Thursday, March 9, 2017

Photography: Project Print 365 February: Struggles and Mistakes

Shooting every day wasn't really that hard, except for a few times where I almost forgot to do it. Last time that I did the project, laziness has been a constant enemy of mine. Although, there were pangs of laziness a few weeks ago, but I won over it and kept at it.

I was thinking of a theme to do every month, February came in too fast and ended too soon for me to think or execute for a theme or I may have thought of doing a theme for the month but wasn't able to get whatever it is in my head.

My struggle was getting the right post processing done, or more like choose the right one, I thought that I could complete the month doing 1 specific post process but I didn't get enough time to do all of the images. So I went back to what I typically do.

My mistake was exporting, files that came out too soft and looks out of focus. But enough of that, next month however, I have a theme and will continue to work on the project.

So far I have printed up to day 59 of 365. We'll see how this rolls.

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