Monday, November 28, 2016

Events: Sky Cable "Lets Be One" Christmas Press Party

We were thrilled when we were invited to Sky Cable's Christmas Party for for the PRESS and Media. We are Sky Cable subscribers (everyone in the compound we live in with Paul's family, that's how many TV sets (6). 

We're pretty much coach potatoes so if we are not binge watching our latest series obsession we are of course, watching cabled TV! 

It could be Jack TV, HBO, Star Movies, History Channel, Crime Investigation or what you, our days start and end with the TV-no kidding. 

So it was definitely a pleasure to be at their Christmas Party, it was nice to feel appreciated by a brand that is basically part of your everyday life. :) 

And what a party it was! There were interactive booths featuring some of today's top shows in pop culture. The Golden Globes and the X-Factor from 
RTL-CBS and Hairspray Live! from Diva. We had fun with the booths! (Check out the first two photos). :) 

After the sumptuous meal that was served there was a little quiz bee for the guests, okay I'll admit that we were a bit competitive since we had the whole geek banner going on. We didn't win though :( For some reason the other tables were just faster, I did get the "Game of Thrones" question, so I'm good. 

In the quiz bee, all the answers had the word "One" in them. 


Q: In "Game Of Thrones" Arya Stark is also known as? 
A: "No One" 

This is of course to commemorate the theme of the party #SkyLetsBeOne and I'd definitely love to be one with Sky :) 

During the party, guests were also informed of the different exciting deals that Sky Cable has to offer, we are personally really interested with their One Sky plan which has cable and internet for a really good price!  Unfortunately its not yet available in our area and we've had to be stuck with poor WiFi service (Yes Globe, I'm looking at you). Hopefully One Sky will be available in our area soon! Maybe next year? :) 

Aside from the food and the games, guests were also entertained by Ivy Grace (Paredes) of the X-Factor and Eric Santos. There were also a few words from Sky Cable Chief Operating Officer March Ventosa. 

Of course a Christmas Party would not be complete without RAFFLE PRIZES! Paul won a gift card from Starbucks (will definitely help with my stickers for the 2017 Planner). I was hoping to win the Sony Sound Bar of the 40 inch TV but I didn't, I did win in the Instagram contest (the first photo in this blog post) and got a lot of Sky Cable goodies, including a bottle of wine which was a big treat for Paul :) 

Maybe next year? :) 

Again, thank you so much Sky Cable for having us! Looking forward to a 2017 with more activties, events, new shows and definitely a lot of TV marathons. Who knows, maybe we'll also get that One Sky plan! 


Ivy Grace belting out impressive ballads.

Sky Cable Corporation chief operating officer March Ventosa.

Eric Santos serenading the crowd. 

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