Saturday, December 10, 2016

Movie Review: Your Lie in April

This review is a bit late, *gomen* just busy with the holiday rush, work and other events but here it is! 

I haven't been watching any anime series lately so it was nice to get reminisce those "feels" with the live movie adaptation of "Your Lie in April". Which is based on the manga series "Shigatsu wa Kimo no Uso" by Naoshi Arakawa, first published in May of 2011.

 It's impressive how they were able to fit 23 episodes into a movie, although I haven't seen the anime, my brother (who was my movie buddy for the premiere. since he is a fan of the series) was filling me in on the details/similarities and what not. I have to say that it was a good call that I didn't put on make up because true to form, I was crying like a baby before the movie ended something my brother always finds hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, the audience's reactions were pretty much on cue with what was happening on screen. They laughed and got giddy in such a boisterous way it was funny. There was even a girl in the audience who shouted (for the entire cinema to hear) "Eh di wow!" at a scene in the movie, that was how invested they were with the characters. 

So what is it all about? 

Piano prodigy Kosei Arima (Kento Yamazaki) has lost the will and passion to play music, which has something to do with the death of his strict mother who taught him to play the piano. He meets the spirited violin player Kaori Miyazano (Suzu Hirose) who gets him to play the piano again, through forceful and funny means and it is through their time together that Kosei slowly starts to have feelings for Kaori, but she keeps a secret, a lie that changes them both forever. 

I have to say, I enjoyed (and appreciated) the story's focus on classical music which is what brings our two characters together. It's a refreshing change from the pop-song centric, romantic films that have come out recently (Music and Lyrics, Begin Again). You don't need to be an expert on Beethoven or Mozart to enjoy the music that they play. 

Both characters are on fire when they play their respective instruments on stage. I was also pleased to know that the actors learned how to play the piano and violin for six months prior to filming. It is actually them that you see playing the instruments, no trick shots which is obvious in other films.  

The visuals make you feel that you're watching an anime episode, from the beautiful cherry blossoms, the calm sea, the popular "roof top" hangout at school, its just beautiful

I just felt that the second act was weaker than the first and last, I guess this is the downfall of fitting 23 episodes into a 122 minute movie, you won't really get to have the full gist or feel of the story. Of course, you can always watch the series! :) 

If you're into Asian movies, anime, or a fan of the series you should not miss this in cinemas. 7 out of 10. "Your Lie In April" is now showing! 

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