Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vanity Riots Acoustic Set At Zili's

Vanity Riots 

We were invited to cover another acoustic night at cozy Zili's and this was no ordinary acoustic night since Australian Glam Rock band Vanity Riots was also set to perform an acoustic set along with some of my favorite local female led bands, namely Save Me Hollywood and Talata.

We've been covering a lot of Save Me Hollywood's gigs around 2013, we were at the launch of their debut album Your Story To Tell, album review here, unfortunately we missed a lot of their gigs in 2014 but with our renewed endeavor to cover more gigs and music this year, we'll make sure to be around more often especially since Save Me Hllywood is coming out with their sophomore album in a few months (Yehey!) and I got to hear a few of their new songs last night and they sound goooood.

The band also has been nominated for Favorite Rock a Video for Happier This Way for the upcoming Myx Awards 2015 (More Yehey!) 


As for Talata we started the year right when we covered their self titled EP launch -> review here by the way. You can still vote for their current single "Fed Up" on Myx. 

It was a good thing that the invite came in in advance, so Paul and I were able to file leaves since it was a Thursday night. :) 

After getting the invite, I did a little research and I really liked what I found out :) 

Vanity Riots is a 5 piece rock band from Australia, described as "a young, determined DIY band with a heavy yet catchy original sound" which I got to see and hear myself albeit in an acoustic set. They were recently on a tour in the Philippines, as my research (AKA Facebook) unearthed some of their stops which included Laguna, Olongapo, Metro Manila and even Boracay. Big thanks to their official sponsors Macbeth Footwear and Pulp Philippines. That 3/4 Macbeth top on vocalist Monica really looked cute too :)

Save Me Hollywood 

As vocalist Monica Strut said it was their first time to do an acoustic set and that it was fun, and I have to say that I was impressed with her vocal range as an acoustic set can bring out the raw prowess of a singer and we heard that in their set as they performed their original songs as well as some oldies but goodies such as Skidrow's I Remember You and Guns And Roses' Sweet Child Of Mine and as anyone can bear witness too- you definitely need a some guts and a pretty wide vocal range to pull that off. 

These choice in songs to cover shows the 80's glam-rock influence that the band has which they juggle with their young and current energy. Even if we weren't able to catch them as a full band I know that this band has a lot of potential and I'm really happy that they made their ways to our shores in this Philippine tour - hoping to get to see them as a full band and to see and hear them unleash their true potential - mosh pit and everything. Maybe the next time you guys come and visit us-yes? 

I got a copy of their EP Ambulance, I don't really do foreign EP reviews but I'll make an exception for these guys :) 

I admire bands who work hard and I can tell that Vanity Riots is one of those bands and I know that their music will make it's way to a global stage - really soon.

Vanity Riots with Reyg Linao of Talata 


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