Monday, December 19, 2016

Music: A Night with Aia, Barbie and Kitchie

Another late post. So sorry - you know how it is. "Rogue One", big baby news (apparently I was already pregnant when we saw "Secrets"- so rest assured this baby has been exposed to great music) I have to take it easy, no more burning the midnight oil to write posts and get them done right away (although I really want to). 

December 10, 2016. 

Despite the infamous Manila traffic, which has become a horror story of sorts, urging residents to stay at home, the brave flocked Greenhills-notorious for traffic jams and difficulty and scarcity of parking spaces, especially during the holiday rush, faithful fans were still patiently in a long line, snaking ouside the iconic Music Museum, eager to see a once in a lifetime show. 

They say that two's company and three's a crowd, well that certainly was not case during a great night for OPM, when three of its timeless and long enduring female singer-songwriters Aia De Leon, Barbie Almalbis and Ktchie Nadal joined forces - for an unforgetable performance, which showcased each of their musical prowess. They thrilled fans who were able to enjoy a good dose of old favorites, probabbly bringing back a memory or two with certain songs and lyrics. Like for me personally, Barbie Almalbis' "You can take the whole wide world with your boyish charm" from her song "Just a Smile" was for a boy, I had a crush on in College (and no, it was not Paul) and were also able to discover (not so) new songs, probabbly adding to new favorites. 

Long before the lights opened inside the Music Museum went on, fans in the audence were already shouting confessions of love and devotion to these ladies, which shows that despite the years that have passed (decades, even) their fans have always been there, cheering them on, eager to see them perform, and yes perhaps even to sing along, because well, we Filipinos just love to do that. 

Former Imago front woman, Aia de Leon was up first and chose to communicate with the audience through the use of a LED screen, which had hilarious lines, reflecting her friendly persona and drew laughs from the audeince as well. As she was performing, I realzied that I knew most of (if not all) the Imago songs, and just confirmed how big a part they were of my College years. 

Not limiting herself to the stage, Aia bravely walked to the audience and without any accompanying microphone for herself or her guitar, performed "Sundo" which caused goosebumps (and a bit of a tear) because it was just so raw and so beautiful, again with the audience eager to sing along (with second voice pa!) and I fell in love with the song and with Aia all over again. 

Its good to know that she is coming out with new songs next year, mostly digital releases and maybe some physical copies, to those who may be interested (raises hand). 

Never faltering in her guitar skills, Barbie Almalbis opened her 45 minute set with a jaw dropping display of her magic fingers as she played the guitar like a queen, slaying any wannabe Guitar Hero. Her technical playing has always set her apart as a musician, elevating her songs to more than just your pop song on the radio. 

Of course her unique and signature voice still has not changed over the years, endearing fans of multiple generations to this now proud mom of two. In case you didn't know, she recorded her last two albums at home so she can be with her kids. Now those are some #MomGoals. 

From a household name, Kitchie Nadal was the girl next door, who was the face behind that hit song, "Huwag Na Huwag Mong Sasabihin" do you remember when it became a smash hit? It was everywhere! Yet Nadal has become more than just that song, at the pinnacle of her success she decided to travel, for two years. Instead of pursuing what would have no doubt been a career with hit after hit, she chose to travel, and work with NGOs, helping children which was evident during the concert as she asked three talented boys, from her "ROAR" project to perform with her on stage. 

"They became viral with a video on Youtube" she tells the crowd proudly. 

It is as if these three talented singer-songwriters each went on their own personal journeys, bringing with them their own experiences, their own lessons in life, and it is these very personal and very different roads which have allowed them to break free from the cookie-cutter, singer-songwriter mold and become their own personal brand of musicians. 

As if a 45 minute set per artist was a great enough show, the ladies also shared the stage together, covering songs from The Cranberries and yes, even Nirvana. They each also performed each others' hit songs, much to the amusement of the crowd. 

Now it is no surprise that the show was a sold out success and if you missed it, fear not because the mighty trio will be back in February! So make sure to start saving up for that! (Tickets may run out fast!) It is concert season after all, with it being Valentines and all. 

"Secrets" : A Night with Aia, Barbie and Kitchie was an intimate show, one that I will not soon forget (I made a Spotify playlist, as a reminder) and a "secret" that is too good to keep to myself. 


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