Saturday, December 28, 2013

Product Review: Etude House: Wonder Pore Freshner Toner

It's been some time since I've done a product review and while I really want to be that blogger who goes on product hauls every week, visiting stores to buy make up and other beauty products - I'm not but that does not mean that I won't make the most out of the beauty products that I do get to buy. 

So with my renewed fervor in blogging I will start my product review blogging (spree) hopefully with this Etude House: Wonder Pore Freshner Toner

Lately I've noticed that I am becoming more dependent with toners partly because I have been putting make up more often now and upon arriving home after a long day would need an effective toner to get the make up and dirt off my face. 

So after finishing my usual Ponds toner in a short amount of time I decided to buy a toner that would last longer. Hence my trip to Etude House looking for an ideal toner for someone like me who has oily skin and large pores! Remember it's important to know what kind of skin type you have so that you can buy beauty products that are ideal for you.  

Lo and behold their best selling Wonder Pore - Freshner! Which is a 7 on 1 total pore solution. 

  1. Maintains a ph 4.5 + 1
  2. Refines skin tones
  3. Keeps the elasticity of pores
  4. Deep cleanses pores 
  5. Minimizes appearances of pores
  6. Controls large amounts of sebum
  7. Moisturizes the inside and outside of your skin. 
I had to edit some of the wording and grammar used from what was on the actual product. 

Honestly when I first saw this product I kept thinking of the Wonder Girls with their ever catchy and popular song 'Nobody but you' but singing girls aside this looked to be a very promising product. I mean anything that focuses on cleaning out the pores is a plus for me! 

I opted to purchase the 500ml bottle even if it cost P 798.00. The 250ml bottle was around P500+ so definitely bigger savings with the bigger bottle :) 


When purchasing the 500ml Wonder Pore it comes in an aqua plastic packaging that matches the color pattern of the bottle itself. The packaging is littered with cute illustrations and unfortunately more Korean than English words.

Here are some of the English text written on the bottle: 

The product is (a) total solution for pore care, preventing enlarged pores, less firmer skin (?) and skin troubles by eliminating what hurts skin health(y) from within. 

(Directions) Soak the make up cotton with the Freshner and wipe your face from the center to your face to the outside. With gentle patting, let the skin absorb the leftover Freshner. You can carry the Freshner in a mist type container and apply on your skin when there is too much sebum or (if) you have itchy feeling. 

(Caution) For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if signs of irritation and/or rash appear. 

Pardon the editing within the parenthesis the inner grammar police in me couldn't help it.     

Using the Wonder Pore toner I can really feel the added moisture in it unlike other toners I have used and it also does not have that stingy alcohol feel that most toners do. 

Because of its size I would probably need to transfer some in a smaller container that is ideal for travel (although I don't have any travel plans in the near future). 

When I opened the bottle I wasn't so sure how to get the toner on the cotton but apparently there is a pump that you can use which is very convenient to avoid any unwanted spills. 

Pumping the toner on the cotton. 

Another great thing about the Wonder Pore Freshner is that you can use it any time of the day! So this is a good thing for me since I mentioned earlier I have already become dependent on toners :) 

Doing the product shoot was surprisingly short but sweet since Paul was able to find the perfect spot by the window which was able to accentuate all the great details and features of the product.

So happy I have finally been able to do a product review again, hoping to be able to write more :) 


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  1. Have you used any more products of Wonder Pore line ? Oh and one more question: Does this toner tighten your pore?