Sunday, June 4, 2017

Movie Review: Baywatch

I am one of those '90's kids who grew up watching Baywatch every Friday night on ABS-CBN, as I mentioned in an earlier post before one of my fondest TV memories was watching "Baywatch" at my grandmother's house while my mom was in labor with my youngest sister and of course who can forget that catchy opening song? 

"I'll be there, 
I'll be ready, 
Never your fear,
Now don't you fear,
I'll be there,
Forever and always, I'm always here!" 

 -I can sing that in a heartbeat! 

Twenty five years later the TV show makes a comeback on the big screen, this time with big guns (Dwayne Johnson's pecs) and a big twist (adult comedy). 

2017's Baywatch is one those movies that you take for what it is, a pop-corn movie to enjoy with friends and just laugh your as*es off, to expect anything more would just set you up for disappointment. Not to say that it wasn't funny, it was, really funny and that was probably the only thing that the movie had going for it, well aside from Zac Efron's impossibly sculpted body. 

The bay is in danger, drugs are washing ashore, dead bodies are showing up and Team Baywatch is in serious need of some PR help, despite Mitch's (Dwayne Johnson) charismatic, everyone's best friend lifeguard. In comes Matt Brody (Zac Efron) -two time Olympic gold medal winning, cocky, disgraced "vomit comet" -who just might be what the Bay needs, at least that's what the big boss think. 

With try outs for new team members open three new recruits get in, Summer Quinn (Alexandra Daddario), Ronnie, a nerd with probably the only realistic body in the team, and Matt Brody. 

The new team continue to investigate on the mysterious happenings on the beach, which Mitch suspects is the doing of Victoria Leeds, a business woman who owns the exclusive Huntley club. 

What follows is a hilarious buddy cop on the beach comedy adventure which will have you roaring in laughter, ideally with friends for a better movie experience. 

5/10, the movie take on Baywatch knew what the movie was going to be and they delivered on that promise. Lots of laughs and a couple of cameos make for a nice movie date out, when you're just looking to have a good laugh.     

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