Sunday, February 12, 2017

PHOTOGRAPHY: #VantagePoint My Favorite Spot

EXIF: 18mm | f/16 | 1/100 sec | ISO 100
Shot February 3, 2017  - 07:38AM | Canon 500d/t1i

I have lived in Antipolo since December 1987 and steadily grew to love it.  The municipality is part of a province called Rizal, which is also part of a bigger region CALABARZON.  My parents bought a lot in a humble subdivision in Antipolo and near our place is hill; infamously, called "2nd floor".

2nd floor has a peak, surrounded by weeds, some patches of trees, and 2 houses. Surrounding the peak is a view of the mountains of Antipolo to the east and on the opposite side is the cityscape of Quezon City, Pasig City, Mandaluyong, Makati City, and Laguna Lake.

This has been a place for me to practice taking photos, gather my thoughts, and search myself. In short my-sanctuary. I've been here numerous times, bringing with me, different camera equipment.

Most of the time, I would bring my Canon 500D(my first DSLR), sometimes I would bring my Canon 6D and on some rare instances with a Nikon D7000, which is my brother-in-law's camera.

EXIF: 18mm | f/6.3 | 1/100 sec | ISO 100
Shot: Sept 10, 2016  - 06:14 AM | Nikon D7000
Oh I forgot a camera that I always bring a smartphone but I find the image quality from it too grainy and unsatisfactory which is an iPhone 4S (yes its old and outdated).

Just imagine the cameras mentioned above, and each of them has a lens and if you have been following me, you'll know that I have 3 lenses for EF mount a single EF-S mount for my Canon 500d and sometimes a flash, light stand and a tripod. So it's easy to tell that its me since I lug around a lot of stuff whenever I go up the hill.

As much as possible I try to get as much shots that I can with what ever camera I have. I have a bad tendency to stay in a single spot then exhaust regular eye level, go down low and shoot high then look around and look for around for another angle, or another spot. You could say that I shoot 'on the fly'.

It seems cumbersome to carry all the equipment just for a few shots, but if you're like me, I'll go through hoops just to get image quality since I like to have my best shot on print. If I compare my current smartphone iPhone 4S, which only has 8 Mega Pixels, f/ 2.4 on 35mm and if you zoom in the camera will just crop, and I don't like that it tends to crop the current frame and gives me less details and more grain. As far as I know all smartphones nowadays does this which is why I tend to go for my bulky and heavy DSLR. Which is also why I carry a camera with me where ever I may be, believe it or not!

A few years ago (right around 2015), I encountered a camera over the internet, the company is Light Co. They have the L16 camera, which has a technology of having multiple optics, and sensors that captures image simultaneously in multiple focal lengths.  So it's like having multiple prime lenses in one camera. And to think that L16 has 56MP sensor, its two times bigger than my full frame camera sensor. I haven't really wrapped my head around the idea yet since they have multiple optics and sensors that fuse the image. Light Co is really bringing technology to photography in unprecedented ways, exploring its full potential.  I can't wait to see what the L16 is capable of.

I would love to capture a view of the Metro's city day or night. I'd probably venture to the same spot during sunset soon. I often go to the place during sunrise because I work in during the evening. Perhaps another time, when my shift gives me a lee-way or I have free time to do this.

For now I'll leave it as is. For now I'll keep shooting with my DSLR/s until I can get a hold of a  compact camera that can stand head to head against a mirrorless camera at least.

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