Monday, November 7, 2016

Books: Gaiman, Murakami, Pardo. Picks from National Bookstore's Sale

So on the last day of the National Book Store Sale, we were doing errands in the mall and had some extra bit of cash. Well, actually we still had some bills to budget but the temptation was so strong so I just took a sneak peek and well....came out with three books. Hehehe. 

So the first one I picked up was Haruki Murakami's "Wind/Pinball" at 50%off! This is actually my first Murakami hardbound and at 50% off I just could not resist. 

Paul took the photo with the plastic wrap still on, I would have preferred if it was without the plastic but still I'm not reading it then I guess its okay if it will keep the book clean and protected. Will probably reshoot once I finally open the book to read. :) 

My second pick is a collection of short stories inspired from Nail Gaiman's "Sandman" at 20% off. This is my first book which is a collection of short stories. Paul is a big fan of "Sandman" so this is also a treat for him.  

My third pick was a book that was not on sale but I still had to have. "The Lost Journal of Alejandro Pardo" which I already blogged about so long ago and now I finally have a copy! Will post more on that soon! #SupportLocal 

Will be posting book reviews soon! :D 

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