Friday, October 28, 2016

Cadbury Dairy Milk: #FreeTheJoy Doctor Strange Screening

#FreeTheJoy indeed with these #CadburyChristmas flavors!

This week was a bit tough for me, given that I had four movie screenings for the wee and of course I still had to go to work after. 

So just imagine: 

Monday - "Doctor Strange" premiere at Mall of Asia (review here) then straight to work.  

Tuesday - "The Accountant" premiere at Glorietta, then work. (In case this is your first time reading a blog post, I work the night shift.) Upon getting home in the morning I wrote and published my movie review for "Doctor Strange" then I got a surprise invite to see "Trolls" for Wednesday evening at Robinson's Galleria and since my fellow movie bloggers all had praises for the film-I had to see it too! 

Even if it has been a tiring three days, I was still pumped out for Thursday because Cadbury Dairy Milk and Nuffnang were having a special screening of "Doctor Strange". I know, I know, I've already seen "Doctor Strange" but Paul hasn't and luckily it was his day off then, so we also had #DateNight and as I said in a previous post - I did realize that even if Paul and I are already married I still miss hanging out with him. Especially since we have different work schedules and rest days and as you already know, I had a pretty busy schedule this week. So I was definitely grateful for the opportunity to spend time with him and  get to do the things that we love -watch movies, geek out and enjoy chocolate!

No illusions here. Three screenings for Doctor Strange at Shang Cineplex. 

It was definitely a #FreeTheJoy moment as we got to enjoy the movie with lots of nerd talk between Paul and me since Paul did read some of the comics. 

We're also big fans of Cadbury Dairy Milk and we were also excited for their limited edition Christmas flavors! You can read more here  and of course Cadbury did not disappoint as they gave attendees special Cadbury Dairy Milk gift packs with the limited edition Christmas flavors - 

Black Forest 

French Vanilla

Chocolate Mousse

-it's definitely a #CadburyChristmas indeed! 

Paul had fun taking photos of the chocolate with our "Doctor Strange" poster! I guess you can say that the Doctor has chocolate on his mind! 

Thank you as always Cadbury and Nuffnang!

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