on the the first Monday of January at 70's Bistro, we jumped at the chance to cover. Another requirement for gigs-to cover, especially when I'll still be going to work after would be that the location of the bar is near Eastwood (where I work). Which is why we found ourselves on a Monday evening at a jam-packed (the whole place was filled!) 70's Bistro, covering our first local gig of 2015- hoping for more this year! It was our first time at 70's Bistro actually and it was pretty nice :) Beer price is coincidentally around P70.00. :P 

We got to know Talata through covering an acoustic gig at Zili Nasi Goreng - a bad as$ Malaysian Restaurant at Vista Verde in Cainta. The owners turned out to be Mr. and Mrs. Linao. Jomal (Kamikazee) and Reyg, who also make up Talata. Okay so before I dive into the EP launch, I just have to go ahead and say that I really admire Jomal and Reyg; they have a family, with a beautiful daughter but they still pursue their dreams and literally rock out. I mean talk about having rocker parents right? They have a successful business and a financial adviser - yup you read that right a financial adviser! From an outsider's perspective they have things pretty much figured out which is why I really admire them as a couple and aspire to be cool parents like them someday :)

It was my first time to see Typecast perform live in a gig, since getting a copy of their Word Sits Heavy EP (which I won in a contest through Jam 88.3-album review here). We last saw them perform when they opened for Fall Out Boy in 2013 and as Paul said - you always appreciate a band more when you see them perform live and the same goes for Typecast ^_^ 

Another first for me was to see Moonstar 88 live- and it was really a relaxing set (obviously) and it gave a good variety from the other bands that performed earlier. I'm just glad that despite changes in the line up- Moonstar 88 has continued to create music and play for audiences - hoping to see more of them this year ^_^ 

The last time we saw Kamikazee was when we covered their signing in with JB Music, which the stage of the night was powered by - by the way. So I don't know if it usually sounds good in The 70's Bistro or was it thanks to JB Music ^_^ 

Seeing Kamikazee perform in a small bar was crazy fun! Now I see why Jay had a cordless mic (probably also from JB music-which is why it sounds so good!) with him as he made the ENTIRE bar-I kid you not - his stage! I mean this person is the very epitome of a performer as he reached out to people in the audience, danced his signature sexy, crazy moves; kissed girls and even got up the bar (where they served drinks) to do more crazy antics! Plus the hilarious banter of Jay towards other bands, just had the crowd howling with laughter. Jay also jokes about what will happen when the band will be "laos" but seriously how can Kamikazee be laos? These guys are one of a kind and I'm glad that OPM has them.

Crowd Favorite: Jay of Kamikazee basking in the light. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Photoblog 3: A little faith

Date: January 3, 2015 | Time: 7:46:23 AM

Location: Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig

ISO 100 | 50mm | 1/320sec | f/4

When driving a motorcycle, the possibility of a fatal accident doubles.  It doesn't hurt to put your life in the hands of a higher being. It doesn't hurt to have a little faith. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Photoblog 2: Intersecting point

Date: January 2, 2015 | Time: 9:30:54 AM

Location: Home

ISO 800 | 35mm | 1/125sec | f/4

Looking at the leaf, I ask myself these questions: When will all our opinions, meet? 

Why do we all have different points of view? 

Why do we have to disagree and lead to arguments and conflicts? 

Can we meet in one point and agree?  

Can't we all get along?

Just like each end of a leaf, they meet at a single point. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Team PCheng 2014 Recap: A look back at the year that was

2014 was a big year for us. We had big projects and arguably more projects that we ever had and we're very grateful for that- it just shows that all our hard work is finally paying off. Aside from the increase in projects we also got new equipment to help us with all the Team PCheng work, until recently Paul and I would have to share with my old HP laptop when working on photos for him and writing blog posts for me. Now this old HP laptop, is really old and really slow, we suspect some hardware problem with the heat sync or the cooling pad, or the thermal paste with the processor, something like that (I won't pretend to know what I'm talking about-because I don't). Basically the laptop overheats so much that it's so slow we have to put electric fans in front of it just so we can (barely) use it. But last August 2014 I won a freaking iPad mini! (Thank you Sky Cable! ^_^)

Julz Savard of Save Me Hollywood opening for Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
in March at Eastwood City.

The plan is to have the laptop fixed - you know just in case we need to bring work with us or maybe travel and work at the same time or have work as travel (any excuse just to travel, because we're not just a couple of nerds who like to stay at home to watch movies and DVDs, we like to travel too! And my wish for 2015 is to get to travel more :p Even if it means bringing work along-we do 't mind). 

So going back to the recap - Paul and I had to take turns using the really slow laptop, so having the iPad, I got to do blogging and some social media managing on the tablet while Paul worked on photos on the laptop. Before the year ended though we were finally able to get a new PC (thanks to our 13th month pay) and so even if it's not the PC specs that Paul would have liked it definitely has made things faster for us. It's really important for me to mention this upgrade as I am eternally grateful for it, especially when I think about how we would have to take turns with the old laptop before but now we each can get some work done at a faster and more efficient speed. Definitely a big highlight for our 2014! ^_^

We were tapped by Tokyo Bubble Tea to feature their new Milo Series of Drinks as well as other yummy food - hoping to get to blog more about food this year -
gotta watch the waist line though! :P 

Although we, for some reason covered less music shows, concerts and gigs for this year (blame our ugly schedule, which aside from night shifts also meant working on weekends) we got to have a wider scope of things to cover and blog about. For one, it was our first year to be part of Nuffnang which meant more blogging opportunities for us. We got to attend a couple of blocked screenings and win and enjoy prizes - remember all those Cadbury chocolate?! Yup- all thanks to Nuffnang! Definitely looking forward to more blogging opportunities with them and maybe win even bigger prizes in 2015. 

And as if we were cementing our foot hold in the blogging community, it was also our first time to attend Blogapalooza - we had fun even if we were dead tired since once again we had to come from work :p Will definitely attend this year but will make more preparations (file leaves and get enough rest) ^_^

Sealed with a kiss. Our biggest project up to date getting to cover the
wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Dayanghirang.

Carvings at Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo

This 2014 we also got to blog and feature a couple of galleries and attend opening of art exhibits of some artist friends. Hoping to get to do more of that in 2015 ^_^ 

We also officially became a partner blogger for :) so even if we haven't been covering as much local gigs as we would have wanted, we got to feature a lot of up and coming local acts on the blog. We even got to meet Iligan based band Loop when they came over to Manila and for us who support local music as much as we do it was really an honor. It was like a culmination of our 2014 support of OPM. While there was a decrease in covering local gigs we got to do more album/EP reviews this year and I'm looking forward to doing more in 2015.

Iligan based band Loop during the Route 196 show of their Manila tour

Noticeably we had more projects this year- we have been tapped to cover weddings, birthdays, christening and a couple of team shoots. Even if it meant loosing rest and sleep at times, Paul and I went ahead and pursued these projects. It was an honor being able to capture memories in photos. Throughout 2014, Paul and I also continued on with our crusade to bring printed photos back in this day and age, where everything is digital and every one is just happy uploading everything on social media but Paul believes that photos just shouldn't end on your timeline but should be printed as well. I guess that's just our being 'old' :P For 2015 we will definitely continue on printing photos and sharing that with not only our clients but with people we meet. I'm hoping to get to buy an Instax, so we can have photos printed (through polaroids) right away. Maybe in the future (or in this year) we can include that in our photography packages. ^_^

2014 was a big year for us and as we begin with the first few days of 2015, Paul and I will continue to treat everything as we had like one big misadventure. Thank you for everyone who has been part of our 2014, whether you were a client, a follower or a reader, thank you so much for the support! Hoping that you'll join us for another crazy ride in 2015.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Photoblog 1: Corners

Date: January 1, 2015 | Time: 7:23:42 AM

Location: Unionbank Plaza, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 

ISO 100 | 35mm | 1/80 sec | f/ 5.6

Standing at the corner of Meralco Avenue, and Onyx rd, beside the office building, while looking up to the sky, I thank God for allowing me, my wife, my family and friends to survive the recent year.  

Mankind has endured another year, despite of global warming, extinction of other creatures, and depletion of natural resources. I just hope that we find better ways for us to inhabit the planet without destroying it.