Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Music, Coffee, Beer and Feels @ Satchmi Valentines Event

Despite being in a scheduled team building in near by Linden Suites, Paul and I were able to sneak away to check out the #Feels @ Satchmi Valentines event and even if we just had about two hours of sleep there was an abundance of coffee and awesome local music to wake us up.
Can I just say that I love their Iced mocha :)

When we arrived at the cafe vinyl store Satchmi it was already jam packed with young music lovers spending hearts day enjoying live performances from up and coming local acts. The great thing about music is that even if it's Valentines Day it doesn't matter whether you come with a date, with friends or even by your lonesome self -you still get to enjoy!

There was definitely a lot of Feels going on in the Satchmi store amplified by the young talented musicians lined up to play that night. Since we came in late though we missed a lot of great acts :((

Hopefully we'll have a better schedule for the next Satchmi event- speaking of which make sure to mark your calendars for April 11 for Vinyl day - wait what Vinyl day?! 
The Sun Manager 

Yup you read that right folks Vinyl day is coming up and if the Feels event was any indication of how amazing and awesome the event is going to be well let's just say that I got a gut feeling it will be an event every music lover should not miss. 

Speaking of vinyls there were also some vinyls at P500 only! They were ingeniously arranged as blind dates since they were wrapped in gorgeous brown paper but had descriptions of the artist and genre as clues :P Unfortunately we weren't able to check out the vinyls since as I said the venue was jam-packed! It would be hard to get up to the blind date vinyl section without giving up our spot. 

Did I mention that there was free beer too? It just ran out by the time we got there :p 

Despite of missing on things there was a lot of amazing things that we did catch such as awesome performances from The Sun Manager, Fools and Foes of course Reese Lansangan (who has been on the blog a lot -> did an EP review on Reese and Vica's EP "Those Who Wander" here) I just have to say she is such a cute and amazing performer she literally shushed the crowd with her rendition of Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek with her harmonizer. Her original song Creeper has been recently uploaded on YouTube I had the privilege to hear the song live a couple of times already. Click here to hear her super cute stalker (not autobiographical) song.

Fools and Foes 

And finally - finally got to see B.P. Valenzuela perform live, I've been seeing a lot about this girl on my news feed, social media and what not. I read an article by Juice.ph about B.P., Kai Honasan and Toni B. and that made me all the more excited. I've seen B.P.'s music on Amplify.ph but haven't had the time to check it out it was another case of "so many great music, so little time" anyways we got to hear her music for the first time and can I just say that we loved it! It's really impressive how she works through her weapons of choice I would say. :) It's so cute how she presses those buttons and dials with such passion and gigil you can see it on her face. :)

Reese Lansangan 

Luckily we got to take home her music by winning a copy of her EP be/ep, just by guessing her favorite fruit lansones ^_^ so yup! EP review up on the blog soon! By the way I also pre-ordered her upcoming album Neon Hour (to be released in March) so that's something to look for :)

B.P. Valenzuela 

I just have to say though that after the event, I thought that Satchmi looked like a bar, so it was like a bar in a mall :p it even had that after event bar crowd outside. From my perspective I can say that it was an overwhelming success and it makes me happy that there was a huge turn out and that most of the crowd were young kids - it gives me hope that the local music scene is not dead and that young artists who deserve the support will get it and with venues and establishments like Satchmi, something tells me that OPM and great music has a better and brighter future ahead.

By the way guys - we're working on a little something, something from the event - so make sure to check back in a few days ;) it's a surprise! ^_^ 


Hey guys! Remember that surprise I was telling you about? Well here it is -  Paul was inspired during the recently concluded CENTERFOLD Photography Seminar to start hybrid shooting - it's basically for photographers to start shooting video and vice versa - hence the video of some highlights during the Satchmi Feels Event.

Apologies for the amateurish end product as this is really our first time working with video, for one we really didn't plan on making a video highlight output, it just sort of happened you know. :)

 Anyways - hope you like it! You can also click HERE to go to the link :)

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