Sunday, April 9, 2017

Movie Review: Going In Style

There have been many different bank heist movies over the years, actually it is probably a common plot in many movies but what makes "Going in Style" different is that it is a hilarious bank heist, with a lot of heart. 

When a trio of retirees are faced with the harsh reality of their pensions being cancelled, they took things into their own hands and plan on robbing the bank holding their pension funds. *More on the canceling of pensions in a bit*. 

I actually found myself with tears in my eyes more than laughing out loud in the movie, because, after all don't we all have a soft spot for our grandparents? 

Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Larkin are best friends who in their old age have developed a routine of eating at a certain dinner, playing bowling and joining various activities in their elderly group. Things take a spin when Joe (Micheal Caine) witnesses a bank robbery as he is in negotiations with his bank to keep his house, which is now in danger of being taken the bank. 

In order for her granddaughter to go to a better school, she and her mother have moved in with Joe, which is why Joe is not the only one in danger of being homeless if the bank succeeds in taking their house.   

As if he doesn't have enough on his plate, Joe, Willie (Freeman) and Albert discover that their pensions have been cancelled when the company that they worked for has been bought out.   

Going back to the 'canceling of pensions' this was actually a discussion with a friend after seeing the movie, it was just so sad to see these men who worked hard for so many years to have their pensions denied of them. It brought questions of retirement and looking after our elderly in mind. (As well as saving up for our own retirement in order not to be dependent on our children or family.) 

I know that we have a different culture and practice when it comes to taking care of our elderly compared to those in the west, we have what is known to the Chinese or Asian cultures as 'filial piety', where we look after our parents in their old age. Some of our 'lolos' and 'lolas' even live with us at home. Whereas the elderly in Western cultures either live on their own or are in care facilities. 

Whatever the case of whatever the culture, we love our elderly. We love our lolos and lolas and seeing them being so wronged was such a big injustice. The film takes this and gives it a comedic spin as the three would-be robbers, take on what is probably the most exciting adventure of their lifetime - (hey, its never too late right?).  

Aside from a comedy bank heist, "Going In Style" is also a film about friendship, the kind that lasts a lifetime and those are always worth treasuring. 

Special shout out to the super cute Christopher Llyod, who plays Milton, a member of the lodge. Who had everyone laughing every time he was on screen. I grew up watching "Back to the Future" and it was a treat to see him. :) 

6.5 out of 10. "Going in Style" is the perfect film to see with your grandparents, I don't have any left so take the chance and see it with them! At least now we know what the Lolos and Lolas will be seeing on Monday AKA "Free Movies for Seniors Day". 

"Going In Style" is now showing in cinemas. 

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