Monday, February 27, 2017

Events: Sky Cable Hosts Oscar Trivia Night

Talk about putting your Oscars knowledge to the test. Because it is Oscars Week, Sky Cable,  together with HBO and E! hosted its first ever trivia night, with of course the questions coming from this year's Oscar Nominations, past Oscar highlights and a special round for HBO and E! plus a bonus round featuring the much talked about Red Carpet looks. 

We arrived when dinner was well on the way for guests at Ludo Board game Bar and Bistro in Makati. It was a good thing that Paul was on a day off last Thursday. 

Being a movie buff myself I was really excited. I did a little reviewing during my breaks at work but I can say that because of work and well the baby's insatiable need for sleep, I wasn't really able to sit down for a recent review. It doesn't mean that we did bad, I think we did pretty good - considering. Well, I  have to give up to the winners who were really, really good. I mean the answers even to the Best Foreign Language Film categories, even answers like "Il Postino" -well just goes to show that I really have a lot to review, cover, I mean when we talk about the Oscars, that's over 89 years of movie history right there! Its one of Hollywood's most celebrated evenings and well, for the past years, I've always enjoyed staying at home and watching the Oscars on TV, I would usually prepare a little Oscar snack and just sit back and enjoy the show. 

#OscarTriviaNight just made it more enjoyable! Now I know a lot of new Oscar Trivia! :) -like which Actor was the first to be nominated for a posthumous award (Answer: James Dean) and that "La La Land" ties with "Titanic" and "All About Eve" with 14 nominations, for the most nominations for a movie, in Oscar history. Hahahah I know its very geeky of me, but its this kind of trivia that really lights my brain up! 

Congratulations to the winning team who took home P 40,000 in prizes (yes, you read that right) and of course bragging rights! 

Thanks for having us Sky :) We had a blast! 


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