Sunday, March 26, 2017

Movie Review: Life

The concept of "trapped with an alien trying to kill you" is nothing new but the science fiction horror film puts its own spin on the concept that there are so many twists and twists and surprises at every turn. Including one, pretty early in the film and an ending that will have you saying "WTF?!" -and it will stick to you even after you've left the cinema. 

A mutinational six-member crew aboard the International Space Station are on a mission to receive soil samples from Mars and to study it. British Biologist Hugh Derry (Ariyon Bakare) is able to extract a single cell organism from the sample, this could possibly prove to be the first evidence of extraterrestrial life. 

The crew continue monitoring the organism, which has now been given the name "Calvin" by American school children. Calvin looks like a transparent "Blubber" -cute and harmless and Hugh seems to have taken a liking to it, more than what is required of a scientist. An accidental change in atmosphere in the highly secured lab which contains Calvin causes the organism to go dormant. Guilt ridden, Hugh desperately tries to revive Calvin by giving him an electronic shock. Calvin "wakes up" and grabs Hugh's hand --- and the table's are immediately turned as the crew struggles to save their friend despite being conflicted with safety protocols.  

The mission immediately turns into one of survival, as the crew find themselves in a battle for survival against a highly intelligent creature, whose only instinct is to survive- and that means devouring everything in its path. 

I honestly did not expect "Life" to be as terrifying as it was but there I was shamelessly screaming and even hiding behind my jacket as I watched the crew face what could have possibly destroyed all life form on Mars. 

All this excitement while making sure to keep in mind that this creature must never reach Earth-no matter the cost. 

There are a lot of things that crossed my mind while watching "Life" - for one I thought about the bravery and sacrifice that our astraonauts and scientists do for humankind. I can't imagine what it would be like to leave your family and loved ones for years at a time, to be able to go up to space.     

The risk that they put themselves in every second that they are out in space is inconceivable. The fact that they are in an environment that just wants to kill you them in every and any way possible. While real astraunats haven't had to face a threat like this (yet) - "Life"  surely makes the occupation a little more exciting, albeit with some added hazards. 

As I said before, the film's premise is nothing new but it comes with surprises you will not see coming! And that ending will have you dumbfounded and you will leave the cinema going to the different scenes, dialogue and the series of unfortunate events which lead to its shocking conclusion. 

There are some parts in the movie, which will make you think "Well that wasn't very smart" and will have you  thinking about "the science of it all"

7/10 "Life" is a thrilling ride with a couple of twists and surprises to separate it from movies of the same genre. "Life" also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds. 

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