Monday, March 27, 2017

Events + Movies: Krispy Kreme Screens Power Rangers

If you've already seen the new Power Rangers flick then you probably already know what all the buzz is about with Krispy Kreme and the movie. 

I was pleasantly surprised myself when I was watching the movie and there was all this reference to the yummy Doughnut chain. I knew that Krispy Kreme had a new product in line with the movie, I got a chance to try it a few weeks before and I loved the Power Rangers Donuts! Its basically a chocolate glazed donut, with silver sprinkles, Power Rangers thunderbolts with the five Ranger colors. Its also vanilla filled!   

They have an awesome deal for these donuts where you can buy 6 Power Ranger donuts and 6 Original glazed donuts for only P299! Hurry though because its only up until April 7! 

So going back to Krispy Kreme in the Rangers movie it was (in my opinion) product placement done right. The film's writers just went for it, literally just went for the jugular and the kill. No, I know that product placement in movies is really tricky, there have been many who been burned by it but the 2017 Power Rangers does it right by just going for it and even incorporating it into the story. They made into a joke that works, one where the audiences can genuinely just laugh and enjoy. Some may not be fans of the product placement but you know it will really boil down to how you decide to leave the cinema with it. 

I decided to like it and just wanted more donuts! If I could get these Ranger donuts from it then not bad eh? 

We were fortunate enough to have been invited to the Krispy Kreme screening of "Power Rangers" at the Central Square Mall in Bonifacio High Street (Dolby Surround!). When we got there there were Rangers in costume, cute kids having their pictures taken, a super cute booth and of course the Power Rangers donuts! 

Thank you so much Krispy Kreme for having us! We had a great time! <3 It was an awesome #KrispyKremeMoment 

Now to get myself those donuts (again). 

You can check out my review on the 2017 Power Rangers up in the blog! Just click here

#PowerRangers #ItsMorphinTime 

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