Sunday, January 8, 2017

Movie Review: Sing

There must be something about music and animals -or singing animals for that matter that has humans (no matter the age) just captivated. Which is probabbly why films that feature such is effective in keeping hyperactive kids occupied (a glorious hour or two for their parents, I'm sure). 

Whatever the reason for this fascination "Sing" brings over 84 songs- (yes, you read that right) 84 songs from a wide selection of genres, across different decades to original songs and all of them amazing performances (a treat for a big music nerd for me) into a film featuring never before seen animal characters in movies (a koala and a porcupine among them) who carry such real conflicts that just draws you to them. 

Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) is an optimistic koala, whose theater has fallen on hard times (stage crews whose checks have bounced, unpaid electric bills, leaking roofs, a crumbling building-you get the picture) and is desperate for a show that will save his theater. 

Which brings his "Singing Competition" to the stage- because who doesn't love an "Amerinca Idol with Animals" right - and with a $100,000 prize money - who can resist? 

I wonder where Buster will get that kind of prize money? 

The story becomes more than just a singing competition as each of the competition standouts: 

Johnny (Taron Egerton) a gorilla who wants out of his father's gang. 
Rosita (Reese Witherspoon) is an overtaxes mom whose whole life revolves around her 25 piglets and overworked husband. 
Meena (Tory Kelly) is an elephant with a beautiful voice but who has an intense stage fright. 
Mike (Seth MacFarlane) is a jazz and blues mouse who should really listen to Darth Vader's advise and not to choke on his aspirations. 
Ash - (Scarlett Johansson) is a porcupine whose musical creativity is being hindered by her boyfriend's own ambitions. 

These unlikely aspiring singers wrestle with their own personal conflicts amindst just wanting to sing. 

There are also some surprising, nail-biting scenes that just had me so invested in the characters, I was just in pieces wondering how they would surpass the challenges in the film (and they were a lot!) 

I'm happy that the film did not follow the typical singing competition format and instead created a story grounded on its too real characters. 

The music, the songs, the dancing is the delicious icing on the cake to an already memorable animated feature. Definitely my favorite Illumination movie! Other studios better watch out! I think Illumination just found the perfect mix of heart and music in their films. 

10/10 - I was singing, laughing, crying and errupting in spontaneous applause in the film. 

Currently listening to the soundtrack on Spotify which was has been playing for about three hours already. "Sing" is now showing in cinemas! 

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