Monday, April 27, 2015

Mayonnaise 2014 EP Review

Inspiration can strike at the most unexpected places and at the most unexpected times.

While I already had a general idea on how to go about writing my "Mayonnaise 2014" EP Review; inspiration struck and had me taking a different direction for this write up. It was in the middle of a get together with childhood friends, when my iTunes became a source of music and they stumbled upon the Mayonnaise 2014 EP. They began singing (more like drunk belting out-actually) old favorites like Jopay and Bakit Part 2. You can probably  picture it in your head; a group of friends gathered and singing (rather loudly, probably thanks to the alcohol) surprisingly in a very heartfelt way (hugot lyrics maybe?) to old favorites but remastered with some new elements.

A week is never complete without some reminder of a past memory, whether it may be a sweet or bitter one, hence the weekly staples of #ThrowbackThursday, #FlashbackFriday #WaybackWednesday and other such trips down memory lane.

This nostalgic feeling is what the Mayonnaise 2014 album brings. Celebrating 10 years in the music industry; an achievement that not many can claim, Mayonnaise revisits their roots in the EP, bringing new life to old favorites. You find yourself belting out old favorites, like my drunken friends from last Sunday's early morning festivities. Probably reminiscing memories those songs had years ago and I think that this is where the power of this EP lies, it plays on reminiscing and we are a generation who loves looking back and Mayonnaise 2014 is a great way of doing that.

It comes in a simple black and white art cover. I wish they could have added a few words in the EP, like mentioning the 10 years that the band is celebrating and some thoughts on why revisit their old songs. That would have added a great personal touch to the EP's packaging.

So the next time you do a Throwback post you might want to check out the Mayonnaise 2014 EP - it is a genuine trip down memory lane but with new elements that will have you admiring the band's longevity and contribution to OPM.

Here is the tracklist for Mayonnaise 2014

Bakit, Pt. 2 (2014 Version) 
Jopay (2014 Version) 
The Only Thing (2014 Version) 
Pink White Blue (2014 Version) 
Sa Dilim (Previously Unreleased) 
The Only Thing (Acoustic Version) 

Paper Towns Book Review

"Paper Towns" was my first John Green book. I didn't join the bandwagon when "The Fault In Our Stars" came out; until now, I have yet to read the book or see the movie. So I really did not know what to expect. Was John Green another Nicholas Sparks? I'm not going to go on and compare the two authors but one thing is for sure; I read through Paper Towns like the book is on fire. I loved the non-traditional characters, I loved how the novel was written in such a smart and witty way that I was chuckling to myself as I was going through the pages; because the lines were just so funny and a funny smart kind of way. :)  

It was actually the trailer of Paper Towns that got me to start reading the book. I was actually expecting a typical love story when I saw the trailer but I was really surprised as to how it really wasn't your typical love story at all! 

Paper Towns is a contemporary coming-of-age story with unique characters, so real they can actually be someone you know. Instead of a "damsel in distress/heroine" "looking for love" we have Margo Roth Spiegelman, a free spirited teen who takes revenge on a cheating boyfriend, has a wide collection of records which even her best friends don't know about, oh and she likes running away from home. 

Then we have our protagonist Quentin "Q" Jacobsen whose voice and thoughts narrates the story for us. Unlike your typical hero "Q" is a geek and a nerd who loves playing video games on his free time, he studies for tests and does his homework. I love how the story allows the characters to  grow from their own shells and find the courage that even they did not know existed within themselves. 

Shout out to Q's friends Ben and 'Radar' who bring in more to the story. Anybody would be lucky to have friends like them :) 

The night before Margo runs away from home, she enlists the help of Q to get revenge on people who she felt have wronged her. During this "mission" Q's feelings for Margo are fully realized. (he has had feelings for her since they were little). The next morning when Margo's disappearance has become official, Q realizes that Margo has left clues for him to find her. Q begins an obsessive search to find Margo with the help of his friends Radar and Ben. 

Paper Towns deals with themes of growing up and appearance versus reality. In a high school setting of the beautiful and popular kids and the geeks and the nerds in the school band and of concerns like graduation and prom, I'm glad to see deeper thoughts and themes being explored. 

A great book and a great reading experience - looking forward to when the movie comes out :) 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Super Hero for a day at the World of DC All Star Fun Run

And they're off! An estimated 11,000 participants joined The League at the World of DC: All Star Fun Run

Last Saturday, April 18, 2015, the Philippines became the only South Asian country to participate in a global effort to gather the most number of people dressed as characters from the D.C. Universe. I participated in this collective effort by joining the World of DC All Star a Fun Run. During this event; which is the first of it's kind, runners get to wear singlets of their favorite superhero. The singlet also comes with an additional costume piece (masks for Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern, a head band for Wonder Woman and a cape for Superman). I decided to choose Superman (because I can pass for a Super Girl) I mean how many times do you get to run around with a cape without being chased by orderlies?

This was actually my first time to join a fun run. You would most likely find me behind a book or in front of the TV instead of doing any physical activity that would require me to be outdoors. In preparation for the event, my sister and I ran on Monday mornings, much to the approval of our mom.

This Super Family are ready to take over the Fun Run

If you follow me on social media I have been posting a lot about the event and you can say that my excitement was even doubled since it was my first run. So just imagine my surprise at the overwhelming number of participants that came for the event. A quick stop at Mc Donald's at 4AM already reveled our fellow runners in their super hero singlets. 

My sister and I were pleasantly surprised to see children joining the race as well! Not only were the kids dressed in the official race singlets provided but some of them were even in full costume! We were cooing and pointing out how cute the kids were. Speaking of cute - even pets came to the fun run dressed in costume! I think that was the first time I ever saw Superdog :)

Check out this 'super' man's best friend :) 

As the sun rose over Manila bay, super heroes of all shapes and sizes (children in costume were holding the hands of their parents who were of course in costume too), prepared for the gun start and went along their own pace, some with family, some with friends. It was a super fun run, so to speak. :)

An estimated 11,000 runners joined the event, our friends for the Justice League PH were also present, with The Flash even running the 3k in full costume :) 

I really hope there will be another one next year, it was great to see everyone come out and become a hero for a day, maybe they can future more characters for next year :)

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Woman, Create: Design the Wonder Woman In You

As the days to Vinyl day were approaching, the wonderful world that is the internet led me to another event that was happening on the same day - Woman, Create.

Woman, Create is a movement that gathers and empowers young women through art, creativity and (fun) discourse in order to ultimately design the wonder woman in them.

I was interested to check out the event, especially the live music that they were having, especially since Reese and Vica will be performing, we absolutely love this two and have been blogging a lot about them but have yet to see them perform live. Since both events (Vinyl Day and Woman, Create) were happening at the same day, yet at the same venue, we decided to drop by and check it out. :)

Okay - so it turns out that it was a long walk to and from the BGC Amphitheater where Vinyl Day was being held and Fully Booked, which is where Woman, Create was happening. Nevertheless we were happy to have stopped by to show our support, not only to local musicians but local artisans as well.

Event Poster. Check out all those art workshops, featured artists and live music! 

Local Artist Mawee Borromeo's booth at Woman, Create 

 I've been following local artist Mawee Borromeo on Instagram @maweeborrs and I really love her art, I was supposed to buy a Khaleesi portrait from her but she in the middle of a live portrait session and I was shy to interrupt :P Maybe next time! :)

There was definitely a lot going on and it was such a shame that we could only swing by for a while. Hopefully we'd have a better schedule when the next Woman, Create event happens. :) 

It's great to know that there is a community that supports creativity and at least now I know where to go when the next writer's block happens :P 

Make sure to like follow their social media sites for more updates! :) 

Finally! Reese and Vica LIVE! 

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

For The Love of Music: Satchmi Vinyl Day

Music Lovers go through crates of Vinyl and genres of  music, spanning decades. 

While people are either posting or watching about a certain musical festival happening half way around the world. I can't help but wonder why people yearn and wish for something so far away when we have Satchmi's Vinyl Day right here?

Yes it may not have the flower children or bohemian themed attire or the huge circus tents or a Ferris wheel but isn't the heart and essence of all music festivals- the music? 

So yes people it's not the celebrities who come to the party to be seen, it's not about the fashion, and who's wearing what-or in some cases - who's not wearing what, but it's about the gathering of kindred spirits; it's about people coming together to celebrate the love for music and Satchmi Vinyl Day has that and so much more!

Last Saturday, April 11, music lovers gathered as Satchmi, a team of curators ingeniously
brought back the love of the old and married it with the youthful energy of the new which brought about Vinyl Day. A day filled with nostalgia as we go through crates and crates of Vinyl and are at the same time, serenaded and entertained by some of our own home grown talent.

Front and Center: Jensen Gomez of Jensen and the Flips, serenading the crowd.

12 amazing local bands, more than 8 hours of awesome live music. Crates and crates of Vinyl from different genres, across decades of music - on discount! This is not just your dad's vinyl but it could be yours too, as the crates reveled jeweled finds such as Taylor Swift's 1987 (don't deny it some of those Swift songs are pretty catchy), Panic! At the Disco's "Too weird to live, Too rare to die" as well as The 1975's debut album (I have both on CD). So you see it's not all The Beatles, Led Zeeplin and the classics. It's a whole array of music, you never know what you'll find! 

Aside from the live music and the vinyl there were also lots to see, do, eat and drink around the Ampitheater at BGC. Craft Ice Cream KOOL KIDS (and yes I'm thinking about Echosmith) had free yummy ice cream (tastes like heaven), while EDSA Beverage group had a variety of delicious drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to offer thirsty music lovers. It was nice to get to try out new things and not just have the same staple refreshments :p 

There was even a listening booth wher you can listen to vinyl on some bad ass Motorinos. 

The event started at around 4:00 PM (fans were already elbow deep in vinyl) and ended a little after midnight, it was hosted by Jobim, Paulynne and Lambert Cruz of Jam 88.3. There was something for everybody with the 12 bands of different genres who kept the crowd singing and dancing throughout the night; from the sick beats of Tandem 91, the swag guys of Jensen and the Flips, electro-pop prodigy B.P. Valenzuela, crowd favorites Autotelic, music industry tested Imago, fire starters Cheats and an explosive ending from Pedicab. 

A lucky fan also got to bring home a brand new Satchmi Motorino, I saw her dancing at the side of the stage after claiming her coveted prize (anyone would, really). :)

Headlights: Satchmi up in lights at the mobile listening booth

My hearts swells to bursting as I hear the crowd singing along with the bands performing, as I hear lovers of music looking through vinyl and embracing a way of life that has not dissapered, who choose to patronize the music and support the artists and industry. It's all for the love of music and there was definitely a lot of that during Satchmi's Vinyl Day - will definitely save up so I could go on a vinyl spree! Satchmi's Vinyl Day has been happening for the past three years and if the turnout alone is an indication I know that there will be more! It's all for the love of music and it's overflowing! 

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For more updates on events, promos and discounts make sure to follow Satchmi on their social media sites and do visit their store at the 4th floor of Mega Fashion Hall -it's beautiful! 

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Neon Hour Album Review

After the successful album launch of The Neon Hour - I really wanted to publish this album review at an earlier date but surprise, surprise, we had work even during the Holy Week break and to top it off we were also working on a Corporate Shoot project at the same time. As I said in a Facebook post it was like working twice (or working two jobs) during the Holy Week. Plus the heat of summer had me just going to sleep right after work.

I hated myself for not getting this album review out sooner - just because it's such an awesome album I want to share it with you guys! :)

I wrote in my be/ep review that I felt that the EP left me wanting for more well - The Neon Hour album satisfied that craving for more of B.P.'s music.

When you play the CD, the album opens with Early/Late which is reminiscent of the tracks from her be/ep EP, like having dialogue (which Paul loves conversing with). In my opinion this is a great way to start the album so that fans are eased into the more upbeat and diverse tracks which the rest of the album offers. 

Pretty Car is a great song to describe B.P's music (as of the moment) and is radio ready. B.P. describes the album taking a more "electro-pop" direction and 'Pretty Car' fits the electro-pop bill. 
I think that this is my favorite track in the album - it sticks to your head and you find yourself singing and dancing to it. 

As we were playing the album Paul commented "the quality of the music is really good- OPM has come a long way - put that in the review" he added. I already mentioned it before but I just have to say it again - Paul rarely gives his compliments to anything; so giving his 'thumbs up' to B.P. really says a lot. 

During the album launch - B.P. talks about how Nick Lazaro was a big part of the album and I just have to say that we love MOONWLK - Lazaro is 1/2 of the electro-pop duo. It's really great that B.P. is working with other artists to create music, it allows for more creative output and I just love that talented local artists are getting together to collaborate on awesome music! You can hear Nick Lozado on "The Fury and Sound"  while Curtismith collaborates with our electro-pop genius in "Veneers". I wrote before that the indication of a good album if there are collaborations with other artists and The Neon Hour is such an album. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Vinyl Day: Reminding us of the Love that Music deserves

I'd love to get my hands on those Vinyls <3 

I don't have a record player nor do I have a single vinyl-yet but as my CD collection steadily grew (that tends to happen when you write album, EP and LP reviews) and after visiting Satchmi I wanted to start collecting vinyls as well.

My father-in-law had his own vinyl collection back in the day and so with much excitement I told him of my interest of wanting to collect vinyls, there was a pause after I said my piece then he says: "Why?" "Why would you want to collect vinyls?" 

Words like "Classic" and "Vintage"  popped into my head as I thought of responses to this question; I thought 'because I am an aspiring music collector and as some someone who blogs about music I should have my own vinyl collection!" 

'Because the sound of a vinyl being played on a record player - is just awesome! 

'It's an amazing conversation piece!'

'It would be a bad as* element in my interior design' 

There are many reasons to start collecting vinyls at a time when songs can be streamed and downloaded for free; at a time when music can be played from anything and anywhere. There are many reasons to start collecting vinyls, some maybe superficial, some acceptable and understandable but there is one thought that has stuck with me and is probably the one that means the most - Vinyls reminds us of the love and respect that music deserves.

Songs being available digitally have become a double-edged sword; while it has made songs and music easily available; the artist is not compensated for their craft. Sound familiar? Yeah that's probably the sad story of every creative struggling to make a living out of his or her art.

"People are not respecting the music and devaluating what it really means" Jay-Z told Billboard. "People really feel like music is free, but will pay $6.00 for water. You can drink water out of the tap and it's good water. But they're okay paying for it. It's just the mindset right now. 

Which brings us back to what the humble vinyl represents - the good old days when people happily paid for the music - and here are some reasons why the vinyl is humble and mighty in its own stead. 

Vinyls are not cheap and that's because music should not be, as my husband would say: "We have to give back to the artist" and this means paying for the music, something that should be done - no questions asked. 

Vinyl collectors take care of their Vinyl, just as toy collectors would care for their own toys. Great care is taken care so that the vinyl and the turn table is not damaged, scratched or that dust does not settle on it. The same should go for music. We should value and support the music that gets us through a difficult time, the music that was there when no one else was (oh come on, I know you've had those moments too). 

You might think that paying for a digital download on iTunes or streaming apps is a good enough way to support an artist, while that may be the case just think about it this way - the artist only gets a small portion of what you're paying for those digital downloads- it's literally just change. You're also missing out on the packaging that goes with the albums, I mean there is a lot that goes on in conceptualizing these covers and sleeves and it's just a shame that all you have is a digital copy when you can have one that is printed. 

I love that Vinyls represent the good old days, I love that despite the digital world that we live in right now - the love for good old days still resonates and you can be a part of that good old way of loving music too - just head on over to Vinyl day!

Wait - what Vinyl Day?! Yup! You read that right get to show music some good old loving by rummaging through over a thousand vintage records on sale! You don't have to own a record player or have a Vinyl Collection to go to Vinyl Day - just go for the love of the music and if crates and crates of vinyls is not enough well you also get to enjoy live music from some of the countries' up and coming local bands! As if things can't get any better there will be discounts, freebies and prizes! Just imagine, looking through vinyls and enjoying the music of Imago, Pedicab, Ang Bandang Shirley, B.P. Valenzuela, Autotelic, Cheats and so much more! And it's all for FREE! Yup! It's FREE! You just have to show up - enjoy the music and who knows you just might go home with your very first Vinyl :)