Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Review: Lost In Space (Netflix)

Molly Parker as matriarch and aerospace engineer Maureen Robinson and
Toby Stephens as former U.S. Navy SEAL John Robinson, 

I'm not one to complain about remakes or reboots, especially if its a story or a franchise I haven't had the chance to sink my teeth into. So I welcomed with open arms, Netflix's latest re-imagining of  the 1960's family science-fiction series "Lost In Space". Which is also a re-imagining of the classic novel "The Swiss Family Robinson", which I haven't read yet, I don't know if I ever will but its a nice little trivia to know. 

Having established that I have yet to read or know anything about the original material, to which the series is based on, I had no idea what to expect and its a nice treat going in. Told following a general plot with some flashbacks here and there, Netflix's "Lost In Space" is a refreshing family adventure science fiction, where its cool to be the smartest person in the room, where the younger characters in the story are used to their full potential. Its great that they are not just emotional, angsty teenagers who sulk in a corner but who actually contribute knowledge, expertise and think in the story. 

Much of the series' success should be credited to the strong family unit (The Robinsons) and to each of the characters who make up the family. As well as the impressive costume and production design which makes you feel like you are watching a big budget movie. You really do feel like you are on a beautiful and dangerous alien planet, where the flora and fauna will easily kill you. 

Parker Posey as Dr. Smith, a sociopath who uses and manipulates the Robinsons to ensure her own survival. 

After a celestial object crashes into the earth, threatening the survival of humanity, the process of colonizing a new world, known as Alpha Centauri begins. The Robinson family is among the few chosen for the 24th mission to the Resolute, a spacecraft which carries chosen families to colonize Alpha Centauri. However, before they reach their destination, an alien robot attacks the Resolute, which forces some of the families to escape and crash land to a nearby habitable planet. Now they have to battle and survive an unknown planet with its strange new environment while trying to get back to the Resolute. As if that wasn't hard enough, they also have to face off personal demons, family drama, fellow colonists who may be friend or foe and a sociopath who will stop at nothing to ensure her survival. 

The story is moved with family drama (because, what family does not have some sort of drama or skeletons in the closet right?) as well as thrilling science concepts that can kill you and save you. (That high pitched "I love you" after using helium to escape what could have been a sticky situation, will always be one of my favorite scenes.) 

 An alien robot who seems to be having an identity crisis and a young boy trying to find his place among his family of over achievers (it actually happens more often than you think). 

There has been mixed reactions from critics on Parker Posey's portrayal of the show's antagonist, Dr. Smith. I personally hate her, with a passion and I guess for me, that just means her portrayal is really effective. 

An easy binge watch from start to finish- "Lost In Space"  has yet a lot to explore, which is why its no surprise that Netflix has renewed the series for a second season! More on that here! We really need more of these family oriented adventures, just so you can enjoy a weekend of Netflix with your family. 


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