Sunday, December 18, 2016

Lifestyle: SM Angono Food Crawl

Long overdue post. Sorry. We've been really busy. "Secrets" concert, Rogue One week and of course the big baby surprise! You know in hindsight I think I was already pregnant when we had this food crawl in SM Angono. So I wouldn't be surprised if I start craving for some of these awesome dishes! 

Here goes! 

Whenever you go to the mall, you already have a ready set of places to go to eat. Whenever you want chicken  you can either go to these places, places which have stores in all malls, all across the Metro. I guess we can't help it, we just got used to having these choices that we fail to become a little adventurous and try something new. Which is why I am grateful for this food crawl because we got to discover new and exciting restaurants and of course got to try delicious new dishes as well! 

Another great plus is that you also get to support the small local businesses and I'm always more than happy to do that. 

First Stop: Mojo Frites 

Reinventing fries as we know it, Mojo Frites Authentic Belgian Fries will rock your world. 

As its owner Carlo has said, in the Philippines we are used to having soggy thin fries seasoned with salt or powdered flavors but that is not how 'French fries' were originally meant to be enjoyed as thick pieces of fried potatoes dipped in savory sauces. :) 

Speaking of original, contrary to popular belief, 'french fries' did not originally come from France but from Belgium, where in the 1960's villagers have been known to fry fries. Soldiers simply called it "french fries" because of the language that was used in the region. 

The fries are made to order, which means no risk of eating soggy fries! 

I really loved the Poutine, I think its my favorite! (I feel a craving coming in) it's fries covered in a special gravy, cheese, bacon bits and chives. (Mmmmmm!) Definitely coming back for that. We didn't get to try the Shiznel burger - will definitely order that, the next time.

There are over 11 different sauces to try! Now, while I may not be a big fan of sauces (Paul is) it was still fun to experiment and try out each one! 

Aside from the awesome booth, the ambiance was nice and cozy at Belgian Frites with beautiful photos and personal messages from customers as to how awesome Mojo Frites (pronounced as mo-jo freet) was. 

Next stop was Cusina - which had a nice canteen feel to it and served authentic Filipino dishes at affordable prices! 

Because you know sometimes you get tired of the usual fast good menus and just crave for some good old Pinoy home cooking and if ever you have any of those you can just head over to "Cusina". 

For someone who grew up with my relatives sending over/fighting over authentic "laing" from Bicol, its refreshing to get to taste something full of memories and I got that with Cusina. 

Paul really liked their 'kilawin" too! Now you don't have to pester relatives to cook for you when you are looking for that special Pinoy flavor-since there is Cusina now for that! 

For the past few years, "ramen" has become very popular, especially during the cold and rainy seasons. Now most of the popular Ramen houses are in the Metro but its good to know that there is an a ramen house nearby which can give you that authentic Japanese feel and food that you are looking for! 

Welcome to Kasumi's Cocoro (Heart of Katsumi) whose impressive and authentic interior will give you that unique Japanese feel once you step inside the restaurant and you haven't even tried the food yet! From the warm Japanese tea served in cups to the delicious ramen and huge tempura! :D 

Everything is worth trying and taking photos of and posting on Instagram for your #foodporn posts. 

The perfect way to end the food crawl was of course 'Mystical Cakes' which served delicious premium cakes! Like chocolate to die for! I kid you not! I simply cannot wait for a family member to have a birthday so we can have them try the premium chocolate cake-which is just heavenly. :) 

So needless to say, it was a truly satisfying food crawl experience, maybe next time we should fast first. We were definitely in a food coma after. 

Thank you to SM City Angono for having us and to all the resturants! It was definitely a delightful experience. 

More photos here!

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