Friday, January 13, 2017

OPPO F1s: Capturing Philippines

Sea Dive Resort 

One of our few destinations when me and my wife got married, was Coron Palawan. This was way back in Oct 2012, we only had 5 days to cram all the sights, and what not from such a magical place.

1st day was a day of hiking Mt Tapyas. Ica was not much of a fan of walking/hiking however we got to the top  believe it or not! The view from the peak was breath taking and seeing Coron from the the top of Mt. Tapyas was one of those special moments. The light was right and scene was really something else.

Me and Ica almost on the peak of Mt. Tapyas

I couldn't pass not taking a shot from the peak of this mountain and so I did.

For me, as a photo enthusiast and frustrated traveler I would love to get my hands on a lightweight camera that would allow me to get the shots down in one go, then upload immediately. Back in 2012, that wasn't the case. I lugged a backpack with my DSLR(Canon 500d, Canon EF-S 18-50mm II lens, Sigma 70-300mm DG APO Macro lens and some accessories that I can't recall).

Ica with the giraffes in Calauit Island
My favorite shot of Calauit Island Zebras.

And of course, Coron won't be as memorable as it would be if it not the beaches as my wife is a frustrated beach bum. Each beach that we visited held such splendor and pristine quality to it. I like the way the locals knows that they have to take care of the land and the ecosystem and they educate us travelers to do so as well.

Yes, I know that having DSLR gives you all photographic capabilities that you're looking for, but let's say you want a small compact versatile tool that doesn't need a back pack to lug it around? I think a smart phone can be a powerful tool too. You just have to know the limitations of the device's camera and probably a little knowledge in photography would be helpful. Example, let's say you have an OPPO F1s, you have front and back cameras. Front has 16MP while back camera has 13MP it's safe to say that unit has a bigger resolution size than my 500d(referring to the front camera). Aperture for the camera's f/2.0 and back has 2.2 which means gives you more low light coverage and blurred background for portrait effect.  But I think a good feature for the F1s would be Selfie Panorama. I'm not a fan of groupie where in the guy who holds the camera is bigger than the other people in the group. This feature would make group shots in the right scale and perspective(IMHO).

According to Chase Jarvis, "The best camera is the one with you." In the end it all boils down to the camera that you have, and whatever it may be grab it and use it. Snap away and if you love the photo post it and if possible print it as well.

Keepers are always worth printing.

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