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MUSIC: Loop Talks About Their "Reality And Dreams" (Album)

Last 2014, Paul and I were on a "Loop" craze, we were just mad for the four-piece Iligan based band. We loved their sophomore album "Flirting with the Universe" -with such a passion that its still one of our favorite go-to CDs to play, whether in the car or at home. 

So just imagine our excitement that the band is coming out with their third album "Reality and Dreams" (?!) -we were able to catch the band when they were in Manila last December. We saw (and enjoyed their set) for Paramore Night 23 and got to talk about the upcoming album. I promised to send a set a questions for them to answer and here it is! 

Sorry it took some time, you know it is. Holidays, baby news. Lazy preggy hormones. Hahaha -but not too lazy to show our continuing love and support for this awesome band! 

*Photos taken during Paramore Night 23*

Do you remember your first recording experience? How has your recording process changed in the years? How has the creative process been since then?

  • We remember it as if it was yesterday! Hahaha. We were just starting out (2013) and we thought it would be awesome to record some demos with no plans of release. Good thing, Kim’s dad was out of town so we took it as an opportunity to record at her house. We didn’t even have interfaces back then. Just a mixer and an electronic kit. Halfway thru recording, we received an invite to play in Davao. That’s when we decided to use the demos and make it an EP.
  • I’m also used to working alone on the mixing/mastering process.
  • The creative process was raw and exciting. Kim had a number of acoustic demos and we just jam thru all of em in the studio that we rented. Took a while to cook up the songs to what it is right now.

Why "Reality and Dreams" ? And how much of the title influenced the record?

  • Reality and Dreams is part of the song “31”’s lyrics. After listening to all of our songs, we just thought that it’s definitely what this is all about. The title came after the recording. We had a number of titles but RnD is just too perfect for it. The record influenced the title hahaha. The songs deal with our realities as well as our dreams.

What was it like recording your album in Manila? And how was it working with the folk at the Yellow Room Philippines?

  • there are pros and cons. Recording in a legit, iconic studio like Yellow Room Ortigas (formerly Tracks) is definitely one of the pros. hahaha. It’s not something you get to experience on regular basis. We’re kinda lucky tbh. Thanks to our Mgnt Team, Tiny C, Xiao and Giovan for making things happen and to Monty Macalino of Yellow Room for allowing it to happen. We’re just very lucky to meet and be part of an amazing set of human beings.
  • Constant pressure. We tried to finish the recording as quickly as possible because we have limited time but at the same time, we make sure that it’s how we wanted it; Not too perfect and full of heart.
  • And since we live here in Cebu and Iligan, that’s probably one of the not so good thing about it. We need to really schedule everything. And every mix will be sent back and forth via email.

What were your influences for this album? Any particular artist or album/s you were listening to during the recording process?

  • The artists that influenced us are basically the same. It’s the experiences and the outlook in life that has changed. That’s probably one of the biggest influence that we have in making this album. You can find our musical influences on our Facebook page hehehe

What was the concept behind the (super cute) album art? Its very different from your past two releases.

  • Teters Enrique and Coco San Luis did a real great job on it. The concept is probably the fine line between reality and dreams. Our reality, all black and white and all the color are within our dreams.

Fans get a glimpse of "Reality and Dreams" in the track "I Want You" which you shared on
Soundcloud. Why did you choose this song to share among the songs in the album?

  • It tells you what the entire album is going to be like.

You are having your album launch in Cebu - can you tease fans on what the Manila debut/launch will be like?

  • I’m not sure about the manila debut/launch but hopefully after a few months we can visit again.
  • We’re planning to play all of our songs (from FWTU to RnD) on Saturday so wish us luck hahahaha.

Good luck guys and see you soon! Looking forward to the album!  

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