Thursday, May 24, 2018

Photography: Baby Photoshoot: Laurisse

We love taking photos of your babies! 

With three older Ate's, Issi's mom has her hands pretty full but that's not an excuse to make sure that she has a great Christening celebration up ahead. We were tapped to do a baby photoshoot at the comfort and convenience of their home, for photos to be printed for the reception and here are some of the photos. :) 

No need to go to the mall to have your own baby photoshoot done! 

As a mom, I know how much energy goes through getting your baby ready to leave the house, it is like a production number with all the things that you need to bring, as well as the costumes and props for the shoot but if you can have the photographer go to your home instead-now that would definitely take a load of what you have to think about! 


While Paul was trying to get the exposure for the photoshoot, Issi's Ate came along and was curious about all the excitement. Paul asked her to join the test shots :) 

I belong to a trio of sisters (feeling Charmed ones) LOL and it is a unique bond which can't easily be described, you grow up being protective of each other yet also being conscious and competitive at the same time. You argue about borrowing each other's clothes and shoes and beauty paraphernalia but you still do it anyway.

No matter what happens, it doesn't matter how many years pass by, or how many boys may come along the way, you always come back to that familiar bond that only those of you in that special circle understand. Shout out to my sisters~unfortunately you have one sentimental, cry baby for an 'ate'.   

I know Issi or her sisters may not know it yet but they are also part of that special bond and sisterhood and it is a beautiful thing, indeed. 

Click here for more photos! 

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