Monday, April 17, 2017

Movie Review: The Boss Baby

When I first saw the trailer "The Boss Baby" I wasn't really too excited about it. For one thing, the Boss Baby reminded me of Stewie Griffin from "Family Guy" plus I wasn't too sure what it was about. When the second trailer came around I had a better idea of the film and was actually looking forward to seeing it. 

All I can say is that I entered the movie house with little expectations of the movie but when I left I loved the movie! It was about love and family and that there is always room for love, no matter what we think is already a happy life. 

The film opens with Timmy and his perfect family life as the only child of Mr and Mrs. Templeton. Timmy had the love, time and attention of his parents-and he loved it. 

The first thing that I loved about the film was that it featured a child who used his imagination freely, he did not need any hand held gadgets to entertain him or keep him distracted. He would pretend that he was an explorer in the jungle or a pirate on a ship. I think that its important to hold back the gadgets and let kids use their imagination for playtime and I loved that the movie featured this. 

Timmy's happy and ideal life was cut short with the arrival of a baby brother. Now, his parents don't have time for him anymore, because they were all over the baby. You might think that this was going to some kind of sibling rivalry plot but not all is what it seems with this new baby. 

For one thing, he wears a suit and has a briefcase (!) 

Turns out that 'this baby' was on a mission. He was sent by Baby Corp. to look into a new puppy which was going to be released by Puppy Co. where Tim's parents work. According to the studies of Baby Corp. there was 'not enough love to go around' with puppies becoming so popular than babies and with more and more people preferring to  have puppies than babies. 

Tim and the "Boss Baby" (Alec Baldwin) decide to work together (just to get rid of each other) and set out on a hilarious and touching adventure-one that only brothers can really share. 

I love that the animation would move to 3D to 2D and also had some interesting camera movements. I was laughing and crying at the film (must be the pregnant hormones) and I really enjoyed it. There are a lot of pop culture references for adults and of course just seeing that "Look Who's Talking" secret baby world is always hilarious. 

I think that "The Boss Baby" gets it right where "Storks" failed, and weaves a truly heart warming story of love and family and it really spoke volumes to me, as the eldest sibling and an expectant mother. 

7.5/10 "The Boss Baby" is a family movie worth seeing and I must concur with the song at the end credits - "What the world needs now is love" and the important thing to realize is that we can never, ever get enough of it, even if it means making the circle of love, a little bigger. 

The Boss Baby is now showing! #BossBabyPH 

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