Monday, November 7, 2016

Events: Blogapalooza 2016


It's our third year going to Blogapalooza, although we did miss the the first "Horizons" event earlier this year. I think we had an event on the same day. So when "Horizons 2.0" was at a convenient time and venue we couldn't resist! 

10AM at Novotel Cubao, which meant we could go straight to the event after work. 

We were also lucky that we had a shoot at the hotel a couple of months back so we had an idea of the layout of the venue. Turns out the event was where we had our shoot so hehe even better. :) 

Ribbon cutting to officially start Blogapalooza 2016 / Horizons 2.0! 

Krispy Kreme is a favorite brand and its always great to see them at Blogapalooza :) 

Just check out the smiling kid with his doughnut! 

We were really looking forward to seeing Microtel at the event. This especially since we got to book a stay with them for APCC earlier this year (more here)  now we did not only get to see Microtel but discover TRYP Hotel as well! 

TRYP Hotel in Asia will open in the Mall of Asia Complex in the first quarter of 2017! 
Yohoo! More hotel options for Conventions! 

Hoping to check them out some time soon! 

Right next to the Microtel booth was a fun brand, that Paul and I were happy to discover Kleiner Klopfer which puts the whole drinking game to a whole new level! 

Taking its origins from German alcoholic beverage, Kleiner Klopher brings the fun to parties with their drinking games and even taking board games to a whole new level by incorporating, well, alcohol! Maybe we can get to try the games soon! 

Unfortunately we had to leave early since we had a wedding to go to but as always we just have to make the most of what we have and I'm happy we got to be part of this event. Especially since bloggers from all over the country were also present. Hence the #UnitePH

It helped me realize how big the blogging community is and that there is so much potential waiting to be realized. Good thing there is Blogapalooza to make it easier! 

Congratulations and looking forward to the next event! 

Click HERE for MORE Photos! 

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