Monday, February 27, 2017

Movie Review: Fist Fight

Did you ever have one of those days where you felt like the last day of school was a really, really, long day? Well Charlie Day sure has one of those long days in the adult comedy "Fist Fight". 

A kind English teacher being pushed around by both students and teachers, Charlie Day's Andy Campbell is just on the edge. His wife is about to give birth to their second child at any moment. He is under so much pressure at school since his job is on the line, what with budget cuts and all. Not only that but last day in Roosevelt High also means having to endure senior pranks which is pretty much what it is, a going away tradition where in the senior class gets to do pranks, all over the school and to whomever, teacher or principal. The pranks in the movie are a little over the top but its a real thing. 

As if all of these were not enough. Mr. Campbell finds himself being the ire of the school's most frightening teacher, Ron Strickland played by Ice Cube. I have to give props to Ice Cube, who just seemed angry the entire movie, like I was the one who was getting tired because he was so angry all the time. It was just hilarious. Strickland has completely lost it and challenges Campbell to a fist fight after school, one where the only outcome would be Campbell coming out a bloody mess. 

While Campbell does everything he can to prevent the big #TeacherFight - everyone in school has heard about it and is looking forward to seeing two teachers slug it out. 

Andy Campbell might not know it yet but this "Fist Fight" might be what he and the school - with so much budget cuts and a dysfunctional administration needs but the question is, will he survive it? 

The movie goes on with the audience not really sure how everything would end, which can both keep you guessing but can also be frustrating at times. From someone who studied in an exclusive school from pre-school to High School, this light on the American Public School was really shocking but of course most of it is just for the movie----right? 

The movie wraps up pretty nicely with some surprise punches (pun intended) - like the message of standing up against bullies and "dropping the mic" on them. 

6.5 out of 10. "Fist Fight" is now showing in cinemas!  

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