Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Music: Thoughts on Reese Lansangan's "Of Sound Mind And Memory"

I think that an EP Review for Reese Lansangan's "Of Sound Mind and Memory" cannot simply be about the songs in the EP itself, you have to talk about its secret conception, which is just another reflection of its intimate nature. The EP is a secret love-child, which Reese kept and nurtured until the right time to share it to friends and followers

Despite a very busy few months; a fun collaboration with Fully Booked with the "Arigato Internet" Book Hunt, a music video for St. Petersburg, singer-songwriter has managed to record a 4-track secret EP! Which is something that I consider as a near impossible feat, what with social media, literally in your hands. 

Yet last April 30 (yes I know, this write up is way overdue) I was indeed surprised to receive an email (I'm signed up to her newsletter) about a surprise EP. Two words I wouldn't think that would go together, as most artists would update followers on any new music that they are working on but of course, Reese is not your every artist. She has and always will walk to the beat of her own drum, as she clearly has every detail of her ventures under her control. The distribution of the EP under the name of her studio: "Soon The Moon"

The EP opens with the 1:59 min track "Arisophanes" which combines Reese's vocals with the use of loops and effects, something that we've heard her do in the years of following her work, while it may not be one of my favorites, it is an effective way of starting the EP or album, with the trend of using shorter tracks and sometimes even instrumental ones. If you want a stripped down version of the song, you can watch it on her "Of Sound Mind And Memory"  live sessions on Youtube

The next track is "Machines and Men" which exhibit her prowess as a lyricist as she tells the story of life and death (which is impressive in her young age) from the perspective of our very, very fragile and malleable bodies. 

"For the Fickle" is my favorite track from the EP, Lansangan's pleas for a "steady love" will have your heart bleeding. 

She sings: 

"No, I don't want just any love
I want steady love" 

-and in this day and age of flings and one night stands, you just want to hear those kinds of lyrics and Reese's honest and sincere way of singing it makes you want to want it as well. 

The last track "Wildwood" is a second favorite from the EP and its lyrics speak of a minimalist life, and being happy with the simplest things in life. A welcome reprise from the materialistic, bling, cash and party songs that litter the radio airwaves. 

To fully experience "Of Sound Mind and Memory" (aside from getting the tshirt - support local merchandise!) one must also watch its live sessions which was shot in beautiful Baguio as it also reaffirms Lansangan's acoustic singer-songwriter image, the very same one which also imbues her sincerity and vulnerability in her music

As of writing, the EP is not yet available in physical CD format. I would definitely get a copy. It is available in streaming services and let's just say that the baby has been listening to a lot of Reese these past few months.   

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