Sunday, June 11, 2017

Music + Events: Satchmi Vinly Day 2017

Satchmi's Vinyl Day has always been a must go-to event for Paul and myself, we love the brand and what they represent-the beauty and luxury of the good old days, which we appreciate more in these times of entitlement and instant gratification. (Plus we love vinyl, which is on sale during the event and the live acts are always the hottest in the local scene). 

So, for the past few years, we have always been at Vinyl Day, this year was a little different though, since I am already seven months pregnant and waddling across the event floor can be very tiring, I forgot that you actually have to stand for these events and after two bands, I was already tired T_T. 

We've actually been more absent than usual in music gigs, given my current condition, its hard to be in a cramped bar when you are so far along, plus people smoke and many trips to the bathroom will prove to be a challenge. 

So why did we make an exemption for Vinyl Day? Well, I thought it would be the only music gig I would be able to go to during my pregnancy, the venue would have more space and would be more convenient for the pregnant lady. Plus did I mention we love Satchmi? 

We made the most of our short stint at Vinyl Day, Paul took a few photos, I was tempted to pick up a record but my baby list says we still have a long way to go, so maybe when the little one is settled in? :) 

I still wanted to see Cheats and Jess Connelly play but we had to call it a day, like I said I was ready to go home after two bands but I did have a take away from the experience, no matter how short it was. 

I was am happy to see a growing vinyl community, who will spend money for a record, even when there are streaming services available. I am happy to see a growing number of people who support local music, who go to live shows to sing and dance to the music. I'm glad that a brand like Satchmi has continued to grow and remain relevant in these trying times, I'm happy to see all of these and I'm looking forward to being able to share this all with my son some day, Satchmi Vinyl Day 2017 was his first foray into the world of live music after all.  


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