Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Photography: It Doesn't End Once You Have it Uploaded

Dear Fellow Photo Enthusiasts,

Photography today seems to be just data. You shoot or capture a scene, the camera captures light with its sensor, camera writes an image file on your SD/CF card, then file gets transferred from camera to computer.  If an image is good enough to be shared, via email/social media posts, web gallery or compiled in a video that may or may not be uploaded to the Internet.  After that where does your images or files end up?

Photography doesn't end once you have an image uploaded in the Internet or saved on your hard drive.  I really think it is our responsibility to have our images printed out, as this is where the final output for an image should go.  Back in the days of film, people had to bring their film rolls to developing houses/studio to get their prints and get a visual of what they have taken.  I really think that it would justify the image if it is print worthy then it must be a sight to be hold.  Hang it in a frame or put it in an album or better yet have a compilation of images in one photo/picture book.  I highly recommend PictureBooks.  I had a few photo books done by them and I quite happy with their work. Recently, I encountered Wonder Photo Shop. and this has been the my go to place when it comes to prints. Their prints are very good and thick

I make it a point to give a print to one of my clients even if they only asked for raw files.  It gives my clients something tangible, to view without using any device, and they can prop it up a table or hang it on a wall.  Either way, it makes me and my client happy.

Prints or real photographs and photo books are my main output.  To date I have printed out 2 photo books, printed out numerous rolls of film(in the days of the old), printed out lots of digital images, given away most of my clients a print in a frame.

When are you going to have yours printed out?

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