Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Movie Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

I was in High School when Sam Raimi's Spider-Man was released in 2002, a working professional when "The Amazing Spider-Man" reboot was released, so now we have Spider-Man: Homecoming, why should we still be excited? 

And is a third Peter Parker still relevant with all of these superhero movies coming out? 

Surprisingly,  the answer is YES! (We should be excited!) 

Despite seeing two incarnations of the wide-eyed, brown haired, web-slinging hero; Tom Holland's Peter Parker was the most believable high school super-hero, because he was the youngest among the three actors. 

So aside from getting to watch an actual teenager (per say) be Peter Parker and in effect have what looks like actual high school students be on the screen, which aside from being realistic, was also refreshing and super fun, because surprise, surprise not all teenagers are emo loners, some actually have a best friend who they can geek out with over a Death Star Lego set and you know, just enjoy High School and "Homecoming" was this and so much more.

The story was so well written that it fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe like a glove! (or in this case, like that perfect Stark sponsored Spandex suit). Audiences did not have to watch Uncle Ben die again (thank you!) or the whole 'got bitten by a Spider bit'. 

Instead, what we have is an eager Peter Parker trying his best to become a part of The Avengers, and all he needs to do is to impress Mr. Stark, (at least that's what he thinks) because when you're a teenager, that's all you want to do and become right? You want to be affirmed and to be accepted, you want to actually belong and while Homecoming is not exactly an origin story, it is more of a coming-of-age story, as Peter struggles to find his place in this world of heroes, villains and yes High School. 

So while Peter is busy with after school super hero deeds and trying to pass that Spanish quiz, an unknown evil close to his beloved neighborhood is slowly emerging. Enter the most cunning and effective Marvel villain since Loki, Micheal Keaton's 'Vulture' is driven by different objectives from what other MCU antagonists are and that is what probably makes him more effective and believable.

He is not out to "get revenge on the Avengers for killing his family as collateral damage in one of their "disaster in the cities" but operates on rather more basic needs and reasons and is something I can relate to and even understand. There is still much to be said about the Vulture but I don't want to spoil anything so I will just leave it at that for now. 

Homecoming also has an amazing (pun intended) supporting cast, and I'm not just talking about Marisa Tomei or Robert Downey Jr. but its Tom Holland's classmates (who actually look like High School students) that help bring the movie its unique charm, one that separates it from other Marvel films and yes, even the other Spider-Man movies. Kudos to Jacob Batalon (Ned) for being that best friend and 'guy in the chair' we all need!  

9 out of 10 Spider-Man: Homecoming is that refreshing reboot, done right. Tom Holland steps up on the challenge of putting on the red and blue suit and exceeds his predecessors. So, yes - Homecoming remains relevant, despite the number of Spider-Man films that have been released. See it with family and friends and enjoy it, you surely will from all the laughs you'll get (I'm already cracking up, just remembering the jokes) because I'm sure that Peter Parker would want you to enjoy the film. 

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