Thursday, February 5, 2015

Reese and Vica: Those Who Wander EP Review

Reese Lansangan has actually been in the blog a lot last 2014 - whether we were blogging or covering her art or her music; her colorful talents and personality has always been a presence in the blog. (Her hair isn't the only thing colorful about her). Well I think that I should start of 2015 with a new feature and write-up on one of Reese's creative outputs and this time it's 
Reese and Vica's "Those Who Wander" EP Review! 

We have the downloaded copy of their "Crossing Neverland" album thanks to! But you what it's really different when you have the actual physical copy of the album or the EP (so -- does anyone know where I can get a physical copy of Crossing Neverland? Reese? Vica?) Also do you girls have a digital cover art for Those Who Wander? So I can update it on my iTunes - I'm kind of particular with the digital cover art :P 

Going back to the "Those Who Wander" EP if you enjoy any of their songs well then this EP is a welcome extension of their addictive harmonies, impressive guitar playing and superb song writing

Consisting of five songs, Those Who Wander is a great cd to pop in you player when you're looking for a way to relax, trust me their smooth vocals can remove the stress out of any bad day that you're having. 

Here are the five tracks in the EP: 


Here are some of my thoughts on the songs in the EP: 

The first song that caught my attention (and I think is my favorite in the EP) is "Witching" which reminded me of Macbeth's Weird Sisters. 

Here is what the Weird Sisters said: 

"Double, Double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble-" 

While here is what Reese and Vica sing in Witching - my favorite part is the chorus and that pre-chorus is to die for

Eye of newt and blood of boar
Rabbit's paw fetch me some more
A lock of hair from virgin's head
A jar of thumbs underneath the bed
Wing of beetle head of snail
Light of firefly, rodent's tail
A box of frogs from the river's mouth
Crows caught flying towards the south

You really should listen to the song. It's creepy and beautiful at the same time. 

Definitely unlike any other song out there right now. If you haven't listened to any of this Indie-Pop duo's songs then you're missing half of your life! 

My second favorite song would be "What's Wrong With Hoping" and I think it's the ultimate friend-zoned song - just in time for Valentine's maybe? 

Here are some of the lyrics (in no particular order) and you can decide for yourself- 

Tell me where are we going

I'm waiting to see the world with you

Are we just friends who like to dream and travel far? 

Don't blame me for trying 

Are we just going to wait until it fades? 

Wow! Talk about some hugot lyrics! You might want to check out the song in it's entirety and I know that Reese and Vica will be performing in Satchmi's @Feels Valentines event on the 14th :p 

And as if the songs aren't enough reason to get a copy of their EP - have you seen that package?! And we're not just talking about CD sleeves or CD Art here but the CD sleeve itself is CANVAS! The Reese and Vica are actually stitched! The liner notes are actually printed on acetate! Yes you read that right! Acetate! It reminded me a lot of my College days when a lot of our reporting was done on acetate sheets :p 

We actually haven't seen the talented duo perform live yet (I ordered the EP and it was shipped to me-and you can too! Just message them on their Facebook page- or better yet, catch them in a show to find out what the buzz is all about!) thanks to super ugly and inconvenient schedules but we still show our support in our own unique way. 

Will definitely make sure to catch them in a show-who knows it may actually be sonner than we all think. ^_^ 

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