Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Review: SOLO: A Star Wars Story

If there is something that Star Wars has given its fans, is its many lovable, memorable and morally ambiguous characters-one of which is the scruffy, nerf-herder-Han Solo! Now, we really don't know much about the dashing smuggler, as we first meet him as a pretty established (and cocky) pilot in Ep. IV "A New Hope" -trusty sidekick Chewy included. 

SOLO: A Star Wars Story looks into changing that by introducing us to a young Han Solo as he leads his own stand alone movie. The audience will be treated to the beautiful story of how one of most iconic duos in history (Han Solo and Chewie) met and how they met Lando Calrissian (Dany Glover) as well as come to own, the one and only Millenium Falcon. Its a fun and thrilling space adventure that has long been overdue! 

While there has been 'much ado' about the casting of Alden Ehrenreich as a young Han Solo, since Harrison Ford has become the character and like a double edged sword this has meant that some fans may not see any other actor playing the character but given the impossible shoes that he must fill, I must say that Ehrenreich does a pretty good job considering he carries the whole essence of a beloved character on his shoulders. Of course, he gets help from a strong supportive cast, the rich environment and landscape of the Star Wars universe, and I'm not just talking about the different landscapes of the numerous planets but the rich stories that we have enjoyed and loved over the years but so many others waiting to be told as well-just like this one!   

An exciting heist movie from start to finish, "Solo" stays away from all the "Jedi mystery" and family drama; while bringing its own unique flavor to the space opera saga. 

Escaping the slums of his origin, Han Solo wants nothing more than to be the best pilot in the galaxy and he will stop at nothing until that happens. Finding himself caught in one compromising position after another, he gains a trusty sidekick in the Wookie, Chewbacca, a few friends and enemies along the way (he still has to figure out which is which) and a choice that he has to make, which will mark his destiny forever.  

It's 'get in, get the goods and (try to) get out' plot is easy enough for even the casual movie goer to enjoy; and is probabbly one of the good things about the movie. You don't have to think too hard about it, you just have to sit back and enjoy it. If you are a fan of the franchise-enjoying all the references is an added bonus. 

Loved that we get to see the beginnings of the Han & Chewie 'bromance', impressive performances from supporting cast members - Emilia Clarke and Donald Glover. Although the Kessel run could have been more edge of your seat. The rotating train was fun though. 

I would have to give props to Alden Ehrenreich's attempt on taking on the impossible task of playing a young Han Solo (no one can deliver that swagger like Harrison Ford does). Ehrenreich's gets satisfactory marks on my book and if you can cut him slack and check your expectations at the door, you might enjoy the film as much as I did. 

8/10 - Solo: A Star Wars Movie, may not be as serious as its namesake but it may just surprsie you and may be just the thrill ride you need after a long and tiring week at work. 

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