Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Movie Review: Arrival

ARRIVAL - is a masterful sci-fi movie which makes a badass out of linguistic expert Louise Banks (Amy Adams) as she tries to communicate with aliens who have landed on Earth-and she must do it before time runs out. The film is an intriguing puzzle, hidden behind layers and layers of little clues, which makes it fun to solve as you go along in the movie. Once you come to the culmination, it is an overwhelming feeling of world politics and personal struggles. Director Denis Villeneuve creates a movie experience you should not miss. Truly deserving of all its accolades. 

-is what I wrote weeks ago as a requested short reaction after the film's press screening (yes, we have those). Unfortunately I haven's been able to follow it up with a full review. Not because I didn't like the movie - on the contrary - I loved it! And I just hate myself for the delay in the review as it does a great disservice to the film. 

You see the baby in my belly has been very demanding on the number of hours of sleep I get (yeah, right blame it on the baby) but seriously, I can no longer do my 5-6 hours of sleep on the weekdays and I literally spend my weekends sleeping (no kidding). 

I've finally worked up the strength to get off my butt and to actually do some writing - so here I am telling you dear reader that Denis Villenueve's "Arrival" is indeed worthy of all the praises and raves it has been receiving. 

Aliens have arrived on Earth in twelve giant spheres scattered across the world, the Army asks the help of Dr. Banks to study the language of the aliens and to translate for them. It may seem an absurd request but Louise is up to the task. They arrive at one of the twelve 'shells' in Montana where Louise works with a team, along with Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) - a scientist.  

Louise and Ian work tirelessly to come to understand the inhabitants of their 'shell' two giant squid-like aliens with seven legs, earning the name "Heptapods", Louise and Ian name their Heptapods 'Abbot' and 'Costello'. While working on understanding aliens is hard enough, there is an incredible pressure in a global political level since other countries are also dealing with their own shells and heptapods and of course as nations are tend to be known - each nation was keeping their own studies and discoveries to themselves. As if a possible alien invasion is not reason enough for human kind to put their differences aside and work together right? 

What I liked best about the "Independence Day" movies is the part where all countries get together to help each other beat the bad aliens and in "Arrival" we don't see that as each country is still looking for their own interests. 

In a race against time and with the fate of the human race on the edge, Louise finds something deep inside of her, a power she does not know she has, to unravel a great mystery. To reveal anything more about the movie would rob the viewer of the pleasure of enjoying the movie. All I have to say is that - it is a film which will have you thinking, the good kind of thinking. 

8.5 out of 10. What makes "Arrival" stand out from other Science Fiction movies is its deep rooted connection to very human themes that you can't help but feel that overwhelming feeling inside you. That despite advances in science and technology, it is human nature which pulls you in to  be lost in the incredible performance of Amy Adams whose strength comes in her perseverance hidden behind her being seemingly-delicate nature. 

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