Thursday, May 4, 2017

Movie Review: Gifted

Despite the A-list actors that make up "Gifted" (Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer) the true star of the film is the talented newcomer, 10 year old McKenna Grace and curiously a one-eyed cat named Fred (more on that later). McKenna Grace plays Mary, a 7 year old Math prodigy and we are not talking about College Algebra here, this seven year old does the kind of math which would put her in the same room with some of the most brilliant minds of our generation. 

After being home schooled by her no non-sense Uncle Frank (whom Mary calls "Frank" - just because) its time for Mary to transition into a regular school with regular children, much to Mary's dismay. As it turns out, while Mary's classmates are still counting 3+3=6, she can already multiply big numbers (and get the square root too!). Of course this is noticed by her teacher, Bonnie (played by Jenny Slate) and through her recommendation to the principal, Mary is offered a scholarship to a private school for gifted children. 

Frank not thrilled about the news and adamant that Mary stay in regular school to have a normal childhood, which is something that her mother, Diane would have wanted. 

As the story progresses, the audience learns that Diane was a young and promising mathematician herself, who dedicated her career to the Navier-Stokes problem, which she was unable to solve since she took her own life when Mary was only six months old and she has been with Frank ever since. 

Soon, Frank's estranged mother and Mary's maternal grandmother, Evelyn literally walks on to their doorstep to whisk Mary away to a more "suitable" environment that will enhance her potential. 

What follows is a bit of courtroom drama between Frank and Evelyn for the custody of Mary. Now, this kind of family drama is nothing new but what sets "Gifted" apart (as I said earlier) is the savy and talented McKenna Grace and "Fred" - the one eyed cat (who stole one scene) I swear I was about to cry hysterically too. Oh and seeing Chris Evans play a "Daddy" role can make ovaries explode. That sunset silhouette scene is just beautiful. 

Whenever McKenna Grace is on screen, you can't help but watch her, despite sharing a scene with accomplished actors about thrice her age, you will still be drawn to her firecracker persona. 

7/10 "Gifted" is now showing in cinemas!

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