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My Top 10 for 2016

I actually didn't  think I was coming out with my Top 2016 List this year, its this baby, he/she is really making me into one eating-sleeping machine. Like literally all I do is sleep-eat-work, that it seems that there's no energy left to write. 

So thank you to the husband for helping me with this list, he gathered all the pictures for the list, including the links to my reviews to them. Big thanks to Paul! I wouldn't want to put the time and work he spent to waste, so here I am at 5:17 AM, listening to songs form "Sing" on Spotify (full review soon), after eating a bowl of Lomi noodles and now Dunkin Donuts for dessert (yum). 

So here we go! 

Movies are arranged in no particular order. 

Rogue One

Of course! "Rogue One" is in my list! It was the "Star Wars" movie we all needed! (What prequels?!) The movie had my heart aching-(still does).  I really felt the spirit of the rebellion. Will definitely pick up a DVD copy when it comes out! 

Speaking of rebels. I made a personal decision to finish my "Rogue One" review before taking my Pregnancy Test. I was worried, if I did the pregnancy test before writing the review, I would either be too ecstatic if it were positive or too sad if it were negative, that I wouldn't be able to write my Rogue One review. I posted on social media that my baby is definitely a "Rogue One" baby. To which a friend replied that my baby was definitely a "rebel" - hmmm not too sure how to feel about that though. :P  

For a full review on "Rogue One" click here.

Midnight Special

An unexpected Sci-Fi thriller which I enjoyed. I loved the human emotions that they injected into the film. Of course, the visuals were stunning also. Must add this on  the DVD list. 

Must repeat that "the less that you know- the better". 

For a full review click here

Hail, Caesar!

A movie about making movies, in the politically intense 1950's Hollywood. I enjoyed Hail, Caesar's colorful and talented cast. The musical numbers and the interesting twist in the story will have you engaged throughout the film.  

For a full review click here.


Still on my to-read list. "Room" is one of those movies that just crushed your heart, even long before you leave the cinema. Of course the award winning performances from Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay definitely helped. 

Full review here

10 Cloverfield Lane

"A heart racing and utterly terrifying movie experience" - nuff said.  

For a full review click here.

Star Trek: Beyond

Playing the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" in a deep space fight? - SOLD! 

+ I was a bit sentimental with the sudden passing of Anton Yelchin and this was also the first film without Leonard Nimoy. 

For a full review click here.

The Shallows

As a kid, I was terrified of "Jaws". I'm glad that the new generation can enjoy a thrilling shark-survival movie. 

Kudos to Blake Lively- coz sexy babes in bikinis are not just for shark food. 

For a full review click here.

 Don't Breathe

I loved their play on senses in the film. That sick twist in the end?! Still has me in shivers!

For a full review click here.


Because some stories are worth telling. No matter the cost.  

For a full review click here.

The Big Short

I hate math but I loved "The Big Short".
For a full review click here.

Animated Movie Film: 

Had to give this special mention to two films, which I just loved. 


Morbid humor. Amazing songs. Best Cinderella twist. Can't wait to watch this again! 

For a full review click here.


Disney got their mojo back! Classic songs. A feisty (not princess) -heroine plus, Disney making jokes at their expense. I'd watch it again and again!
For a full review click here

Documentary of the Year:

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week. The Touring Years. 

It was like you were in the 60's yourself! + That 30 minute footage of the band's 1965 concert at the Shea stadium, which was remastered by the way, was a treat to see in the big screen! 

Is there a DVD of this? I would definitely get a copy. 

Superhero Movie of the Year: 


Despite the many Superhero movies that came out this year, I would have to give the honor to Deadpool. I loved how they pushed the envelope and stayed true to the character. Plus I'm a big fan of second, (third) chances and redemption stories. 

Way to go Ryan Reynolds! 
TV Series of the Year

Stranger Things

A whole weekend was spent binge watching this surprise Netflix favorite and every minute of it was worth it! The 80's! An ode to Stephen King! Sci-fi at its best! + Breakout stars that had fans screaming.

The kind of series I could watch again and again! Can't wait for the second season! 

Album of the Year: 

"Papunta Pabalik" - Autotelic 

Decided to include my album of the year on the list - because music + #SupportOPM

You should definitely commend a band for being responsible for having kids rush to record bars to get CDs and said CDs actually getting sold out. 

Album Review here

No longer just a Top 10 Movie list for 2016, this one went through changes, from having no particular order to including series, music and having a separate category for Superhero and Animation films. 

2016 is the first entire year I spent as a movie blogger and definitely a highlight. You know what they say that I'm happy at work because I have my blog to fall on too, you know just to balance things out? Well, its true. I think I survive the grueling day to day because I have this and I am grateful to be doing this still. Now I don't know how having a baby will change things but I promise to keep going to screenings as long as I can, and writing as long as I can too. My mom has this thing that you're not supposed to look at ugly things (Orcs, monsters) when you're pregnant. You should only look at cute things. So let's see how this pregnancy spices up my 2017 movie list.  

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