Sunday, February 5, 2017


I'm going to go ahead and say this - "Why Him?" is probably my favorite adult comedy to date! You know how some adult comedies tend to go over the top with their jokes it just becomes awkward? "Why Him?" goes there but pulls back so its not too over the top. 

The strength of the film is the hilarious performance of Bryan Cranston (Ned) and James Franco (Laird), whose undeniable on-screen chemistry had audiences just bursting into laughter. The two actors find themselves fighter over a girl (no, its not what you think) with Cranston as a lovable father "protecting" his daughter (Stephanie) from Franco's unconventional, no-filter, tech mogul and just really, not the type of boyfriend to bring home to Dad and Mom. 

After a surprise webcam call from Stephanie for Ned's birthday goes horribly wrong (thanks to Laird's 'performance') she invites her whole family to spend Christmas with her in California where she is studying. Instead of staying in a hotel, like they originally planned Ned and his family end up staying in Laird's mansion and meet the eccentric Laird face to face. 

Laird tries his best to get on Ned's good side, since he wants his blessing so he can ask Stephanie's hand in marriage. Ned is determined not to fall for Laird's 'tricks' and gives him a hard time. All this while Ned is trying to keep his printing business, which is being threatened by more modern methods - afloat. 

While the film is another in a long line of father-boyfriend movies, this one is a treasure trove of cameos from celebrity chefs, musicians, even a voice and a business magnate, which is a big treat for fans of pop-culture. Unfortunately Paul wasn't with me during the press screening, which was a real bummer, since I knew he would have loved the movie. Will probably catch it at another time but the feeling that I had after seeing  the movie was wanting to tell the Paul all the people who made cameos and the crazy, crazy antics in the movie. 

I would have loved to have seen more father-daughter bonding moments from Ned and Stephanie. We are told in the start of the movie that they're "really close" but I didn't really see or feel that but then again, any Dad, whether they have that special bond with their daughter or not, would not be a big fan of Laird (at first impression). I would have really wanted to have seen more father-daughter scenes from Ned and Stephanie. 

I thought Kegan Micheal Key's Gustav was a little too much with the accent :P 

There's a bit of toilet humor in the movie, which becomes integral in the story. Eccentric becomes normal when it comes to family and even an unlikely pair can make things work out when it comes to love. 

7/10 - get ready for a hilarious time in the movies! I have a batch mate in High School who brought her dad with her as a date to see the movie and despite the "adult" jokes, it wasn't awkward and they enjoyed the movie! 

"Why Him?" is R-13 and is now showing in cinemas. 

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